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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Toyota Prius sees no notable changes other than the discontinuation of the Persona Series Special Edition.

  • Comfortable ride
  • Available high-tech options.
  • Abundant backseat room
  • Superior fuel economy
  • Spacious cargo area
  • Elevated amounts of road noise
  • Awkward driving position for some
  • Busy-looking gauge cluster.
  • Slow acceleration
  • Disappointing interior materials

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  • Nice car, which it was less boring though. - 2014 Toyota Prius
    By -

    My third Prius. Unfortunately. I had to buy this car because my wife is an eco-freak, and she swears by Toyotas too. Our old one was so boring, my teenage son crashed it when he fell asleep in stop and go traffic. This one is the same, much to my chagrin. I really try to like this car though, as it is the one I have to drive. It's got an okay stereo, and with my experiences with Toyota, these cars are really reliable too, and this one hasn't left me stranded apart from the time I had a blowout (they don't include spares :P). It's obviously got great gas mileage too. All in all, this is an okay car, but i just wish it was a tiny bit more lively!

  • really satisifed with 2014 Pruis II Sea Green Pearl - 2014 Toyota Prius
    By -

    my first new car in about 25 years, very impressed with 51mpg

  • Very competent at everything - 2014 Toyota Prius
    By -

    Not hard to see why they call this car "iconic" - it performs very well in every category. It's a geek's car in every good sense; the techy dash keeps you informed of your efficiency, and encourages you to drive intelligently; the 50mpg average is easily attainable. Plenty of room front and rear; I'm 6ft-3in, and can set driver's seat for me, and still be comfortable in the driver-side back. Comfortable ride, good pickup on twisty hills, and good cargo capacity with seats folded (seats up, still a good grocery hauler). Not a flashy sporty car, but does the job it's built to do, and does it in solid Toyota style.

  • 2014 Prius "3" Model - Bought 5/25/2014 - 2014 Toyota Prius
    By -

    Me:6'3"(240 lbs) "tall back" Headroom (good): few inches to spare legroom (good): would be nice if the steering wheel telescoped a few more inches toward me, so I could move the seat back more. (can live with it though - not unsafe to drive). legroom width (good) - plenty of side2side room visibility (good): Rear View is just a little restricted. Would be nice if side view mirrors were larger/larger field of view. display (good): placed away from driver for ease of viewing. -smooth ride so far (new car) -quick acceleration when needed -back head/leg room (ok) -It's a commuter car (mpg=priority#1), not a luxury sedan. Toyota did an awesome job.

  • 2014 prius 2 - 2014 Toyota Prius
    By -

    After reading the reviews and inquiring with my coworkers that owned a prius, and assuring me that they get the 50mpg, I decided to buy one for myself and one for my daughter. Even the salesman told me that you drive it like a regular car. Well six months later, I now believe that i was lied to or the car was overrated on the ease of getting 50mpg. The reality is the car computer calculates 3mpg over of what I actually get, by miles driven verses fuel used. If you drive it normal you get low 40s. To get to the 50s you need to coast or try to keep it in electric mode as much as possible while everybody else is passing you. You stay busy and it is a head ache to drive it to get the miles.

  • Blizzard Pearl Prius - 2014 Toyota Prius
    By -

    In life sometimes you make mistakes and end up buying a Prius. Overall the car gives you so much you can't really hate it like you should. It took me to New York and back with 3 huge suitcases in the trunk and 5 people 500 miles roundtrip cost me 20 bucks. It is comfortable for long trips and is very quiet. I am impressed with the quality of the bluetooth and the entertainment system and I overall like the interior and exterior style and design. It drives fine. It is meant to be the work horse that will get save me in gas. When your stuck in traffic life is great in a Prius the engine turns off. I had some issues with the car from the start but eventually toyota fixed it after a few attempts

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