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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2014 Scion tC adopts new styling cues, some upgraded interior features, an improved automatic transmission and a retuned chassis. There's also a special 10th anniversary model.

  • Quick acceleration
  • Roomy rear seat.
  • Comfortable ride
  • Cheap plastic cabin trim.
  • Not as fuel efficient as most rivals

User Reviews:

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  • Love This Car! - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    I bought this car new exactly one year ago, and it is fantastic. Very reliable, comfortable and looks great. I get endless comments on its looks and how roomy the back seats are. Hatchback trunk has saved me from renting trucks for moves, and the car has handled well in the State College snow. With all the added features this car is an absolute bargain, I'm so happy with it. The headlights are HIID - I feel much safer driving at night and the voice-navigation system is so handy. Only Con: while on the phone through bluetooth you are unable to see the navigation screen, the "calling ___" screen overrides the navigation. Very minor problem, I'd strongly recommend this car.

  • Still going strong - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    This is an update to my original review. I now have over 11,000 miles, and not a problem. I had the oil changed at 5,000 miles, I did not want to wait till 10,000 miles with there free service. It was $43.00 total, worth the money. I had purchased the 3M chip protector for the car when new also. The car is spotless, I usually have tons of chips by now, because I travel through the mountains in the winter. I have never bought this product before, I would purchase it again, but price shop it. This was the first Toyota/Lexus product to pass the IIHS small overlap test. They have since resubmitted some models that did not pass and retrofitted to pass. I still get compliments on this car daily.

  • THE BLUE BULLET - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    What a car. Sharp, head turning exterior, got it in streak blue. I catch myself from time to time gawking. Interior is well done. Unique styling. Love the sporty steering wheel and dash layout. Sound system is great! Three speakers on each door?! Heck yeah! Seats are sporty, really support you in tight turns. Plus friends have plenty of room in the back. Trunk has a lot of space with its large door and folding seats. Now for the most important part: Performance! Engine is punchy and responsive. Handling is spot on, I feel in control and confident when taking fast turns. Everything feels like it was well thought out. Not just another cookie cutter car.

  • My first new car - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    This is my first new car and I love it so far. I was overpaying for a 2003 Toyota Celica which I did like but it was old and had a lot of miles, plus I still owed 9k for the car to JDB. I recently traded in the car and got 3k for it then they added the remaining 6k onto the sticker price. I couldn't be happier, I'm not really paying more per month and I have a new car with a warranty! It's basically a Toyota so the thing should run forever and it looks awesome. I've already turned some heads driving it around with the shiny blue paint job.

  • First Scion - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    I just bought my very first Scion Tc (2014) and love it! I never even considered this brand until I saw the car at the lot. And when I was told that Scion is made by Toyota, I was sold. The design is very impressive, a head turner! It's so much fun to drive and I don't like driving that much, but this car gives you back the fun of driving :)

  • Perfect first car - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    Some people get pretty basic first cars, and there's nothing wrong with that. I was lucky to get something a little more than that. The 2014 tC has seen a pretty drastic exterior styling change from 2013, and while some say its bland (how?), I think it's just what this car needed. The lines are sharp and aggressive, and takes several styling cues from the F-rs. While the front grille and rear diffuser are nice, it really is a bit too much plastic. The wheels are also very nice. The interior is very well laid out, and the standard touch-screen display is great, but again, a little too much plastic. The ride is pretty good for its class, the acceleration is good, and the steering is above avg.

  • Much improved for 2014 - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    I bought a 2014 Scion tC manual transmission in blue. It has about 3200 miles on it now. It handles well in rain and snow (just had our 3rd snow storm here in Pennsylvania), It has sporty handling in the twisties due to suspension upgrades for 2014. Looks like no other car, the new wheels are beautiful and hide brake dust. The transmission is very smooth and precise. It is Camry reliable, lighter and quicker than a Camry though. It has plenty of torque which you can feel during takeoff. The HD stereo is AMAZING! 0-60 time per Car and Driver is 6.9 seconds for the 6sp manual transmission. All this for less than 20k. Plus free service/oil changes! So far I am very pleased.

  • Built like a tank - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    I have owned over a hundred vehicles. I am very impressed with this one.I have the 14 10 series tc. I usually buy boxy or station wagon like or suv styles,I wanted something different from everyone else. I was actually buying another Prius V, my 2nd. They were doing my paperwork when I spotted the Scion on the showroom floor.I walked around it and then jumped in it,I love the style. I am 6' 1" I could not believe all of the room,I even fit comfortably in the backseat,and it was easy to get in.I could not believe how well it drives and handles,a bigger and better Celica replacement.The Camry engine and revised suspension,steering,transmission are amazing.Huge hatchback opening,versatile

  • Best Car I've ever owned - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    I bought my Scion TC in Apr of this year. I spent more than 6 months researching this vehicle comparing it to other models. What I discovered is this is the car for me. I don't fit the demographics I'm 55. This car is an amazing vehicle I have owned it for 6 months now and driven it close to 14000 KM's. I have loved every moment of it. This car is a smooth drive on long and short trips. Its fast and agile and a real eye turner I have the metallic Blue with a few add on's I just wish it came with a turbo. I highly recommend this car lots of room for cargo and passengers. This is quality built vehicle. Its the first car that I have purchased that doesn't have a ton of little issues.

  • Awesome Coupe! - 2014 Scion TC
    By -

    It's no doubt why they call this "The King of The Coupe". Loved my 2013 so much, I am trading it in to get a 2014! When I bought my 13' the 14' was just outside my price range. Now they dropped the 14 to just over the price of 13, making it affordable for me.

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