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  • Stay away - 2016 Subaru Legacy
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    I bought this car because I have been very happy with my previous 2005 LL Bean Outback but did not want and need another wagon. It has been a major disappointment so far (two weeks and 300 mi down the road). - CVT is horrible - absolutely no feedback on acceleration, car glides like a boat, it's hard to tell how fast you go unless you constantly look at the tachometer. Quickly loses momentum the moment you lift your foot off the gas pedal, as if the brakes are being applied, which is very frustrating esp. in stop-and-go traffic. - Relatively poor acceleration even with the H6, 3.6 L engine (the 2.5 L that I test drove is even worse and feels strained most of the time!), even without extra passengers/cargo - Steering is just OK but there is a SIGNIFICANT body roll when cornering, much worse than with my old Outback - Loud wind/road noise, at times so bad as you can't talk on the phone using the Bluetooth connection - Ride is VERY bumpy even on recently paved streets even though Subaru claims they softened the suspension on the 2016 Legacy models in the Limited trim and up - Gear shift paddles on the steering wheel are bulky and sticking out, constantly get in the way of my hands when driving; the leather the wheel itself feels more like rubber - Mileage ls much worse than advertised/expected: I've been getting 16.5-17 mi/gallon on mostly city driving; hopefully this will change after engine break in. - Poor craftsmanship - interior looks overall cheap; doors are tight and you have to really slam to shut them; the leather of the upper part of passenger front seat has been sloppily cut and stitched and looks wrinkled, esp. around the seams (I did not notice this when I bought the car, so caveat emptor, but dealer and Subaru refused acknowledge this as a defect, I suspect the dealer got a discount on this particular car because of this which they DID NOT pass on me) - Seats feel shallow and hard, overall uncomfortable, difficult to get out of the driver's seat - Rear window defroster is pretty much useless since it goes only 2/3 up the window (the rest is dedicated to the antenna). You have to scrape/wipe your rear window manually every time there is frost/snow/fog. - Entertainment - voice command is useless: it never gets the command right and has a significant lag; touch screen sensitivity is weird and I still haven't gotten used to it Overall, Subaru seem to have dropped the ball on their newer models. This is definitely not what a 30+ K, 6-cyl, upper-trim car should drive and feel like. This is my 3rd Subaru and definitely the last. I'll drive it until the bumper-to-bumper warranty runs out and trade immediately.

  • Love ourLegacy - 2016 Subaru Legacy
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    This is a quality vehicle. It looks good and has all the bells and whistles you could ask for in a car at this price (MSRP $32K). We've only had the car a short while, but have noticed a couple of minor annoyances . When shifting from reverse to drive, it takes too long to drop into gear - a potential issue when executing a three point turn in traffic. Also, the driver's seat memory function responds to the first individual who unlocks the car, not necessarily the driver. This can be annoying. Generally though we love the car and expect a great experience.

  • Love this car - 2016 Subaru Legacy
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    If youre not into street racing and you want a solid, comfortable driving experience you will love the 2016 Legacy 3.6R Limited. I have had mine for three weeks now and have put about 1000 miles on it on interstate highways and mountain roads. I can say that in my 70 years I have never driven a finer vehicle. The boxer six provides plenty of power for my needs. The steering is firm and positive. The interior is very comfortable. The sound system is outstanding. And the electronics are intuitive and easy to use. You can pay more for a midsize sedan but you will not find a better value.

