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  • Step Back For Sure - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
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    The Pros: Great looking truck; comfortable ride; good navigation; good electronics; good gas mileage; great long term resale value; good choice for those who don't care; The Cons: Horrible fit and finish; windows rattle in the down position; horrible engine/transmission combination - this truck has no low end torque and it's geared for gas mileage nothing else; even with the "turbo" button it goes from weird to weirder; I hated the engine and trans so much I got rid of my truck already after 7 months and 8000 miles. traded for $30k. I lost some money but could have been worse. I just couldn't handle it any more. The truck is a step up in technology but a definite step back in fit and finish and drivetrain. Also, truck had weird whistle noise at highway speeds which the dealer could not rectify. That alone was the icing on the cake. Toyota didn't do it's homework with this one. I bought a Nissan Murano instead. I'll miss my truck but not the issues. Overall gas mileage was 18 city and maybe 21 on highway at 75 mph. So not bad but not as advertised either.

  • High Quality - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
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    2016 Tacoma TRD Sport is great! Truck is big but not oversized and can actually fit in the garage! Performs like a beast off road and decent fuel economy on the road. All quality Toyota parts!

  • Worth the wait - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
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    It took 5 months and a special order to get the 2016 Tacoma 4 door with the long bed. Apparently that configuration requires a non-standard frame that they told me only about 5% of Tacomas come on. The downside of doing a special order was that they weren't willing to haggle on price beyond the standard rebate. My old RAM was showing its age, and I hated the 14mpg. I was actually ready to replace the RAM last year, but everything I had heard about the Tacoma said to wait for the 2016, since it was restyled and had the much more efficient engine. I knew I was giving up a lot of storage space from the RAM, and that I'd have to get an external tool box for the Tacoma. That meant getting the long bed, unless you want just 3 1/2 feet of bed space. Anyway, once it arrived, it did deliver the 20mpg on the sticker, so I'm pretty well pleased with the truck. I got the mid-range TSS option package, with the larger wheels - it clears the bumps I used to bottom out on with the RAM. I kind of wish I'd spent the extra money on the "Limited" options in order to get push button ignition, automatic climate control and head lights, and locking gas cap.

  • Disappointed - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    First let me start off by saying I'm a Tacoma fan. I've owned 4 total and I'm 39 yrs of age.I sold me last one in preparation to purchase the all new resign. The exterior looks are impressive but for me that's all Toyota got right. The engine and mpgs are horrible. Acceleration and top end speed were mind boggling bad. the engine sounds absolutely horrible when accelerating. The new v6 Atkinson reminded me of a 4 cylinder sound coming from an old Ford Escort, Horrid!! The interior while looking kinda cool, feels like a plastic poop box.. Knock on top of the dash and hear the cheap plastic, lift the middle consol and move it from side to side and feel the thin weak plastic about to break. The "soft touch materials" above the glove box and door panels feel like bad 80's material and the seats look like something from a dodge neon. Toyota took a great truck and made it a cheap week disappointing pc of crap.. Why anyone would purchase this over the Tundra is beyond me.. I hate American made vehicles and even I would consider the canyon or Colorado over this. Toyota you should be ashamed!!!

  • Transmission problem with only 5000 miles - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I bought this car 5 months ago. It has a major transmission problem. Dealer could not fix it and offered to replace the transmission with a rebuilt transmission. I did not like that and called the Toyota and they escalated it to the manger to look into it but they will not put in a new transmission in my car. The case worker at Toyota is very polite but very bossy and keep saying I am sorry but that is your only option. I am currently looking for a lawyer to sue Toyota.

  • So Far so Great - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
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    First Truck and overall pretty happy with the truck. Ride was surprisingly comfortable and the tech on this car is really great. Wanted a truck and the Tacoma was my choice based on reliability and resale value.

  • No real issues after a year of ownership. - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
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    I know there are a several people that are not happy with their 2016 Tacomas for various reasons posting here. One of the consistent reasons that come up is the transmission shifting issue. I noticed the same issue after my first week of ownership. Driving from Dallas to Shreveport, the transmission was constantly hunting for gears and if I was using cruise control, the slightest incline would cause it to downshift and stay stuck in 4th gear. This was incredibly annoying, but I knew Toyota would fix it. Now that Toyota has finally fixed this issue, my truck is perfect. If you are having the transmission issue, ask your service dealer to apply the T-SB-0077 transmission update. I own the double cab TRD off road model and it performs very well on the road and trails. If I had it to do all over again, I would probably just buy the 4x4 SR model and do all of my own customizations instead of buying the Toyota upgrade models.

