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This Year's Model Updates:

The Volkswagen CC gets revised front and rear styling for 2013 along with the addition of five-passenger seating and a new R-Line trim level.

  • Ample standard features
  • All-wheel drive on VR6 model.
  • Well-built and stylish interior
  • Fuel-efficient and energetic turbo four-cylinder
  • Distinctive styling
  • Smallish trunk.
  • Limited rear-seat headroom

User Reviews:

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  • CC burns oil - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I drive this car in rural and interstate highway conditions. Unlike some, I find it to be very powerful, and I think it handles very well though it is not a racing car. And it also provides excellent fuel economy. I would say that, after 21,000 miles, it has met all of my expectations while leaving me with one major disappointment: The CC burns oil. This is a quote from the owner's manual: "Depending on the way the vehicle is driven and the operating conditions, oil consumption can be up to 1 quart per 1,200 miles (0.5•fiter per 1,000 km). Consumption may be higher for new vehicles during the first 3,000 mile.s (5,000 km)." I think this is absolutely no standard at all.

  • Great power - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I bought this car after driving and researching cars that did not cost more han 40.000 us. This car has great features, power is great and handling its amazing. 0 to 60 mph in 5.53 sec. Fuel consumption is great. Great lines and design. Headlights are one of the greatest improvement in this model, the nav is great, bluetooth extremely reliable with voice commands, you can do video in the screen and save music into radio hard disk. Fun to drive and if you want to feel the real power enjoy the Sport mode, it will kick full power in RPM when you accelerate. I drove a bmw 325, 335, audi 2.0 t, audi 5, ifiniti g37 and i decided to buy this one based on how good it felt driving it.

  • Awesome Good - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Just traded a Passat (2006) with the 3.6 L engine for a 2013 4 motion and the same motor. I love the car! It is quiet, comfortable, wicked fun on curves and it is beautiful! The sound system is unbelieveable. Programmable Key Fob, Air Conditioned and heated seats, when you shut the car off or hit open on the key fob all the windows go down about a 1/4 of an inch to make opening and closing doors easier! And boy is it fast! Switch to Sport Mode and manual shift and this bad boy will scream!

  • My only regret was that it was leased not bought - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    3 years / 30 miles and there wasn't a thing wrong with it. It was actually heartbreaking to turn it in at the end of the lease. Everything I needed this car to do, it did extremely well. It was roomy, comfy, very stylish, practically luxurious, fun to drive, good on gas, and it never gave me a lick of trouble. Replacing this with a leased Jetta was like going to Arby's after dining at Morton's Steak House. While I lease that miserable car, I'm saving up to *buy* another CC.

  • Great looking German 'coupe' with solid performance - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Overall, I am very happy with the CC. It's one of the best looking cars on the road, at least compared to anything under $50K, it has a fantastic looking interior (especially mine, which has the red and black seats), and the VR6 offers strong performance. You do sacrifice a little utility, but the CC is a unique vehicle that stands apart from the sea of Accords, Camrys, etc. It's also one of the few VWs that is actually made in Germany. I'll have to see about long-term reliability though. I would say either buy the Sport or the VR6 Lux. The intermediate 2.0T models simply aren't big enough upgrades to justify the price, while the VR6 adds a lot of important features.

  • 2 weeks in - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Traded in my 2009 370z for this car, really like the interior quality, it's amazingly great. Everything is solid no issues with anything. The power is of course severly less than my 370z but was becoming increasingly tired of all the teens racing me or trying to keep up. Anyway I wanted something that reflected me a lot better and this sedan does it. S mode with DSG is very good for a 2.0 engine! Very quiet, smooth, and a looker especially at night from the rear cars will slow down and stare at it. If you want something less common get this car its solid. Skip the sunroof its 3K more and it only tilts 1 inch (not worth it, for me). Love driving it!

  • CC Sedan Lux VR6 - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Love this car except for a couple of VERY annoying things. The main problem is the backup camera and navagation system. My backup camera takes for ever to come on. So to me, it is basically useless. I have had it in to VW 4 times and even called VW Headquarters. They replaced the whole navigation unit and the actual camera itself. NO CHANGE. They said that this was just normal for this vehicle. Only excuse they could come up with. Very sad. I feel helpless because i paid a lot for this feature. Now there is a popping sound in the windshield. I will be in for that eventually.

  • vr6 4motion - it's stunning - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I wanted a mid-size awd car that's comfortable, looks great, gets decent mpg's despite Boston traffic and had nice options for a good price. This car has it all. I had a fully loaded 550i (iDrive was about to crap out too) and this car has more options at half the price. It's faster too. Build quality is terrific. I hope it lasts me a long time.

  • Thrilled with the CC - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    The German built CC is an excellent blend of performance, style and value. The 2.0 turbo engine is very peppy and responsive. A friend who recently drove my relatively new CC Sport was sure it was a 6 cylinder from its pick up. I have gotten up to 34.5 mpg on a combined road and street drive, that with the required premium gas. Generally, in town mileage has been about 26 mpg. The interior is very elegant and at a price that is much more reasonable than the VW's German counterparts. While I have had it only a short time, I traded in my 7 year old Passat (the best car I have ever owned) to get this snazzy sedan. I am so far, thrilled each time I get into the CC.

  • Great car, fun to drive - 2013 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I absolutely love how my car drives - the V6 engine has powerful acceleration and the car feels very sporty which I like. The car has a lot of spunk. If you want a sports car feel with many of the features found in a luxury sedan ---the Lux V6 is the way to go. It is a very attractive car and I get a lot of compliments when driving it. People are always asking what it is because of the unique look.

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