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  • Prius V package 4 - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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    The gas mileage is as good as claimed: 44 city 50 highway (as long as you don't go above 65 to 70). Take the Edmunds print out with you to the dealership. We did that and used it to negotiate an extra almost $1,000 off the price of the car.

  • Zero to Sixty in 43 MPG - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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    I love my Prius V! What other wagon would get you 43 mpg with this amount of cargo space. My family of four fit perfectly in it, that we rarely use or Sienna (which we also love). The car is slow, but that it is because I drive it slow. I am more aware of my driving and I would say that I'm a safer driver now. From a stop, I will accelerate quickly to the speed limit and then keep a light foot to keep the speed. I don't race to stop signs or red lights, I coast to them. In traffic, I don't accelerate fast to catch up to the person in front of me, but I slowly accelerate to them. When I put the car in cruise control at 70mph, it shows that I get 40+ mpg. It's like learning how to drive again. I'm a quarter way through my second tank of gas at mile 650. My first tank averaged 42 mpg, my current tank is averaging 46mpg. My brother has a 2006 Prius with 300k+ miles, so I hope this one will go beyond that.

  • GREAT CAR BUT ROUGH RIDE - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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    If you want a large SUV Hybrid with lots of room, good mileage, but not the price of Luxury car this is a good one. However I love the car but it does not ride smoothly. It is quite bumpy and does not absorb bumps and spots in row good at all. It has excellent mileage if you use the ECO setting. Of course the ECO setting you have to realize the power will be much lower when you need acceleration. The storage is outstanding, gas mileage outstanding, room inside car. I do NOT like the back up camera. It peeps when in reverse and has the color guide to how close you are when backing up. However it lacks beeping sound to warn you how close you are getting. It also lacks a birds eye view. If Toyota would improve the ride, fix the camera (instead of annoying beep beep beep to beeping when getting close to a perfect car for those wanting great mileage, large cargo space, comfortable seats, and a good quality car.

  • Prius is worthy !!!!! - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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    My second Prius......very happy w/car...I knew it didn't have blinding acceleration before I bought it....lots of leg room. Would highly recommend window tint and getting a windshield eyebrow tint installed...sun beats in at eye level....just the right size for around town driving...no problem on freeway going 75-80

  • Best riding car I've ever owned - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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    Smooth ride. Screens encourage me to drive less aggressively as I see how my old habits were jerky and inefficient (or maybe I'm just getting mellower with age). Incredibly quiet inside and out. Only quibble is the navigation screen is too small. But I love this car.

  • Lots of room! - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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  • LIKE THIS CAR ALOT - 2016 Toyota Prius v
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    Of course my preference would have been the Audi but that was 80K. This is my third Prius. Got the V as it is a bit larger than the regular Prius - I see it is referred to as a wagon but I would have never thought to call it that. There is a definite interior redesign - the central console is going which is kind of nice actually and the interior panels are redesigned. Seems much more higher end - whereas the others were not - but also test drove the Lexus Sedan - the i - and I just am a good fit with Prius - I like the way they handle and particularly like the interior of this new one - in fact better than the Lexus I test drove - very space ship looking. The V is much larger inside and I like that but as a family of one, I really didn't need it but it will be a nice plus to have. The pick up is much better in this one and the redesign on the hatchback - for my test - has a much much better rear view mirror. Really love this car but it's day one. Let's see how the next six months go.

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