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  • Disappointed - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
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    First let me start off by saying I'm a Tacoma fan. I've owned 4 total and I'm 39 yrs of age.I sold me last one in preparation to purchase the all new resign. The exterior looks are impressive but for me that's all Toyota got right. The engine and mpgs are horrible. Acceleration and top end speed were mind boggling bad. the engine sounds absolutely horrible when accelerating. The new v6 Atkinson reminded me of a 4 cylinder sound coming from an old Ford Escort, Horrid!! The interior while looking kinda cool, feels like a plastic poop box.. Knock on top of the dash and hear the cheap plastic, lift the middle consol and move it from side to side and feel the thin weak plastic about to break. The "soft touch materials" above the glove box and door panels feel like bad 80's material and the seats look like something from a dodge neon. Toyota took a great truck and made it a cheap week disappointing pc of crap.. Why anyone would purchase this over the Tundra is beyond me.. I hate American made vehicles and even I would consider the canyon or Colorado over this. Toyota you should be ashamed!!!

  • This really is the best Tacoma yet - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Wow, there are a lot of bad reviews on here (more than I expected), but I can tell you I'm more than happy with my new truck. This is my third Tacoma (2002 TRD V6, 2009 TRD Off-Road) and while both of those trucks were phenomenal in terms of toughness and reliability, this truck has all of that and much more refinement. It rides so much better than my previous trucks and is quieter (unless you're using cruise control at 70+ mph on the highway - I'll get to that later). The brakes are much improved over my 2009 (not spongy) and it actually has some modern technology in it. The interior controls are laid out in a simple and functional way as all Toyota's are. This truck feels so solid and well built. Look underneath the truck and you'll see what I mean. This truck just looks so bad-ass too. The chrome mesh grill, the great looking 16" rims on the TRD off-road, no mud flaps (truck looks so much higher w/out them), the long hood, the lines on the side, and the stamped tailgate. I absolutely love the way this truck looks. Now to the bad...I do have to agree with some of the reviews on here. The engine gets very noisy on the highway at speeds over 60 mph especially when in cruise control and the truck meets an incline (any steepness). The transmission down shifts, causing the engine to rev and it is loud. Fortunately for me, I don't drive a whole lot on the highway and I'd never take my family on vacation in this truck, so for me, this is not a deal breaker. I also agree that the gas mileage is not better than the prior Tacoma V6's. I'm averaging about 17 mpg's in mostly city driving. There is no car (or truck) that is absolutely perfect, but for me, this truck is exactly what I wanted and expected. I have zero buyer's remorse and I guarantee you when I eventually get rid of it, I'll have no remorse collecting way more money than if I had bought another vehicle. The resale value on Tacomas is unbelievable. And there's a reason for that...

  • Back to square one! - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    After anxiously awaiting for the much talked about ( hyped) new Tacoma, I am so disappointed. First, let me say that I test drove the Limited at two different dealers and all seemed " good to go." I factory ordered one and after waiting 6 weeks, it finally arrived. Thankfully, the dealer where the purchase was made is located about 50 miles from my home. Thankfully because this gave me a chance to experience the " real world" characteristics of this truck over a longer period of time and greater driving distance rather than merely a short " test" drive. I am in complete agreement with those reviews which describe the constant shifting of the transmission while attempting to garner enough power from the engine to satisfy its needs. Any light load or slight acceleration causes this shifting action - very disturbing. I think the " acclaimed" Atkinson engine, which really only a resembles a true Atkinson cycle design slightly, is too underpowered. Also,no power front seats is a "no no." They are very uncomfortable. Well, rather than ramble on and on, I will close with two pieces of good news: 1. I loved the rest of the truck. All the bells and whistles are great. 2. My dealer has three day return policy. I brought the truck back within that time frame and the purchase price was refunded to me. Now I will look more closely at the Colorado or wait to see what 2017 brings. Toyota are you listening?

