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  • 2nd Frontier - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    I originally bought a 2015 SV V6 2WD King Cab (in May 2015). After using it for 6 months it became obvious there was not enough room in the cab when I needed to carry passengers. I was also a little disappointed with the lack of features I have become accustomed to in my new vehicles - heated seats, compass, outside temp, rear camera............ While the reviews of this 2015 vehicle were not outstanding, I was happy (overall) with my truck. It was fairly noisy, but it fit my expectations of a truck. (I want to be able to carry stuff, with reasonable expectations for performance and reliability.) So after getting a reluctant nod from my wife, I bought the same truck as a 2016 (November 2015). However, this time it was a 4 door SV with the value truck package. This version is much more usable, with less road noise. Gas mileage is not outstanding, but it's not rediculous (as you might expect from the reviews). I get 20 mpg consistently (combined). The features and controls work well, and are simple to use. However, they may be somewhat dated in their design. Again they honestly meet my expectations for a truck. I did look at the new Chevy when I bought the 2015. The dealers were unwilling to negotiate on the price, and there were few vehicles available on the lot. There were no Toyota's available in a 2WD, and the dealers were even less willing to negotiate about the price. To be honest, I may be unlike many who want a pick-up. I'd really prefer a small/mid pick-up that would be based on a small SUV. This would likely improve gas mileage, and address the main reason I have a pick-up. Did I mention I want to have the ability to carry stuff...... I am not a farmer or tradesman, so I don't need all the bulk and capacity of a real pick-up. I use this vehicle to go to work, shopping, and just general transportation. Given the 3 small trucks currently available in the market, I think the 4 door Frontier is a competent choice. It doesn't seem to have any of the concerns noted in many of the customer reviews for the new GM's or Toyota, and the gas milage is not significantly different.

  • Manufacturer defective driver's side seat - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    My new 2016 Frontier is missing a bunch of padding near the backrest in the drivers seat. Feels like you are sitting in a hole and hurts my back. Nissan is not willing to replace or repair the seat. Passengers seat has the padding and is comfortable. 100% dissatisfied with Nissan Customer Service. I purchased a new 2011 Frontier and was very happy with the truck, so purchased a new 2016 exact copy. Both driver and passenger seats on the 2011 were identical and comfortable. After dealing with Nissan Customer Service, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN PRODUCT! The dealer and Nissan indicated they would write no more repair/complaints. So much for the LEMON LAW!

  • Save a nickle Nissan? - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    After one year, I opened the door for the cabin filter and 1) the latch broke, and 2) there were no cabin filters installed. Really had to save a nickle and leave out two paper filters? Not impressed.

  • Nice rental but I wouldn't buy it. - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    I've had the 2016 rental 3 weeks while my car is getting repaired from an accident. I enjoy driving the truck as it has plenty of power and handles very well, but the mileage is nowhere near its EPA rating. I'm getting only 12-15 mpg with 2/3rd of more of my driving on highways. A lot of full size trucks do better. What really surprised me is the lack of small features I've grown accustomed to in my GM vehicles. The lights are manual - you have to turn them on and off. C'mon! I had a 2003 Chevy S10 pickup (base work truck model) that had automatic lights. This Frontier is a loaded model and it doesn't have this feature. It also lacks a vehicle travel computer showing instantaneous and average speeds and gasoline consumption, miles until empty, etc., nor an outside temperature readout. I read through the manual to find out if they are hidden behind some function on the radio/info center. Every GM vehicle I've had since 2007 has all these as standard on every model and trim level. Also, it didn't have the rear camera, though the manual indicated some models have it. I expected it on a loaded 4wd full cab 4x4. Again, a feature that GM is making standard on all vehicles.

  • A 6 time Nissan owner not disappointed - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    I'm a pretty big guy. 6'4/ 260 lbs. I traded up for my 2009 king cab 2.4 liter manual transmission. Got the price I wanted. I was able to find a Desert Runner, in Silver with the hokey decals already removed. Maybe I'm used to semi truck brakes, but I have no trouble stopping my Frontier. I expect the audio system to go first. My wife's second Maxima is the only one (out of six) that didn't fail. I question Nissan's Interior color choices, and the materials seem flimsy, but they are very durable. If you want fluff and gadgetry, look elsewhere. If you want a solid, well made, Reliable and durable car, buy a Nissan. I have owned Nissan since 1987, All went 120k miles problem free and I know two of the six are still being driven by our children. I currently own two Chevrolets that I can't say the same about. Can't buy a comparable well made vehicle for the same price.

  • Steering Steering Steering - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    I'll keep this short. Needed a truck to replace my 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4 and this truck appeared to fit that need. Negotiated for a good price and road tested it on local roads, less than 50mph. It handled ok. What a surprise though when driving on highway or any back roads that are posted 50 plus that have curves. You'll need to work that steering wheel to keep the truck on line. I drive school buses, flat noses and conventional, and they handle 10 times better than this truck. Fortunately for me most, not all,, is local driving. If your thinking about buying this truck, road tested it like no other vehicle you've bought before.

  • Tacoma or Frontier - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    I set out to buy a Tacoma, but several factors set my decision on the Frontier. First The Dealer "Sparks" was as useless as a three legged horse. No help on the trade of my 2013 Prius that had hail damage. and the cost of the Tacoma was going to cost me more that 5K than the better equipped Frontier. SV Package included Tow PKG, Extend a bed Dual control Heat/AC, Heated Seats, Auto Dim Mirror with thermometer and compass built in fabric seats etc. The ride is much better than my Prius noisewise and comfort wise, The acceleration is excellent and the steering seems nice and tight. The Dealer "Grand Strand Nissan" and the sales and management were excellent. They offered more than 5k on my trade than the Toyota was willing to give. I noticed a superficial scratch on the tail gate spoiler and mentioned it to my sales agent and the shop manager came out looked and said we'll replace it without a problem. I could have lived with it but being a new truck I was happy they offered. Great overall experience

  • 2016 Nisson Frontier - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    I've only owned this truck a month but love it so far. So I can't tell much yet about fuel economy or maintenance cost. Purchase cost was no bargain but after-all, it is next years model and they don't budge much on price. It has a comfortable and quiet ride. I am 6'2'' tall and weigh 270 but have ample room in the drivers seat. Cabin over-all is comfortable. It has a very comfortable and quiet ride. This is my first Nisson after owning six Hondas so it has a lot to live up to. I never did a single repair on any of my Hondas. I wish it had keyless entry and start but this was not a deal-breaker. The white back-up lights are quite dim and don't help your vision at night but I will either replace them or add-on lights that will be brighter. Also not a deal-breaker. So far I would recommend a Frontier to others.

  • I test drove it and walked away - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    This is a nice mid sized truck, however the brake pedal is very sponge and goes down almost to the floor. We checked with the service manager and said the brakes are designed that way. Also I felt the controls were confusing, remembering I did not have a chance to really study them. I'll keep my Silverado.

  • Former Ranger owner - 2016 Nissan Frontier
    By -

    Having owned many Rangers, (which were very strong tough trucks) the Nissan Frontier is by far the better truck. Very strong frame, very solid riding. The engine, V-6 strong, plenty of torque. The price advantage is excellent. A similar equipped Toyota Tacoma will list for apron $4.000 more.

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