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This Year's Model Updates:

Other than a minor shuffling of features between trim levels, the 2013 Volkswagen Golf returns unchanged.

  • Refined driving dynamics.
  • Fuel-efficient diesel engine
  • Outstanding cabin materials and construction
  • Spacious hatchback body style
  • Unrefined and inefficient gasoline engine
  • Diesel version is costly.

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  • Great Car - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    Purchased this car four months ago and have about 12,000 miles on it. Very enjoyable to drive and car has exceeded nearly all expectations. Don't be fooled by the 140 HP rating. The diesel engine is super torquey and it has loads of power when you need it. Won't blow anyone off the line but has great pickup through the 40-80 mph which makes highway passing very easy. Handling is excellent and the car is great fun to drive. My wife has an Audi A4 and prefers the Golf. Interior design is good, but I wish they'd offer a leather seat option. But I guess if they did, it would canibalize audi a3 sales.

  • EPA Has Neutered this Car - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    Wonderful build quality, ride, and handling. Uses 25% more fuel than my '01. About the same MPG's as my kids' '08 Civic and '12 Elantra GT, which use 15% cheaper fuel. DSG is much nicer than anticipated for a guy who usually only buys manuals, but I don't relish the thought of the very expensive tranny fluid change at 40K miles, notably just outside the free factory service interval. This car is pricey, no doubt. You pay for the structural rigidity and interior finish quality. Fr a long term car it is worth it. Do not trust stated invoice. I paid fifteen hundred under, or twenty five thousand flat after two other dealers dropped out of the bidding. The invoice is well padded from factory.

  • Golf TDI (DSG auto) - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I purchased this car strictly for fuel savings and putting a lots of miles. The car far surpasses the rated 30mpg/city, I get routinely over 35mpg city. This is a heck of a car, well built, quiet and quick, very well equipped as well. I got the 3 year free maintenance. and a 0% finance for up to 72 months through Volkswagen financing. I also got the car for $500 below invoice so I know I scored. I am currently saving about $150.month just on gas alone(diesel), I am doing over 1000 miles/month and like I said the savings are significant.

  • Fun and Efficient - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    Test drove: Passat TDI, Accord, Camry Hybrid, Audi A3 TDI, Acura TL... Love Audi A3 TDI fun ride and look, but too expensive. Almost bought Golf TDI on the first test drive, but prefer to wait for 2015 Golf TDI/2014 Mazda 3. I test drove Passat TDI 2 weeks later, end up bought a 2013 Golf TDI with huge discount. No regret. After 25+yrs with Japanese mid-size sedans, very happy with my first German car. High fun factor, quick acceleration, great steering and road feel, quiet at cruising, good brakes. 36-38mpg suburb, 43-51mpg on highway. Larger/quieter/cheaper than A3 TDI, with high quality interior. Sport tires can be noisy on very coarse road. Later, have to go for a drive now.. :)

  • 3K mi in - 2 months - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I did my homework to get my wife an economical car that would be an upgrade to her horrid corolla. Went with the TDI due to its track history. Fuel economy is better than EPA estimates. Driving it is smooth, fun and flawless. My wife loves to push its acceleration abilities. Handles brilliantly. Brakes are solid. The displays are great and intuitive. Bluetooth audio is pretty sweet as well -they don't advertise that feature. I like driving it more than my Saab 9-3 2.0T except for the fact that it is red. This car beats many Audi's in price and comfort (same maker, I know). Overall, the best car I have owned and one of the few I would buy new due to its high resale value.

  • Does What You Need - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    34K miles. I love the agility and solid planted feel of this car. Made in Munich, much more substantial feel than my '12 Jetta. Great power delivery. Average 40mpg. Gets 48 @65, 39 @ 80, 36 in town. Prefer these cloth seats to Jetta's "pleather". I have little to complain about except this DSG tranny. My wife thinks it is unsafe, and I can't argue much. There's a 1-2 second lag before anything happens at takeoff which really throws your timing off compared to anything else you've driven. Also, Beware!! the $500+ tranny service every 40k miles. I really regret this purchase and would gladly trade it for the 6sp.

  • one of the best cars on the road everyone loves it - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    love this car, and my son does too. i am almost 300 pounds and stand 6 foot 4. i fit in it just fine and so can three other men my size plus my son loves it. the mpg is amazing. get the tune intake and exhaust done and you'll get over 50mpg. pros: everything from mpg to comfort handling and over all quality. cons: the transmission needs to be serviced every 40000 and its expensive. if you don't get the transmission tuned with an aftermarket tune you'll notice a hesitation for half a second when going from a stop to pulling out in traffic. depending on your driving style could be dangerous. the aftermarket tune corrects this issue or if you like to leave your car stalk just drive safer.

  • Room for the Linebacker - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I purchased this VW Golf TDI in Jacksonville, FL in May 2013 after driving it and inspecting it on a hydraulic rack in dealer's garage. It drives exceptionally well as it exudes this rock-solid feel of German build-quality as well as the odd diesel clatter. The comforts are spartan, but there is more than enough head and leg room for me and my friends. After driving it 11k and experiencing the good dealer support for the car at Osteen VW, I would highly recommend the VW Golf TDI based upon its performance, price, and apparent quality.

  • Extremely Reliable - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I own a 2013 Golf TDI. Bought it in Jan. 2014 with 9,000 miles. It's now March 2015. I have put about 13,000 miles on it in that time. Not one service call. Not one single issue. Not one broken part. Not one headache. Not one single problem. (i sure hope I don't jinx myself). The car just works and goes and goes. The car is well built. Super quality and tremendous build quality. Not one single nightmare, not one single issue. Nothing. The car just works. Its such a pleasure to drive. I'm 6'1 about 250lbs and was considering on bumping up to the Touareg TDI , but I am so scared because this car just doesn't have any issues. Super happy with this vehicle. Highly recommend.

  • More solid and spacious then it looks like - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    Now I know why Golf is so popular in Europe after driving a while. The car is not fast; engine not quiet and the looking not sharp. Overall it has nice build quality, comfortable ride, and good handling. Very solid in and out. Many upgrades and detailed features not mentioned in specs. We had plenty of time researching before final decision. Extensively compared with Toyota Camry and RAV4, and compared within VW models. Passat feels so heavy, GTI is too dear for a collage kids; base Tiguan model looks plain and higher model is expensive. TDI does not have many benefits in America since diesel is expensive. Prefered waiting for the next generation Golf, but wife insisted buying.

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