  • Wolf in sheep clothing - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Looks good engine has no power loud sounds like it out of oil transmission is Always hunting for right gear shifts hard seats are better than my 15 taco. But still not good Really thought this was going be the truck. ITS NOT. Call me toyota come to my house I will go over everything you didn't do right. I Want My Money Back. This is my 4 th taco truck had 2 tundra. Still have a 2015 Tundra I will keep it. Twice the truck X 2. Toyota lied about this truck.

  • buyer's remorse - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Due to an accident that totaled my 02 Tacoma extra cab prerunner, I purchased a 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport access cab, believing it would be the latest greatest version of the Tacoma I lost. Boy was I mistaken. My 02 was fantastic, everything a truck should be! From the experience of the 02, and moving from it to the 2016..., I gotta tell ya, the 2016 is everything a truck should NOT be. The 2016 Tacoma is symptomatic of the history of the automotive industry in general. There comes a point where evolution and innovation produces near perfection... then what follows is sort of critical mass point where further innovation does more to ruin a good thing, than it does to make it better. All the latest technology... more like, way too much technology. I don't want or need a truck to interact with my phone. I don't need or want a screen full of apps in my dash. I have an iPhone... I don't want or need my truck to connect to it. I certainly don't like a truck that beeps when I leave it running and step out of it. I certainly don't like a truck that beeps because my dog is sitting on the passenger seat. I certainly don't like a truck that beeps and flashes it lights EVERY TIME I get in it. I don't like don't like a truck that beeps just because the cab door is open. The technology is so annoying, and insulting, to anyone who could care less about technology like I do. The worst part is that although a few customizations can be made to curb the distractions produced by the technology, there's a lot that can't be shut off. The moral of the story is: I'd rather be driving and enjoying and writing about that, but I'm not... I'm too occupied touch screen scrolling through menus of junk that has nothing to do with driving, never did, never will. So why's all this junk in there anyway, that's what I want to know? I'm looking to sell this truck in the next year. The more I drive it, the more I hate it.

  • All New Tacoma? - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I am 59 years old and have driven Tacoma's for the past 25 years. I would easily upgrade to A Tundra if it fit in my garage. For the past 11 years, I've been driving the 2005 Tacoma 4x4 TRD Sport 4-Dr Short Bed. It's been a great truck with 82k mi, original brakes and tires, and rides every bit is good as the day I bought it. For what it's worth, I hated my 2002 Tacoma (configured the same). I test drove the 2016 Tacoma (same config) and was completely underwhelmed. The engine is not as strong, the interior is inferior, and other than the grill and tail gate, the truck is identical. The trans is now a tiptronic variety which I like, but, at nearly $40k, Toyota is hallucinating. As another reviewer said, save your money and continue to drive your Tacoma. If you really want to upgrade your existing Tacoma, install a Pioneer 4100-NEX head unit and a backup camera (epoxy above the hitch). Toyota, too bad you didn't put as much effort into improving the Tacoma as you did in your commercials. It's not easy to fool truck drivers.

