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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class is all-new.

  • High-quality interior and construction
  • Engine choices include gas and diesel
  • Comfortable seating
  • Excellent braking distances.
  • Disappointing steering response.
  • Expensive compared to some rivals
  • No third-row seat option

User Reviews:

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  • Very good first impression with a few minor outages - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Bought it from MB London (ON) Nov-12, with good discount: I didn't plan on 550, but it turned out it was hard to find a bargain 350 with the upscale interior - genuine leather, cooling seats, leather dash (plastic seats as basic can be practical - but shame to have it on a luxury SUV !) I test drove 2011 ML 63 AMG prior to that - got somewhat puzzled/disappointed with it, but 2012 upgrade seems to make a good performance difference: it's so smooth & powerful, quiet engine, good steering.. It's just flying on highway speeds, great to do maneuvers.. Just 3K km on odometer - cannot comment on reliability yet

  • LOVE IT!!!! - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Have had the car for a few weeks now.Bluetec. Getting 32 miles per gallon roughly. Beautiful interior. Love the lane change add. It is a definite must have. Heated seats are wonderful, legroom in the back seat is roomy,back seats recline a bit. Trunk space big enough for 2 sets of golf clubs and suitcases. I have no complaints so far.

  • What an amazing SUV - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    This will be my third ML. Having owned 2002 and 2004 versions, I was very disappointed with the second generation ML and strayed from the MB brand for a few years. Now comes the 2012 which is the third generation and it totally blows away all previous models.

  • An brief unbiased review - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Pros: *Very nice fit and finish for the exterior and especially, the interior. *Smooth ride, quiet cabin, no vibration noises. *Excellent Harmon Kardon sound system *Good driver all around visibility. *Good head room and leg room. *High resolution command or navigation screen that maintains readability even with sunlight shining directly on it. *Quick and effective blindspot warning system(a must have option) *Bluetooth connectivity is easy for the use of phone and audio devices. Cons. *Average performance: engine works hard for acceleration, heavy car feel during quick maneuver. *Time consuming use of the MB command controller(address entry for navigation)

  • Good Car But Sleazy Dealer at Barrier of Bellevue - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Handling is firm and precise. Acceleration is good. It feels as nimble as a mid-size sedan. In fact it can make much tighter U-turns than my old Lexus ES300. It is also very smooth and quiet. One downside is the fuel efficiency is not nearly as good as it's labeled. I could get only 12 mpg in city and 17 mpg in city-highway combined. For potential buyers in the Seattle area, be aware of the dealer at Barrier of Bellevue. During my price negotiation the dealer quoted the Mercedes Conquest rebate amount for October as $1,000 while the actual amount was $2,000. He also hid the fact that people from my company would automatically qualify for a fleet discount of $3,000 from MSRP.

  • Traded in 2010 Infiniti FX35 for 2012 Mercedes ML350 - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Miss my FX35! After Infiniti, ML350 feels like a big bulky bus - plush and comfortable yet a bus. There is nothing fun or sporty about driving it. The engine is powerful and the car drives well but it's just lacking that sporty feel you get from driving FX. On the plus side, visibility is a lot better than FX and the cabin gets a lot more light. On the down side, my 4 yo keeps pointing at Honda minivans and yelling - look, that's Mommy's new car. The backup camera view is fuzzy compared to Infiniti - don't know if mine is defective or that's how it is. Not too thrilled with my purchase so far but hope it will grow on me.

  • Worst car I've owned; my Hyundai was more reliable - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    My 2012 ML350 is a major disappointment with numerous technological issues. it has been to the dealer for repairs more than any car i have ever owned. I am again driving a loaner for the 8th time in a year and a half. I have recorded videos of the malfunctions, dealer has duplicated the issues on occasion, and it is still not fixed. I contacted MBUSA for assistance and resolution and they did nothing except say 'take it to the dealer'. I cannot believe that mercedes would have such poor response and pathetic customer service. After years of contemplating purchasing a luxury vehicle I am hugely disappointed that my first experience is so negative. I should have the reliability I paid for.

  • Love my ML 350 - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    I had a Lexus 2010 RX 350 which was a great auto. Have no complaints about that car. My Benz though is much more comfortable, very, very quiet and has good performance. The Lexus comes with more features for the same price which I lament on my Benz. I have had my Benz for 1 1/2 years now and I still love it. Best car I have ever owned. Not too happy with the gas mileage but then I knew that going in. The interior controls are just where I want them. Love the easy gear shift on the column. No problems at all and Mercedes Benz of Fresno treats me like a VIP whenever I go to their business. I highly recommend the ML 350.

  • Open DTS case for misfiring - no fix available - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    Love the looks, mileage and ride of the ML blueTec, but having to drive for a mile or so, every morning since I drove it off the lot, misfiring is getting old! Upon returning it to the dealer I was told that there were numerous open complaints on the issue, but a fix was not yet available. They hope to have a fix out soon.....$57k and I need to drive a misfiring Mercedes through my neighborhood every morning.....I guess that will teach me for buying the first year of a new body style. So now I wait.......or do I start the lemon law process...time will tell...

  • The jury is still out. - 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    By -

    I leased the 2012 ML 350 about 2 wks ago. This is my first MB. So far, it's been in the shop twice at 2 different dealerships. After several days of driving, I noticed the vehicle would start to shake when I reached 65mph. Also, the windshield wipers chatter horribly and are very loud. So I took it in. They worked on it for an entire day. The same problems persisted. I took it back in a week later to another dealership. The shaking seems to be much better, however, the wipers are chattering worse than ever as I discovered today during a rainstorm. Yes, the vehicle is beautifully appointed and looks great etc. but it is very irritating to be in and out of the shop with a brand new vehicle.

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