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This Year's Model Updates:

Keyless entry and ignition is now standard on the Touring and Grand Touring trim levels. Otherwise, the 2015 Mazda CX-5 carries over unchanged.

  • Roomy, comfortable seating
  • Sharp styling.
  • Engaging driving experience
  • Excellent crash test scores
  • Fuel-efficient engines
  • Weak acceleration with base engine.
  • Subpar stereo sound quality
  • Mediocre electronics interface

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    I did do some research and was aware the Infotainment system was a tad glitchy before I bought my car but it's way beyond that. It is exactly as someone else said...ipod use has stopped completely even WITH the 3 minute time to start a song and the starting over each time you turn on the car. Bluetooth is beyond frustrating...it seems to think I'm speaking a foreign language. And I've had to reset the bluetooth twice. I've had the car one month. I drive a lot and need my music. I'm so disappointed Mazda has let this go on.

  • Good car with transmission problem - 2015 Mazda CX-5
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    Cars transmission had problems after 300 miles. There would be a delay in its initiation when I went from park to drive, reverse to drive or stopped to drive. It caused the car not to move for about 2 seconds then the car would jerk forward. After it got going it seemed fine. Took about 10 days to fix. I couldn't get a loaner car for 4 days. Car seems to slightly jerk ever so slightly since then when stopped in drive mode, but barely noticeable. Car handles great, has sufficient power for flat pavement. Nice quality/trim inside. Nice speaker/sound system.

  • 2014 CX5 2.5 Touring - 2015 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    Its been 2 yrs/ 20K miles and it still deliveries the fun to drive with perfect Reliability. I service my cx5 at the dealer. first service @5k $40, second @10K free, third@15K $55, fourth@20K $60. Owning a Lexus, BMW, and Nissan, we seem to drive the CX5 everywhere. Avg., MPGs when new was at 23-24, mix driving - after we hit 4-5K we avg., 27mpg. On trips 300+ miles on cruise control holding 70mph we avg., 31mpg. I have a BMW 42K price tag and the Mazda matches the steering & Balance character of it. We have been very Happy with the Cx5. If I had any CONS: it would be the the bluetooth, its quirky & it needs a little sound deadening padding like Lexus. other than that, Its a great buy

  • Exciting fun car - 2015 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    I looked for over 3 months for a new car that I could purchase to replace our family van. I've been driving vans for 20 years and it is finally time to get something much cooler and funner to drive. I looked at all the CUVs and even a Mini Cooper Countryman. After doing much research I decided put purchase a 2015 Mazda CX 5 from Freeway Mazda in Ogden, Utah. First, let me say that it was one of the best car purchasing experiences I've had. Freeway Mazda created a pleasant car buying experience with none of the traditional high pressure gimmicks and they gave us a very good deal. They Mazda CX 5 is fun, beautiful, and and eye catching car. Everyone that I pass looks.

  • Avoid if you need tech pkg or visibility - 2015 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    Bought a new 2013 Maxda CX 5 touring with navigation a couple of years ago. Cute car and comfortable but absolutely no power, navigation system never worked right, couldn't load my full address book (just over 1000 contacts) but you can't add new individually either so that was a complete waste. They blamed my iPhone. BS. I had the most current technology for both car and iPhone. Bose speakers only work if you are listening to CD. Otherwise all music comes mainly through center speaker in dashboard so everything sounds distorted. Again, they blamed the source (Sirius XM). I was able to survive unhappily with those features but the absolute zero visibility became impossible and too scary for me. Backup camera was great tho. Finally decided to cut my losses and get my sanity and happiness back and ditched the car for the 2016 Subaru Forester. The tech and backup camera in the redesign make the 2016 amazing. Love!!!! Best decision I've made. Just wish it didn't have to be one of those bad life experiences where you lose thousands to learn your lesson. But avoid this car unless you are already a huge Mazda fan. At 5'2" I also couldn't clean the windshield because I was too short and there is a weird distortion in the window glass when sun hits it. Also, feel the edges of the steering wheel underneath. I sliced up my fingers on m a long road trip and Mazda had to file down the plastic. They checked and all of their steering wheels for the CX5 were like that. Huge flaw!!!!!!!

  • The Worst Stereo/Electronics I've Ever Encountered - 2015 Mazda CX-5
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    My 2015 CX-5 GT AWD has the poorest excuse for an infotainment system I've ever seen, bar none. The "premium" Bose stereo sounds more like someone glued a transistor radio to the dashboard and the TomTom navigation system is extremely buggy, requiring constant updates and is agonizingly slow. Ipod support is in name only, I've stopped using it. Voice recognition is a joke. The Bluetooth interface stumbles constantly. Various automotive sites (including this one) have referred to the electronics/audio in this vehicle as sub par or mediocre. The reality is living with it day and day out is enough to taint the entire ownership experience.

  • Great car - 2015 Mazda CX-5
    By -

    We bought our 2015 CX 5 in August . We traded in our 2014 CX 5 cause I wanted a grand touring model. We love the car and it is a hoot to drive. Mileage is spot on and the Pandora woks great. don"t really use the nav system. Can't say enough good things about it. A little trip to the E Bay store for some crome items for the outside and it is a head turner. I named it our Mazda-Rotti. Looks like a mini Lexus

  • love it but the 2016 is on the way - 2015 Mazda CX-5
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    Bought the Grand Touring AWD in August now has 5,000 miles. I bought the reflex blue color which is hard to find. Get a lot of good comments on it. I love the ride, the stereo sounds great. Good acceleration for a 4 cylinder. Others have complained about the touchscreen but I have no problem with it. I just saw the 2016 is coming out in June. Classic Mazda dealership was great. Will most likely buy another one when i get tired of this one!

  • Research paid off - 2015 Mazda CX-5
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    I read everything I could about this car for months. When everyone praised the AWD model, I began getting dealers to match prices and discounts through Costco pricing. Out the door w every extra, including LoJack, white paint, and plastic coating, I paid $35,000 w Ca tax and license. I love this car. It's fun and simple to drive, mid range torque rocks, and the 9 speaker Bose system is fabulous w CDs, Sirius Or Bluetooth high level Pandora. Lots of power ports, even in the rear storage area. W 1000 miles now, we're going on a trek up the Ca and Or coasts in May, and then to Crater Lake. W the 70 LB Golden Doodle. Will report again then.

  • So Far, Exceeds Expectations - 2015 Mazda CX-5
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    I traded in my sweet little 2010 Mazda 3 for this guy, and I'm in love. I would have kept the 3 (I was this close to paying it off), but I needed more room for the family. Namely my 6'4" husband. The CX-5 is beyond roomy, and it's really comfortable. But driving it, I don't feel like I lost much of the quick response and easy handling that I had with my 3. The only thing I'm not sure about is the audio/phone computer thing. It's clunky and ugly and cheap and feels like an afterthought. An unwise afterthought. BUT...it's been working for me when it eventually gets all connected and set up with my phone. No problems so far streaming Pandora, or playing the music from my iPhone or calling out.

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