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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Nissan Leaf adds a more aggressive regenerative braking mode to the base model, and voice-to-text messaging and navigation voice command to SV and SL models. The SV also now gets 17-inch wheels.

  • Spacious, quiet cabin
  • Reliable and available
  • Useful cruising range
  • Ample features
  • Affordable base price.
  • Slow acceleration.

User Reviews:

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  • Love my Leaf - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    I bought my 2015 Leaf used in November 2016. The purchase price was very affordable even though as a used car it is not eligible for any tax incentives. My commute is 35 miles each way and while I can drive to work and back on a single charge my office parking lot contains EV charging stations. I generally use them for 2 hours because I like to leave work on a full charge in case I want to make side trips on the way home. My main reason for this purchase wasn't the price of gasoline but rather low maintenance. Given that I have 3 other high mileage vehicles, maintenance has always been an issue. This is a no brainer for me. Just unplug and go. In six months I've driven 13,000 trouble free miles. The ride is great and acceleration very brisk. Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase. This is the perfect commuter car for me.

  • GREAT CAR - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    I really like the Leaf. It drives great and the best part is NO gas. You plug it when you arrive home. The same as plugging in your phone. I had them install leather seats.

  • WOW, this is like a dream. - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    So we brought our 2015 Leaf home in October 2014, it is now January 2016, the car has 17000 miles and we have not gone back to the dealer for anything. This has never happened with any new or used car we have owned. The car is like a miracle. The Leaf is smooth and powerful. Range is adequate for the daily commute and recharging at home is a plus and simple to do. Easier than pumping gas. UPDATE FEBRUARY 2017.. still no repairs or maintenance to speak of after almost three years and 30k miles and it still feels like new. FEBRUARY 2018..44k miles,still no repairs or battery degredation

  • electric car - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    The range is limited by cold weather. Takes out about 35% of range, if temperature below 30. In the 2016 model range is increased by 23 miles so this will help. I still love the car but you need a second car for long trips. Fast charging is a problem for long trips. Only Tesla has the infrastructure. However, for a commuter the Nissan works well. And best of all the only maintenance is to rotate the tires. That's it. Now that Nissan has a car with 150 miles range the commuting ability is much better. And in 2018 model the range is said to go beyond 200 miles. Tesla has cars with range of 350, but who can afford them at $130,000 for the Model S. The Model 3 will be under $50,000, so they are getting realistic for most of us. But Nissan still best value.

  • Leaf perfect most of the time; good storage, fun - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    Great car for everyday. Cold in Michigan winter first 10 mile.

  • READ ME BEFORE YOU BUY THIS CAR!! - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    It depreciates QUICKER than any other vehicle, so don't buy it if you plan on selling it. However, the return on investment doesn't take into consideration the money you get from a state rebate, plus the money you save in not paying for gas or oil, or repairs associated with gas and oil. Don't be fooled by the federal tax credit. It is a credit, NOT a rebate OR refund. You can't roll it forward or backwards in tax years. You must actually owe that amount or more in taxes to get the full credit. The salesman will try to tell you that makes the car cheaper ( state tax rebate plus federal tax credit equals $10,000 off cost of car) NO IT DOESN'T! You have to pay for the full amount of the car up front and interest accrues on the full amount. So if you go and try to lower your tax liability in the NEXT tax year, by buying this car for the federal tax credit, you are kind of actually paying for the tax ahead of time in the form of an interest accruing loan on a rapidly depreciating car to MAYBE get UP TO $7,500 off of your tax liability in the next tax year. My car cost $32,000 and 18.3 months later the private party resale value in really good condition with only 15,000 miles on it is only valued at $13,436 and I only got $2,500 for the tax credit, plus you get a 1099 from the state for the $2,500 rebate you got naturally adding to your income changing how much refund you qualify for. On the good side, my electricity bill only went up $10/month while my fuel cost of $1,972 / year (oil changes and repairs not included) went away completely! ;) ON THE VERY BAD SIDE. .. the fast charging stations are very limited so if I wanted to go to Frisco or Plano from Denton starting with a full charge (118-123 miles on my gauge-a 64 mile round trip to REI or whole foods-should easily make it) If I didn't stop to charge at 380 Walgreens on the way up, I would be white knuckling it on the way back because the only way there is freeway or 55+ speed... no 35-45mph roads so dashboard reports mileage lost 2-3 miles for every 1 mile driven :( The sweet spot for this car is 37 mph. I can drive for free (no miles lost even though I've driven 10-20 actual miles! Sometimes I'll go that distance and sometimes I actually GAIN miles! !! Lol totally cool!

  • Leaf saved my life - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    I loved the car. I had a 60-mile commute once a week, as well as local driving, and was proud that put 10K miles / year on the car. We have a Prius as a second car for longer trips. I totaled the car in a head-on collision during into oncoming traffic. The car saved me from serious injury (one broken rib), absorbed the shock, spun 150 degrees. Frame was unbent so that I was able to open driver's door and get out. Seatbelt worked fine, not sure about air bag. I am waiting to replace the car until I pay off the car. That will take 15 months or more. Meanwhile I am driving a 15 year old spare car. It is a station wagon and more practical that the Leaf for hauling. Depreciation is the major negative. Insurance company said it could only give me $13K for a car that I paid $36K for. They had never seen a depreciation rate that extreme. I guess I should have leased the car. But that seemed too expensive to me. I also bought warrantee; they have yet to reimburse me now that the car is dead.

  • Bye bye gas cartel - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    Use navigation to estimate miles needed

  • Save money YYYY - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

    Go Green gas will b over $3 soon

  • It's a jewel for its price! - 2015 Nissan Leaf
    By -

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