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  • Nice car but I couldn't buy it - 2016 Subaru Forester
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    I was ready to buy a 2016. But, when I saw that it didn't lay flat in the back, I had to look for something else. The 2013 Forester was the newest one that did. I will now be able to camp in the back and load things in with ease. I hope by the time I have to get my next one, this will be corrected.

  • I am very SAD - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    2016 forester with 300 miles. the gas paddel has to much delay. sometime you have to push it 3 times to get it to take the fuel, has pulled me into the traffic several times and then nothing, leaves you hanging there, started before the first 100 miles, only has 300 miles on it now, has been in the shop 3 times, they keep saying it is ok, i guess they think i am dreaming, wish i had my old 1996 van back and my money out of this junk, don't buy one of these. PS loves its gas, about 15 miles to a gal.

  • love subarus - 2016 Subaru Forester
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    this is the third subaru in our fam (2nd forester; there was also an impreza). great gripping, reliability, resale value. we hope to keep it for the next 15 years.

  • Don't drink the Kool-Aid - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    The Pro's - steering is excellent in the car, it can take sharp turns very well. Safety and visibility is also a big plus for the car. Acceleration is pretty good, but the sport shifting can sometimes lag. Head space is pretty good. The Con's - very small backup camera. The center console storage is too far back. The front passenger seat is way to high up, with no ability to lower it. Paint is very thin and scratches easily. MPG is less than satisfactory, and requires premium gas. Vehicle requires maintenance much quicker than other cars. Stock tires absolutely suck!

  • Can you adapt to a Subaru - 2016 Subaru Forester
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    If you have long legs, the driver's seat will stay back a lot. An Adult might not be comfortable sitting behind you. There is a downward dip when you get into the car, so when you go to get out you have to remind yourself to lift up your leg or you'll trip when getting out. Sometimes the Bluetooth won't work like it should, the steering wheel will stick a little after making a hard turn and it has a limit to how high it will tilt up. I am still adapting to all the different controls. Only the drivers window will go all the way up at the touch of the button. You have to hold the button for the other 3 windows to make them go all the way up or down. The usb port and a second car adapter plug in site are hidden in the storage box located between the front seats. I had to downsize my cargo holder. Banks still love the resale value of a Subaru, so getting a loan was a little easier. Since I am still adapting to this Subaru, I honestly can't rate everything about it yet. I will say the Subaru service center is Great! Since I brought the Subaru from a Ford dealership, they did an inspection to look for any issues that would need to be addressed.

  • My first Subaru - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    Drove everything in this class. Subaru clearly has the advantage. This car still has less than 2000 miles and combined city and highway I am averaging almost 29 MPG!

  • Scooby DO - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I believe this car is for the person who is focused on having a reliable, functional, simple yet user friendly, safe SUV. If you want a car that will change and powder you, this isn't it. This a car for someone who wants some of the luxuries of what is expected in modern cars but not really super fancy. When I set out to find a new vehicle, I looked for, reliability, power, all terrain capabilities, handling, decent looks, space, economy, and comfort. All of these have been met and surpassed.

    The car looks well built and symmetrical. No weird chattering or shaking, no cheap plastics, no seemingly loose parts, and according to my research on engine and trans, they are bullet proof (figuratively speaking). That's to be expected from Subaru though. 5th on the best quality cars in 2015.

    I was afraid that the 170hp 2.5 Boxer would not be enough for an suv but I have never been more wrong. It has ample power and moves briskly. Its not the turbo version by any means but definitely gets out of its own way and, not that I recommend it but, it has enough power and torque for spirited driving, off-roading, and hills. I've never liked a car that cant react quickly to the throttle, and the throttle response is great. I believe Having power is just as important as good breaks and handling to get out of dangerous situations and the forester has it all. I'm also a manual transmission kind of guy and I went with the CVT because of my Girlfriend and the economy. I'm blown away by the performance of this thing. Die hard, traditionalist, Manual trans folks, it ok to trust the CVT its nothing like the laggy ATX's of the past.

