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This Year's Model Updates:

Fresh from last year's redesign, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ carries over unchanged.

  • Eye-catching design
  • High fuel economy from available hybrid model
  • Many standard features.
  • Underwhelming interior quality
  • Frustrating electronics interface
  • A little short on interior space.

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  • Smiles per Miles, and going strong - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I actually have the V6 AWD, but I cannot select it in the options list. Love the exterior design, I am just smitten by its sinister beauty, especially in SmokedQuartz. The V6 is rev-happy, albeit not as torquey as GM's; the suspension is tight, and the electronic steering is not numb, nor too heavy. In AWD form with Pirelli's summer rubber, the car feels glued to the road on sharp, fast turns. Acceleration is brisk enough, but remember, this is NOT meant to be a Mustang for Lincoln; rather, a luxurious performance cruiser, and it fits the bill nicely. Interior is plush, supportive, and it gets plenty of praises, especially the novel arch! Touch-controls are not bad at all, as some mags say.

  • Vehicle mpg not true. - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Disappointed in the mpg. sheet states 45mpg. Dealership rechecked 04/01/2014 for mpg and no problems found to justify why I'm only getting 34.3mpg. I'm going back to Audi,VW,Honda or Toyota. I've own these vehicles before and they live up to their build sheet. American brand name vehicles are flawed and people selling them are either more enterested in selling the car than telling the truth or they don't know enough about the product their selling. Price too high for really what your getting.

  • yes yes yes - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I am absolutely pleased that I purchased this automobile. 5 years interest free is a nice incentive. It is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. I still learning all the bells and whistles.

  • I feel the need to write a review - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I recently purchased a new MKZ. I feel compelled to write a review after reading several negative reviews written by "professional" reviewers. Please sit down...I'm in my late 30's and traded in a relatively new Audi on the thing. Technology is truly important to some of us along with handling and a nice compliant ride. This has all the above. My Audis handled well but had none of these other qualities. Reliability is also key. I'm truly pleased with my purchase and feel that the styling is anything but cookie cutter and offers a great combination of features. Rebadged Ford.. so is Lexus....so is Acura....so is Audi.... so what!

  • LOVE my MKZ Hybrid! - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    The MKZ Hybrid is an amazing and beautiful vehicle. For me, I average in the city, 56 to 62 miles per gallon and 45 to 50 on the highway. The technology is, at times, unbelievable. Lincoln did a fantastic job with this car. I have had my new car now for about three months, and have absolutely no complaints. My hybrid is fully loaded...the only thing it does not do is tell me hello when I get in...which would be pretty cool :) I have read the review here on Edmunds and was shocked that the complaint was interior space. I do not find this to be true. Also, I like the simplicity mixed with the luxury on and in this vehicle. The exterior is sexy and beautiful...buy one you will love it!

  • MKZ Hybrid - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I love the exterior styling on the MKZ and the lines of the vehicle are beautful. I love the look and feel of the handling. The fit and finish is amazing and the sound quility is the best. The ride is what I expected it to be excellent. Sure there are more expensive vehicles out there but I think Lincoln has come a long way with the design and build of the new MKZ.

  • 4TH MKZ OWNED (Have 3.7 model) - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Through 30 yrs had 5 BMWs, 2 Benz, 2 Jags & an Audi. ALL tire eaters. ALL ugly brake dust a wk after wash. All Premium gas. Most had me in the SERVICE depts on a reg. basis. BMW the worst. (Over-tech-ed) Got tired of it all in '07 & tried an MKZ. Cheaper to buy of course and luxury perks suffered but was pissed off. Then, things like REGULAR gas, no brake dust, tires getting 46k miles rather than 20k, free oil changes, rotations etc and NO PROBLEMS mechanically inspired the next one & so on. The car keeps improving & current one's the best so far. DON'T believe reviewers trashing after a day with the car. ASK OWNERS you see on the street then test drive. SUPPORT USA!

  • Fabulous Vehice Inside Out - But something to be aware of - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I bought one with Panaromic roof. Yesterday, a good friend of mine saw this car for the first time and he was in awe with that car. With that note, he was about to get off from the front passenger seat. Since the car has a lower seating and the door was far from him to hold on to, he held on to the top frame of the car with his right hand fingers over the roof that I had just opened to display. With rain coming, I decided to close it with his fingers still on. The glass roof rolled over his fingers just as tight as one can imagine. His 3 fingers are now fractured. Owners of the car with this roof, please be aware that this could happen to you or someone with you.

  • Your Dream is now My Reality - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    Ford, and now Lincoln Motor Company will never admit it but they now offer us vehicles that drive themselves. Between the available Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assistance I have in my 2013 103A Zephyr, I'm driving with more confidence than ever. My wife and I took delivery today, we chose the Ecoboost in a FWD as we have quite the commute. She had three stipulations: Has to have the BLISS, Rear Camera and Rear Sensors that I currently have in my Fusion. I can never live without them, she stated. My only stip was the Adaptive Cruise because of our inconsistent traffic in the metro area, I easily get frustrated with the stop, start, increase speed, CONTINUED under Favorite features:

  • Not the comeback car I hoped for - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
    By -

    I haven't owned a Ford product since 1984 (to me this is more Ford than Lincoln) and have owned no American vehicles since 1996. I have been dying to come back to American cars and this was to have been the triumphant return for me. While I was wowed by the exterior design, it stops for me there. I am 6ft tall and mid fifties. I think the new average buyer's age. I bump my head every time I get in the car (roof too short). Lumbar support is poor, quality of the leather interior is not plush and comfortable (what I consider luxury is a plush interior) and I have never once gotten 40 mpg much less higher. I do not drive over 70 on the highway and am definitely not a speeder.

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