  • Love my grandma car! - 2016 Subaru Legacy
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    I came to the Legacy in a very strange way. I had no interest in buying a middle of the road sedan. I was set on buying either a F-150 or 4-Runner (my previous vehicle). But I had been without a car for nearly 2 months and after looking at the $40k price tag of trucks/suvs, I came to the conclusion I'd get a car then later buy a truck as a second vehicle. When selecting a car I typically prefer hatchbacks but don't care for the pokey 2.0 engine in the crosstrek/impreza. I also looked at some other sedans but what I like about Subarus is the large pass through from the trunk to the back seats when folded down. I can fit my bike in easily and it just has tons of cargo room. The interior is also very spacious, and I liked the extra cabin space and room around the driver (remember this is same platform as the outback). For the price of $25k (and I didn't even negotiate as I was exhausted after 2 months of car searching), it came with features more expensive vehicles didn't have (homelink, all-weather car mats, heated seats, awd). I was going to go with the 3.6 limited, but this was just a 'commuter car' so I didn't want to spend another $7k for the bigger engine and leather. Also, I have been pleasantly surprised at the acceleration of the 2.5 engine when paired with the CVT. It is way better than what I remember when driving other people's Subarus. Not to mention, I'm averaging 30mpg with 90% city driving!!!!! So when I say I love my grandma car, I mean it is a 4 cylinder sedan that hauls lots of stuff and gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable in town as well as on the highway. I also looked at the Honda Accord, Mazda 6, and VW GLI and VW GTI (which I have previously owned). All those cars have their positives. Overall I liked the space and cargo capacity of this one. I also like the easy/simple LCD display, traditional tachometer/speedometer, and well designed ergonomics. The only downside I have noticed of this vehicle is the CVT transmission can be a little rough when decelerating/going downhill at certain speeds (mostly I notice it right about 35-40 mph going downhill). But other than that, I never really notice that I'm driving a CVT. The stock speakers were also terrible (I upgraded mine). A good choices for a sedan if you value spaciousness and cargo capacity. And apparently resale is excellent on these vehicles (as it is with most Japanese brands). Great practical car. You just won't win any fun awards with it.

  • Nice attention to detail in finishing - 2016 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    Instrumentation takes some getting used to , not as intuitive as HYUNDAI

  • Love it but . . . - 2016 Subaru Legacy
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    We drove everything in the segment, everything. This is my daily driver. What I like: - All wheel drive - Technology is intuitive and easy to learn - Spacious, well designed interior - Smooth power delivery from the V6 - Huge trunk What I'm neutral on: - Handling - It handles more than well enough for 95% of daily driving, but it does roll and feels a bit ponderous if you try to have some fun. What I don't like: - The fact that Eyesight does not work when I can't see (sun glare, rain, snow). Isn't that exactly when you want a safety system? - The brand advertises being dog friendly, but they don't offer any dog friendly accessories (rear seat cover, rear foot well cover) - Wind noise on the highway is a problem. When using the hands-free phone people have difficulty hearing me.

  • Swapping my Mercedes E class for a Legacy - 2016 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    My key requirements are cost and safety. True cost to own over 5 years between the Mercedes and the Legacy for 5 years is about $25K. Safety options only lack the adaptive headlights. SAFETY: The Edmunds reviews ignore the fact that you can get Safety Options on the Legacy that just aren't available on any of its competition: AWD (winter safety), Blind Spot detect and avoid, Lane Drift detect and avoid, and Crash Avoidance. Also, the "Deaths per Million Miles" of the Legacy are 0 (the only one in its class). Finally it has all 5 star ratings on the safety tests. If you want safety, you can't beat it in its category. The review should make this clear.

  • Good safe family car - 2016 Subaru Legacy
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    This is not a fun or sporty car to drive, but it serves it purpose as a safe family sedan. I bought it because of the AWD that Subaru is known for since I live in a hilly area in Northeast. The 2.5 engine lacks power and acceleration. There also seems to be lag accelerating from full stop. Cornering is just ok. The safety features are very good. Blind spot warning came in handy a few times when I pulled out of parking spot and a car suddenly zoomed by or pedestrian running by. Eyesight doesn't work well in fog or sun glare. The dashboard will warn you when Eyesight is turned off. Eyesight will trigger warning if you're cruising and the car infront of you suddenly breaks. Lane departure warning is very sensitive and can trigger erroneously if you drive over a tar line patch on the road. Overall, this is a good safe car and I plan on passing down to my kids once they start driving. It's better that they don't drive a high perfornance car.

  • ride in luxury without the cost - 2016 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    do your homework. work with reliable sources. talk with friends and/or Subaru owners. If the dealership works with you ie no pressure than you can work with them.

  • A decent AWD car - 2016 Subaru Legacy
    By -

    I have the base model and I like the CVT Transmission that is smooth in transition. Unlike most people complained, acceleration is not poor or bad and actually its good and got better after I changed my airfilter to K&N. Its roomy and the ride quality is good. However, I would prefer that Subaru improves the ride quality and make it more cushy drive with soft ride especially on bumps and on pot holes, suspension is not helping. My car fish tailed at least in two incidences of snow despite the symmetrical AWD and the dealership and Subaru could not find anything wrong and did not give a satisfactory explanation. This is my second Subaru after I tradein my 2015 Subaru Impreza which I felt was a better car in snow and never fishtailed. I get a decent mileage on Legacy averaging about 32 which is comparably good considering the all wheel drive.

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