  • Toyota Misses The Mark - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I was prepared to sell my 2005 TRD Tacoma for a new 2016 TRD Pre-runner Sport until I drove one. The new engine is supposedly from a Lexus. Gives Lexus a bad name. Actually the engine is probably fine, but in the interest of CAFE mileage requirements Toyota has crushed the spirit of the previous model Tacoma. The drivers seat bottom cushion isn't as long, sits flatter, seems thinner and harder, thereby offering far less thigh support, appearing as though the change was to reduce weight. Push the pedal for rapid acceleration and you get a 25 yrs. ago bad case of turbo lag while the computer appears to be giving you time to decide whether you really want to jeopardize your attempt at breaking your previous mileage record. In like kind, it is geared for mileage and therefore downshifts at the slightest throttle advance. I like mileage, but this is a pickup truck. There are way to defeat some of this, but then I'm pushing this 3.5L engine most of the time in an attempt to get what I got from my previous 4L version. There are some nice techy items if you want your medium size truck to feel more like your, I don't know, Lexus. When I asked whether Toyota was fixing some of this on the soon to be released 2017 I got the, "Toyota puts a lot of engineering, money and thought into their designs and then sticks with them". Hmm, a tone of "We'd agree with you if we weren't senior sales staff". So I bought the newest version of Tacoma similar to my 2005, a 2015, only to find that rather than have improved power and torque over 10 yrs. of refinement, my "visually identical" 4L engine now had 236 HP instead of 245 HP, and 266 ft.lb torque instead of 282 ft.lb, but perhaps 1-2 mpg improved mileage. I'm for mileage, but many companies appear to have figured out how to achieve both. I have not yet determined where the power and torque went other than likely remapping at Toyota, where they lock you out from youthful and less youthful free thoughts of tailoring your truck to fit your needs. Wait, for only $6,000 or a little more you can buy and install a supercharger from TRD for your 4L engine, which confirms that the engine can handle a lot more power. Toyota appears to understand what a quality truck is, just not yet the true spirit of a truck owner/driver. At this point I remembered the rest of my conversation with the sales guys and former car leader Bob Lutz. The days of our most satisfying autos are already behind us. Just wait another few years as CAFE pushes the cars and truck to autonomous pods with no heart and soul. As Bob Lutz said, the industry as we knew it will be dead and gone in 20 years (I say 15 yrs) and replaced with Uber-style, give me my tablet so I can order a ride. But why? That debated but likely true global warming thing is forcing us to protect the world from us and us from ourselves. So, if you believe any of this, buy your last vehicle you're likely to enjoy very soon, some critical spare parts, and nurse it until you can longer remember where it was you wanted to go or how to get home from there. Oh, and hope the gov't doesn't impart penalties to encourage you to turn it in to your local recycling plant. Just had a vision of camo tarp covered, lifted, 6.X L diesel rock crushers hidden in the forest.

  • Vibrations, Howls, Squeaks, Failed Rear Diff - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Transmission and Engine combo feels very weak. It shifts erratically. It will downshift when coasting through the neighborhood at random. It will not hold 6th gear with even the slightest hill or head wind. The transmission will shift flare from 2nd to 3rd gear often when cold. The transmission also has a slipping sensation from time to time. The engine feels weak with this transmission. You have to floor it to get power out of it. The fuel economy is about the same as previous generation Tacomas at about 18.9 MPG....really not a major improvement when considering the step down in performance with this new trans and motor. The rear leaf springs squeak like crazy at only 10,000 miles and have been to the dealer three times for it. I also have a case with Toyota Corporate they are saying there is no fix for it and to live with it. It is embarrassing to drive through a parking lot and people look at your brand new nearly $40K truck because it squeaks like a rusty box-spring mattress. There is a noticeable vibration at highway speeds felt in the Steering wheel and in the gas pedal, if you let off the gas it goes away but if you apply gas it vibrates/buzzes. It is very annoying and almost makes my hands numb while driving. The rumor is that this is a Design oversight/glitch that Toyota dropped the ball on. I drove another brand new 2016 Tacoma and it exhibited the same traits. Finally the rear differential was making a howling noise at 50 to 60 mph if you are feathering the throttle or lightly applying throttle on a downhill stretch of freeway. I took it to the dealer and they said it was not normal so they kept my truck for 3 days and replaced the entire rear differential already, with less than 12K miles on it. I couldn't believe it. Now not even 300 miles later I hear the noise coming back again in the rear differential. I would have a hard time recommending the 2016 Tacoma to anyone. It seems like Toyota Quality Assurance has really dropped the ball and Corporate is slow to release any information or resolutions for these issues. Driveline vibration has been an issues for years past on previous generation Tacomas as well so this is very troubling.

  • You won't like the lugging - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    You know that feeling you get when driving a car/truck with a manual transmission and you shift too early. That's what this truck does constantly. To try and maximize mpg, Toyota designed it to shift into a higher gear early which causes the rpms to drop to the low 1000s and results in that lugging/stuttering feeling. I have over 6000 miles on my truck now, this sole issue drives me crazy. It is something to be aware of during your test drive. You will notice it when maintaining speed only; not when accelerating. I notice it most when going 40-50mph. On my 5K scheduled maintenance, I told the service mechanic and they told me that is normal for all automatic tacomas. He said that he hears these complaints several times a week from owners. I will say that I love everything else about the truck. If they could fix this one problem, i would be so happy.

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