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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2016, the Lincoln MKZ is essentially unchanged.

  • Eye-catching design
  • High fuel economy from available hybrid model
  • Many standard features.
  • Touchscreen interface and dashboard controls aren't as easy to use as rival systems
  • Underwhelming interior quality
  • A little short on interior space
  • Slower than average acceleration.

User Reviews:

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  • Way to go Detroit - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Sleek lines and colors, comfortable and quality interior, ‘just right’ firm and quiet ride. For my city driving, the hybrid is perfect. Being born and raised in the Detroit metro area, now living [two decades] in our nation’s capital and I am very proud to show America still make exceptional automobiles.

  • I Am Now Known As Mr MKZ - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I took delivery of my 2016 MKZ in October and had my plates personalized as MR MKZ. I cannot express how wonderful this car rides and performs. I turn heads in my neighborhood (full of foreign cars) and are often asked who makes this car. I cannot think of one thing negative about this car. I did notice this car wants to run fast and often realize I'm driving faster than it seems. Kudos to Lincoln on a superior ride. I did opt for the 19 inch wheels since I think it gives the car a nice profile. 5 stars + Totally satisfied customer!!

  • So far so good, this car is stunning - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    What a fantastic vehicle, for the price too. Unbelievable. Love the car, my salesman is Orson Van Gay at Galpin Lincoln...definitely great person to go to if you are in the market for this car. I love this car.

  • Trying too hard - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Beautiful and unique exterior. Luxurious interior. Quality of interior materials still not up to the Lexus ES standard. Very quiet when cruising, but unpleasant engine noise on acceleration, and does not accelerate nearly as well as the Lexus ES hybrid. Electronics do all the things you'd like, if you can figure out how to use them. Excessively non-intuituve inputs for simple commands. The drivetrain and the design of the electronics interface need work. What's wrong with simple buttons and knobs? Back seat is hard. Still a tempting car with it's comfort and appearance.

  • 2016 Bronze Fire Hybrid - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I cannot understand the critics.. interior is NOT the cheap looking space they claim.. I am very happy with my new baby!.. driving in pouring rain, the headlights do cut thru and give you good sight.. the headlights turn as you are turning and follow the path.. the outside mirrors are coated and seem to cut the glare of the headlights following.. Take a little time and the 4 quads of My Lincoln Touch... is NOT the bad thing that the critics complain about.. Overall this car is fun to drive and a nice looking vehicle.. It's about as much a comparison to a Fusion as the Lexus are to the Camry..

  • Great Dark Horse Luxury Car - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    This car is truly the dark horse of luxury cars. I've owned everything from recent Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, model cars. Overall, the 2016 Lincoln MKZ is the best value. Here's why: Unlike Mercedes, Lincoln's don't cost an arm and a leg to fix. I also want to be DIFFERENT and not drive the stereotypical "Mercedes". Compared to the BLAND styling of current Lexus models, this car is a killer! Beautiful lines, design, and interior. Sure, the 2.0 Hybrid model doesn't perform like a BMW, but the MKZ will get 40MPG, take 87 octane, and rides more luxuriously IMO. I am very proud that our country makes a luxury car that goes toe-to-toe with imports! Great job Lincoln. The 2016 MKZ is a winner.

  • MKZ 4 Me! - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Very happy with my purchase. The Black Label materials are exquisite. The interior is absolutely gorgeous. Black Label dealers go out of their way to make you happy. Fantastic experience. And the car is beautiful. Handles great. Rides great. Fantastic seats, especially the massage feature. Casket quiet interior. Sport mode is a gas on the expressway. Love everything about it.

  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I have not owned an American car in almost 40 years. Six months ago my wife purchase the Lincoln MKC and I was very impressed with the car, so I started looking at the MKZ. My last four cars were Mercedes, the very last one was a Mercedes E550 W211 - I love every Mercedes I owned. But I can truly say that I am VERY IMPRESSED with the MKZ. It has a great ride, a very attractive design and lots of features. The My Sync feature is very information, I specially link the FREE My Sync - SERVICE option, which you need to register every year for online, but it's free. I also like the Lincoln App, it provides lots of information on the vehicle and the Support Section provides videos on "How - To" use all the vehicle features. Ford has done a fantastic job with their website site support also. You can also run alternative fuel - but none of the manufactures want you to know that :-). Awesome car - and Ford has done a fantastic job on the Support App and their website. Thanks Ford, I will be back for a new one in three years. Miami Lakes, Fl. Art Sosa

  • A Proud MKZ Owner - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I took delivery in October of my new Lincoln MKZ and have never, ever been so delighted with a new car. I decided on the 2.0 turbo and it's quick. The car acts like a stallion that wants to run fast....and it often takes restraint on my part to watch my speed. You don't realize how fast you are going since the car is quiet and so smooth. (Just read that the National Highway Patrol approved this engine for pursuit) . I particularly love the Push Button Shift selection, which eliminates the cumbersome shifter all other vehicles have. Also love the sliding volume and temperature controls. After driving the Dodge Charger and it's obstructed front view I was so impressed with the MKZ panoramic front view. I also love the cool LED taillights...much more suttle than the GLARING Dodge Charger rear lights. Lincoln sold me on this car. It's a car that makes you want to drive it all the time. In closing, I highly recommend shoppers to test drive this car. Ignore critics who don't live day to day with a car but instead toss personal opinions on the limited time they have to drive it. Outstanding car to drive/own.

  • Owned many MKZ's - 2016 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    We have leased every model year MKZ since the beginning the 2016 MKZ with Ecoboost 2.0L power train is ASSUME ! Great driving vehicle with Old Time Lincoln ride and 2016 state-of-art handling .

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