  • 2016 Tacoma Double Cab TRD Sport 4wd - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    First, I'm very hard to please. I recently sold a beautiful BMW 335 Xi AWD with 16,000 miles. It had all the options and was incredibly fast with phenomenal handling. It's build quality, engineering and materials inside and out were top quality. The options were incredible. I sold this BMW to buy my 2016 Tacoma and I have extremely high standards to measure by. Also, I had and sold my 2002 Tacoma double cab PreRunner 2wd 6 months ago. I used that as my daily driver, the BMW was my second car. The Tacoma had 150,000 miles and everything still worked and I never had a problem with it. My guess is, It will last 300,000 miles and still be worth $5,000 which is rediculous. Now let's get into the 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab 4wd I bought. First, it's a damn good looking truck. Some don't like the front grill, I think it looks good. The lines and stance is manly and classy. It's acceptable in the city, off road, for business, or farmer. I just drove this from St Louis to KC. It's a 4 hour drive. Handling is excellent for a 4wd drive truck, the ride quality is excellent and it's quiet. I was driving against a 25mph headwind and it truly was pretty quiet considering I was driving a truck. It was compatible to my BMW which is impressive. The tires are quiet, the truck is solid but feels soft on the road. The ride is smooth even when driving over bad road. The transmission is good but I was driving against a 25 mph head wind so the transmission had to downshift frequently while going up slopes and hills. I believe the strong head wind caused a fair amount of downshifts on the hills. I was traveling 65-70 mph, with the wind and the hills the downshifting was frequent but smooth. Again, I attribute several of the auto transmission downshifts due to me trying to maintain 70mph against a very stiff wind and the hills on I-70. Regarding the power, in my opinion the Tacoma could use 10-20% more horsepower. Perhaps it's enough horsepower for most but I like more power. I wouldn't buy a Tacoma for heavy towing, they list a towing capacity of 6,800 lbs. I wouldnt subject mine to that torture. This isn't a V8 full size truck. The options really are good. I didn't buy the technology package. Mine is the normal TRD Sport and I think the base entertainment system is very good and user friendly. Navigation, stereo, voice activation, Bluetooth is all good. It syncs to your phone easily. Also I have the Samsung 6 phone which has the wireless charging. The Tacoma charging base doesn't work very good but it might be due my phone case. I know it's not my truck because the truck I test drove acted the same. I don't have a problem with my wireless charger at home so I don't think it's my phone protective case. Anyway, it does work after moving around my phone multiple times. It's a little frustrating. I'll remove the case to see if that fixes it. The Bluetooth phone system works fine but the audio quality is not wonderful. My BMW phone system perfect, better than any landline or any phone. I was so good I used to purposely do conference calls in my BMW. The Tacoma phone system is adequate, not great.. The steering is very responsive and smooth. There's very slight road feel in the wheel which is fine because you feel in tough with the road. The steering wheel seems a little large to me but that's probably due to being used to my BMW. I didn't notice it as much after driving 4 hours. The steering wheel adjustment could offer more movement. It has a limited amount of telescopic movement and tilt but I found a comfortable position so that's good. I'm 6' tall. The driver seat is ok, not the best. The padding is a little thin but it wasn't uncomfortable during my 4 hour drive. My BMW had 8 different power adjustments and the steering had tons of telescopic tilt movement. Toyota should change their seat adjustments to include adjusting the seat height. I would like the option to sit a half inch taller. Also, my legs could feel more like a sitting position. The thigh length of the seat could be another inch longer. My legs slightly dangle, another BMW strength that Toyota falls short on. I don't believe short drivers below 5'9" will be able to choose the Sport model because they won't be able to see over the hoodscoop. Toyota needs to spend the money and provide a height adjustment. There are no power adjustments for the seats, it's all manual. Ok, I was spoiled but worth noting when you're spending $34,000. Driving view is excellent front, side and back. The back seat headrests adjust and can be tilted down so you can see out the rear view mirror. Also, side mirrors are excellent. Not sur wif they're heated, kinda of doubt it. Dang the BMW was nice. The technology package and premium package offers a few nice things but not worth the $3,000 for me. So far I'm very happy with the Tacoma. It should last 300,000 miles. I expect in 9 years it will still be worth $18,000-$20,000.

  • Overstated performance - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    The new V-6 engine coupled with the new 6 speed transmission is an ill fit. The engine struggles to maintain highway speeds without a lot of transmission downshifting. Small hills and overpasses strain the drive train to the point of frustration and distraction. After breaking the engine in according to Toyota specifications, I towed a 12' trailer loaded with a 1500# ATV (total GVW of 3500#) 800 miles. The trip was torture for the truck and myself. Fuel consumption is disappointing. Pure highway mileage is 20.2 mpg. Combined mileage is 18.1 mpg. Towing mileage was 11.8 mpg. Toyota did not get the engine/transmission properly tuned. I don't want to leave the impression I am down on Toyota in general. I have owned three Toyota trucks in the past, and they were great trucks. Toyota seriously missed my expectations on the 2016 Tacoma.

  • Happy in Texas! - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    Happy as Heck!

  • This is my third Tacoma - 2016 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    The smaller engine this year is not near as gutsy, no matter what the numbers say. I live in a very hilly area and the truck is constantly down shifting to keep speed. It is really annoying. I also don't have auto head lights. I paid $35,000 and I don't get an auto headlight feature? Really?

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