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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Toyota Tacoma gets updated styling inside and out, plus several new high-tech entertainment features.

  • Wide variety of body styles and trims
  • Well-appointed interior.
  • Strong safety scores
  • Impressive build quality
  • Engines offer a good balance of power and fuel efficiency
  • Low seating position
  • Spongy brake pedal
  • V6 can get noisy.

User Reviews:

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  • Supercharged, 2012 Tacoma Sport 4x4 - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I purchased a Blue 2012 Tacoma Sport 4x4 with the Sport upgrade package that gives you Bilstein shocks, and 18in chrome wheels. After 4k miles I added the supercharger and TRD exhaust. As warned the supercharger does whine on acceleration but settles out on the highway. Dead stop 0-60 times are 6.4 but the real performance enhancement is the 60-80 MPH response. Prior to the supercharger and exhaust being installed I got at best 19.5 -21.1 MPG on the Highway and 14-16 combined. Now I get 21.5 to 22 highway and 18 combined. I strongly suggest getting both the supercharger and exhaust as they really up the performance and gas mileage. The truck rides nice and manuevers in town well.

  • Rookie Truck Owner - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I bought (and reviewed on here) my 2009 Audi TT Convertible which has been and continues to be a blast. At 85K miles, I decided to let it be my weekend car and get a truck for the first time. I had always been in love with Tacomas. This October I got a 2012 Pre-Runner Xtra Cab and couldn't be happier. The interior has been upgraded and has a stylish, sporty feel. There is plenty of storage and plenty of room without feeling like you are driving in the middle of a cavern. The 4 CYL engine definitely provides enough power, and the Pre-Runner look gives the appearance of a 4x4 without the drawbacks on MPG.

  • 12 Tacoma 4wd, DBl Cab, 4WD, Sport, L/B - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I had a 2010 GMC Sierra 1500, but really wanted something smaller to drive around town. Overall a nice truck, but it has some significant cost cutting that shows through. With an MSRP of almost $35k, it is hard to believe that the 4WD selector, outside mirror, fog light, and door switches are not back-lit. Drove the truck the second day I owned it at night in a snowstorm. Had to pull over to find the 4wd switch. Just plain cheap! What could it cost to back light the switches, $10? A hood prop rod? What, another $20 for struts? No heated mirrors or rear defroster available at any price? I guess it never snows. Auto-door locks? Entune does not work wirelessly (BT) with an iPhone!

  • Major Driveline Problems, won't buy another, Toyota offering arbitration - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I have a 2012 double cab v6 TRD Off-Road, 100% stock. Lemon?? My first Toyota. Bought new from dealer out of state, arrived by transporter and immediately had major drive line vibration. Been to local dealer 3x; in contact with Toyota USA because the dealers can't fix. Read up on this at TacomaWorld, there are many 2012's with this prob, sad. If you must buy, test drive from a dead stop through 30mph, up hill if possible. Putting a load on it makes the prob especially noticeable if it's there at all. Toyota modern day quality is sub-par, unfortunately they're the only mid-size truck with a v6, 4x4, double cab w/ manual trans option. btw, manual trans is made by Aisin = not goo

  • Cheap Built - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    My 2012 reg cab 4x4 gets very poor fuel milage . And forget trying to pass another car . The build is very poor . Right front inside fender Well keeps falling out . It is put together with snaps . After twice in the shop . I am putting screws in it . The manual stick leather boot fell through when I dropped my phone on it . Once again it is snapped in. Now falls out easy . Worst truck I have owned . I have owned at least 20 new trucks . I had a Tundra the first year they came out . It was a great truck .And had a 85 toyota 4x4 that was indestructible . This truck should be nick named the lego truck . I can't believe how much Toyota has moved toward such poor quality .

  • Top of the line it's not - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I've had this about 10 months now and get more aggravated with it each time I drive it. First, you get neither power or fuel economy. Traded an FJ for this which had gobs of power to this that seems woefully underpowered and it gets 15-17 mpg while driving it like miss Daisy is my passenger. Mine is the TRD crew cab, and it has no heated mirrors, many of the interior switches are not back-lit so driving at night or in cold weather the truck is a pain in the neck. The most recent insult was the ENTUNE update they sent on a USB drive. Now none of the functions are working even though my phone shows a good bluetooth connection.

  • Extremely POOR Gas Mileage - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I've had Tacomas in the past with marginal gas mileage of 25 mpg, but this is terrible - less than 20 mpg. Toyota has gotten worse & does not live up to the high standards that it once had. Very tinny when closing doors & Poor Dealer Maintenance. Probably will not buy again unless they improve much more. They are relying on past reputation instead of making a better vehicle. Seems like there is No Engineering; only Sales & Marketing today. Put some Engineering effort into this: Improve Gas Mileage -30 mpg+ can be done & quit all the electronic giz wiz "features". Get back to basics & make a good, fuel efficient vehicle again.

  • The Best Vehicle on the Road... today - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I only wish it got 35mpg... maybe they will put a turbo diesel in it eventually. but for what it is, this is the best truck out there. Tows my boat, hauls 2 motorcycles, and carries 4 passengers comfortably at the same time... What more could one ask for? except 35mpg (it gets 24...when not towing). if you want a practical truck this is it. best in quality and value. I love my toy taco... any time i pass a job site, everyone turns and says "that's a nice truck".

  • Great Midsized Truck - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I traded my 2003 Tacoma regular cab at 210000 miles with no problems and still running strong. I always like the styling of the 2005's and was glad that the restyling of the new 2012 was suttle. It has a nice smooth ride, handles very well and is more spacious than my previous truck. It has adequate power, easy to handle and a nice turning radius for easy parking. I checked out the Nissan Frontier, also a nice truck but the turning radius was very wide and not available in a regular cab. The new gauge cluster lighting on my new Tacoma is very cool. I never did care for the all orange lighting on the previous models but that's a matter of personal opinion. I plan on keeping it for many years.

  • Great for the casual truck user. - 2012 Toyota Tacoma
    By -

    I am a casual truck user, meaning I do haul trailers, dirt bikes, quads, mulch, and the occasional camper. It stands up to every task I ask of it, and it takes me to and from work daily as well. The camper shell on the back smoothes out the truck feel of the empty bed. It's just enough weight to make it go down the road very comfortably full or empty.

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