    I have not done much off-road driving but what little I have done, I can hardly tell the difference between tarmac and gravel. This car likes to grip the road and not let go. Im newish to AWD and the level of command this car has on less-that-desirable road conditions is outstanding. Compared to something like the RAV4 this is true AWD and behaves as such.

    As stated above the handling is great, you point the steering wheel and there it goes. At first I was a little turned off by the lack of steering feedback but the comfort it provides when driving down bad roads is a blessing. You don't have to fight this car, it is under your command and will do your bidding. The body roll is minimal. It has less body roll than many sports cars I have driven, coupled with the symmetrical AWD, its fun on the twisties, for an SUV that is. The braking is also very responsive and I have already had experiences with people cutting me off and it just digs in to the ground but doesn't take away your control. If you want to test a cars brakes, come to Florida during season. This car is Florida season approved, if there was such a thing.

    Looks are great, much preferred over the past models Subaru has put out, but then again that's a matter of opinion. The forester doesn't brandish fake scoops or anything to augment its looks and thats how I like it. I like simple and it looks great while being simple.

    The space is ample inside. I traded my crew cab chevy 3500 for this and I am happy with the space. Nowhere near a large SUV but I keep thinking its larger on the inside. Might have to name it Tardis but its not blue.

    For the power and space the 2016 Forester offers is really economic. It has enough get-up-and-go but also has superb gas millage and if you find the sweet spot and hit the cruise control you can easily surpass the EPA rating.

    The way I define comfort is that the car does what it needs to do when it needs to do it while making the experience a positive one. It doesn't have temperpedic seats with butt warmer and a coffee maker, but as previously stated this is not what Subaru had in mind with this car, or so I think. This does not mean its uncomfortable, I like the seats (great lumbar suport), tilt and telescopic steering wheel is really nice to get that perfect "in control" feel. The leg room is ample and the storage is great. Getting in feels like a large car, and looking out of the windshield feels like an suv. The windows are big and there is virtually no blind spot to speak off. a quick glance to the side, after looking out of the mirrors, is more than suited for merging. Batman could drive this and not worry about raising his insurance premiums due to his limited neck rotation.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with the car, Its what I wanted, something nice, comfortable, reliable, strong, with excellent off-road capability and economy that matches that of cars. Very well rounded vehicle.

  • Be prepared to visit the dealership often!!!! - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    I have to say I want to love this car but in less than 1 month of owning it we already had problems. The interior is comfortable and the drive is very nice. We bought this car for the safety ratings. It's our 1st time venturing away from Toyota. In week 1 the engine lights started going on when you turned the car on. Multiple lights were on showing different issues. My husband took the car back to the dealership and the sensors were replaced. We were told this was a known issue and the problem was fixed. Yesterday we received a letter from Subaru saying the CTV transmission was not filled with enough fluid. Guess we are going back to the dealership. This is a total disappointment! Be forewarned.

  • I thought it was a good ride but..... - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    Ok, I am shopping for a new vehicle and my list is the 2016 models of the Ford Escape, Mazda CX5, and the Subaru Forester. I added the Forester recently because it looked great on paper. I've test driven it twice now with the second time with the family. I thought it felt great, but my wife hated the feel as a passenger. She felt nauseous because the vehicle swayed and bounced like a ship on turbulent waves. We own a Nissan Frontier and a Mitsubishi Outlander. She has no issues with either of those vehicles. So I put the Forester back down to #3 on my list and will have her test drive my #1 pick before I purchase. It does us no good if she's queasy as a passenger. Something to think about if you purchase this vehicle.

  • Bend subie - 2016 Subaru Forester
    By -

    This is my fourth Subaru Forester purchase as I am a devoted Subaru fan. This purchase I decided to upgrade from the basic Forester model to the next level up and got the Premium model. After a few weeks of owning it I love all of the safety items such as side air bags, lane departure warning, and obstacle ahead warning. Wish it had the blind spot sensor, but not a huge deal for me. The models is definitely quieter than my 2011 model, and the gas mileage is much improved. Comfort, handling, and acceleration are still great. Love this car

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