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  • TOYOTA BEST SUV - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
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    I Have been looking for SUV -love Toyota vehicles - traded in a 2011 Avalon for the 2016 sequoia limited - it has the blind spot monitoring which I really liked . I wish it had push start don't understand why Toyota hasn't updated this vehicle . I really love it , very comfortable ride , good visibility , you won't be sorry if you buy this SUV . The gas mileage for this size vehicle is not bad at all . I also looked at Toyota 4 runner but compared to size and price the sequoia was a better deal and 4 runner doesn't offer blind spot monitor and there are a few blind spots in this vehicle . I'm very happy with my decision to get the sequoia .Go Drive one today you won't be sorry .

  • 90's Basic for Luxury price - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    I have only had the car for three weeks. It has everything that I wanted in a SUV, 4-wheel drive, all 7 passenger seats can fit adults, and it does not feel like I am driving a bus. (Like the Chevy Suburban) I however feel like I am paying for the 4-wheel drive, as my previous vehicle – a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan, had more bells and whistles for technology, than this 2016 Sequoia.

  • Fuel Economy grrrrr - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    The 2016 needs to be updated in a lot of ways but it didn't stop me from picking it as my first extravagant large SUV. I based my decision on Toyota's long reputation on reliability and resale value. I figured if it aint broken they didn't need to fix it. The gas mileage is awful but hey this truck is a beast. We can take our bass boat, kayaks, and all our stuff on long road trips all over the country in one hell of a reliable, safe, and comfortable vehicle.

  • Best SUV for the Money - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    I shopped around and finally decided on the 2016 Platinum. I looked at the GMC but although it was a nice SUV they make it hard to buy. You literally have to choose every little feature. Some are confusing and not clear as to what they are or mean. Where with the Platinum, there were only a few options available, the rest were included. It has so many wonderful creature comforts. Side window Shades, Big Seats front and second. Blu Ray player, Sensors for backing up and forward, Blind Spot on the Highway, The Third row is big and roomy. Front and rear Heat/AC controls that really work. I could go on and on. I miss one feature I had on my 2012 4Runner. Keyless push button Start. Also the ability to open the doors from the outside with the Transponder in my Pocket. After I got used to not having that, it was ok, but wish it did have that feature. Also its a little thirstier on Gas but it's OK. I love the Toyota Brand and this SUV is made right here in the good old USA. Indianna to be exact. After all is said and done, I love this Car/Truck.

  • Love the Dependability of Ride, BUT NOT the Brakes - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    This model is in serious need of updating. The style is old & outdated. We were going to potentially purchase a new, Platinum model, but we don't want the old style/look. If Toyota doesn't produce a serious update , we'll probably purchase some other SUV. Biggest complaint: The brakes. We have constantly had to replace the pads and rotors all TOO often. Corporate office doesn't seem to care about the issue. They need to use vented rotors, to reduce the heat build up. But, thats expensive too. We've driven across the country a few times and this vehicle has been VERY reliable. The navigation system is in desperate need of updating. Its way behind the times. Radio reception is horrible, compared to our Lexus.

  • 5 years behind the curve - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    First of all there is no engine choice. Ford Eco Boost and BMW x5 turbo charged engines get twice the gas milage. I get 10-12 MPG and drive from gas station to gas station. Toyota lags behind in safety technology compared to other models of the same year. Many Toyotas don't come with Blind Spot monitor, collision avoidance, GPS systems that you can see. I had to get the Platinum Series to get all the safety features and AC seats but lost a second row seats. There is no option for a second row bench. The Platinum is now a 7 passenger vehicle, not 8 as advertised. The lease program for toyotas are way too expensive. The same class of vehicle in Lexus or Mercedes is $400 a month cheaper. The Navigation system is the worst of any, repeat any car out there. Its located 6 inches to the right of center closer to the passenger than the driver. Its not inset so the Florida sun glare makes it impossible to read. When you can read it the print is too small and leaning over to the right to use the touch pad or see the back up camera is unsafe. I repeat, its unsafe to use. The voice controls are useless as it takes 3-5 tries to get it to understand. I gave up and put my garmin between the steering where I can see it. I cant wait to get rid of this car.

  • Great Overall Hauler - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    We've used this Sequoia for almost everything. We hauled a large vacation trailer thru Canada (8,000 miles) and it worked flawlessly and has plenty of power to go anywhere. Lots of room for people and storage. It appears to be designed for easy driving. The turning radius is great. Maintenance has been minimal, except for the brakes, which are problematic. The rotors heat up and are warped and "bounce" when you put on the brakes. We replaces the brakes and rotors several times, and the problem reoccurs.

  • Dynamic Cruise is a bust - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    I have a 2011 Chrysler 300 and I absolutely LOVE my adaptive (radar based) cruise control. It was a must when getting my wife's new SUV. But the laser version in this Toyota frequently refuses to engage, drops out randomly (driving into the sun) or simply continues to drive almost right into the back of the car ahead regardless of follow distance. Nothing like the "it just works and works GREAT" of my Chrysler. I also don't like the info-tainment logic. It is difficult to navigate and I dislike that the side detection is just a silent light in your mirror. On my Chrysler when I turn on the blinker, it audibly beeps at me if it detects. For the most part, the Sequoia is ok, but I'm just constantly annoyed with how much worse it is on some things and it cost nearly double a 5 year older car...

  • Sequoia success - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
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    I owned my previous Sequoia for 10yrs with 150,000 miles on it and didn't really need another but I wanted the new technology with Bluetooth and all the new whistles so I traded it in. This new 2016 is outstanding. There is more room inside, the ride is smooth and the availability of apps and Bluetooth capability is cool. I used the Edmunds price tool and I wouldn't purchase another vehicle any other way. It was so easy and effortless. I will stick with Sequoia (platinum) as long as they are around. They hold their value, last forever, and run great with little to no maintenance. That's my Sequoia success story.

  • Love my suv!!!! - 2016 Toyota Sequoia
    By -

    This is the best suv I have ever driven , despite poor gas mileage the comfort ,size and handling and great ease of navgation system outweigh mileage .take it for a test drive you will fall in love as I have done !!!! You won't be sorry if you purchase this sequioa limited

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