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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is fully redesigned.

  • Comfortable ride
  • Extra fuel-efficient LE Eco model.
  • Roomy rear seat
  • Simple controls
  • Modest horsepower and acceleration
  • Usefulness of available Entune system is diminished by a cumbersome setup process.

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  • My first Corolla and really like it so far - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I traded in a Chevrolet Sonic for this and my fiance and I share this car. I have the "no regrets" model with the Entune system with navigation, moonroof, and keyless ignition. I've only had it a few weeks but I can definitely say I like it. What attracted me to the car in the first place is the huge number of features for the money. I also wanted a car with a CVT if I had to have an automatic. Fit and finish are excellent and above what I expected for the price. The interior is comfortable and surprisingly spacious and attractive. My fiance and I both enjoy driving it very much. It also looks great, especially in slate gray, which I thought I'd never say about a Corolla.

  • worst experience with Toyota Customer Service - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I have been a Toyota owner for the last five years. My family has owned multiple Toyota cars in the past years, hence, the reason why my family decided to purchase a Toyota vehicle. Since the ownership of my Toyota Corolla, which was bought brand new, I have had multiple issues with the vehicle, i.e., temperature gauge had gone bad two-years after purchasing the vehicle, driver's window stuck in down position, and the vehicle began to shake vigorously at around 40,000 miles and then again at 78,000 miles (when my children under the age of 5 were present during both incidents). I have been getting the vehicle serviced and maintained on time from a Toyota authorized service dealership. I have been completely unsatisfied with the level of care and commitment Toyota has provided. For a company that strives on "innovation, quality and reliability," Toyota has failedto comply with their standards and level of concern. I had registered a complaint with the Toyota Customer Experience Center, who disregard my complaint and faulted me atthe vehicle’s condition. The Executives that I had dealt with repeatedly continued to say that the engine failing is not Toyota's problem, even though I am able to prove that my maintenance was done on a timely basis. The Customer Care team members are rude and beyond help, with no sense of professionalism or mannerism. I have an $8,000.00 expense at the cost of Toyota’s faults and oversight. I am appalled to learn that Toyota knew about such faulty engines and issues but chose not take any action to fix such vehicles, given the fact they claim they have the most reliable cars – I think that is an understatement. Now, I will think twice before going back to a Toyota and never recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle from Toyota until they are able to accept responsibly and value their vehicles and customers.

  • 2014 Toyota Corolla S Plus - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    This cars is awesome! I'm getting 31 m.p.g. in town and it is not broke in yet! I can tell you that you will be wasting your time on a Honda, Mazda, or Nissan in this group. This Corolla looks sharper and is thousands less with a back up camera. The CVT trans. is really a great invention. I have 6 speeds and you can't feel it shift. In the Sport Mode I can move the shifter over to M and Paddle shift through 6 speeds. I am so impressed with the performance and engineering of this car Im tickled to own it. The interior is well laid out and again is nicer than the other brands. The car feels very solid, go test drive one and you will be signing your name on a contract.

  • Economical Car -Great Ride - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Efficient and cost effective . Great for primary or secondary car.

  • So far, a great experience - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    So far, this has been a great vehicle! I've only had it a week but noticed gas mileage has actually been better than what's advertised on the sticker. I am averaging 30mpg combined and 40mpg average on the interstate and sometimes it goes even higher according to the gauge. I haven't seen anything below 30mpg, even in stop and go. Note that ,on the gauge, the number is the average mpg, where as, the slider is the actual mpg. This is my first Toyota lease experience and the whole thing has been great. I opted for the sport because it seemed the best value, vs options and it comes in the gray color I like. I think this is going to be the start of a great relationship.

  • 2014 Corolla 6-speed manual - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Purchased brand new in Charleston SC for $15,600. On flat roads at 60mph I am getting 44 mpg, I average 40 mpg going from work to home. I drive 40 miles one way and its half city half highway driving. Car is smooth and quiet, transmission is easy and smooth to shift. Engine is very quiet, its not a hotrod but picks up and goes rather nice. I had cruise control installed after market for $399 (manual trans does not offer cruise) and it works great, back seat has plenty of room for my infant and toddler rear facing car seats, trunk is roomy, 6th gear offers low RPM on highway speeds 60-70 mph is 1800-2500 rpm roughly. center console is comfortable as arm rest while driving, clutch feels smooth

  • Great Car! - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I traded in my Ford Focus for a Corolla and I have to say that I absolutely love it! It is smooth, quiet and has a great audio system PLUS a backup camera! You get so much for your money with this car. I don't have any problems with the horsepower, but then again I don't race from stop lights or anything like that. This is a great far for young people and also if you want a car with the most bang for your buck you'll want to check it out!

  • Great car! - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    Pros: Comfortable, fuel efficient, roomy for a compact car, quiet, LED headlights are great, Entune system is easy to use/has good sound quality, back up camera, visibility, automatic climate control. Cons: Sun visor is short and does not telescope, CVT transmission is a little sluggish from a stop due to somewhat high starting ratio, not very sporty handling. I am 5'11" and I can comfortably sit in the rear seat behind where I place the driver seat. I am getting mileage slightly better than advertised on my LE. The car rides nice. Five adults for short trips only as the back seat is narrow. People over 6' will have little headroom in the rear seat.

  • First Thousand Miles - Excellent - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I had a 2006 Camry SE V6 for eight years. I call my 2014 Corolla LE Premium my "mini-Camry". It's very spacious, has very comfortable seats, excellent handling (firm, but easily controlled) with high end Michelin Primacy 60K tires, very quiet overall (no wind noise), delivers 38 mpg on the high and 34 mpg in town, has excellent visibility, fit and finish. I love the instant/trip average mpg bar chart on the Infotainment Center. Bought it without the normally included moon roof and Entune radio ($2400 extra). Has surprisingly good acceleration; no problem passing anything on the road. Rear view camera is a terrific - should be on every car.

  • Reliability and great looks. - 2014 Toyota Corolla
    By -

    I'm the last person one would expect to be seen in a Corolla, but I still got one! I shopped around and compare the Civic, the Mazda 2, 3, the Focus, the Elantra GT and the Accent. My previous two cars were fast turbo cars with plenty of power and handling. The Mazda 3 is definitely faster than the Corolla, and handles better. So why did I pick the Corolla instead of the Mazda? It felt like the most luxurious car of the bunch, with a decent ride, at a price others couldn't beat. I have everything I always wanted in one package with the "S", no need for additional 1200 Moonroof and other expensive options. The Mazda comes close, but it was more expensive.

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