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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2016 Lincoln MKX is fully redesigned.

  • Likely more fuel-efficient powertrain choices
  • New, updated tech features.
  • Sharp new look
  • Previous user interface wasn't very intuitive
  • Lacks brand cachet of its competitors.
  • Not likely to offer V8 option

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  • Excellent, Comfortable and Quiet Vehicle - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    This is literally my 5th Lincoln having previously owned a Navigator and past 5 years, MKX's. I just leased the new 2016 all white with cappuccino interior, Reserve. It is completely redesigned from my prior 2014 Lincoln MKX. The vehicle is stunning having cooled seats, heated seats and one of the best quality stereo systems I have ever heard. My wife has a ML350 Mercedes and she pays more per month than I do and my MKX has significantly more features and; better quality features. The back seats are significantly larger and roomier than my prior 2014 Lincoln MKX. The driving is superior and my favorite feature of this vehicle is the extremely quiet cabin. Going 80 mph on the highway, you can hear a pin drop. I am a Trial Attorney in Miami and I am constantly driving all throughout town. This vehicle is nothing but exceptional. I will continue buying Lincoln forever so long as they keep the great job. Keep in mind, for the price you get a huge amount of technology and more so than most finer vehicles including Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Acuras. Consider this vehicle and you won't be disappointed, I promise!

  • I love my MKX - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    Comfortable and enough get up and go to keep me happy. I really do like this car and feel like driving it is stress free and almost relaxing. Great in snow and on ice with the AWD. I am getting better mileage than the sticker sheet said so am pleased with that.

  • Give American made a chance, like we did. - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    We are very happy with our 2016 MKX Black Label, former Lexus/Acura owners of many years. Test drove Infiniti's(multiple SUV's), Lexus RX, Acura MDX ... RDX, Mercedes GLK and GLE...also Audi Q5. We then decided to check out the 2016 Lincoln MKX. All the previously mentioned vehicle's are very nice but found the MKX much quieter, a joy to drive and the REVEL sound system may be better then the Mark Levinson sound system found in the RX. The REVEL blew my mind at the pure sound. We were also very pleased with the softer ride and rarely any engine noise which were very noticeable in the RX, Mercedes and most especially the Infinit (QX50, JX60 and the small Infiniti SUV). The MKX is the most wonderful ride we have ever experienced. I rarely hear any rode noise or the sound of vehicle right next to us...due to the noise cancellation found thru-out the MKX. The seats in the Black Label are 22 way both driver and passenger side. The head room is great. My husband is 6'7" and this and the Mercedes were the roomiest and most comfortable for him. The back seat is quite roomy as is the cargo area. We have the new SYNC 3 which is very easy to operate and I find it easy to figure out and operate. My only complaint is the gas mileage which is normal for an SUV of almost 4500 lbs(18 miles to the gallon our tech informed us). I am a former Lexus GS sedan and there is quite a difference in gas usage. This vehicle is pure joy to drive. We find ourselves wanting to use it on weekends now versus my husband's truck.

  • ALL prior model drawback have gone away!!!! - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    This one has all of the technology available on all luxury SUZ on the market at far less price. The quality is excellent. All of the drawbacks of the prior version have been fixed.. Now has much smoother ride, better steering/handling, update look, comfortable drivers seat and steering wheel positions and adjustments. 360 degrees cameras, collision alerts, blind spot alerts, cross traffic alerts and adaptable cruise control are all musts in my judgment. And for those who like "toys", the ambient interior lighting choices are a fun thing. I have never like a vehicle as much. Seeing is believing....LOL, I sound like a Lincoln salesmen, but the car is just that good!!!!

  • Didn't Want to Give it Back! - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    I first came in contact with the 2016 Lincoln MKX in Albuquerque, NM. We had rented a full-size sedan, but were offered the MKX instead. We agreed and fell in love. I had rented suvs in the past, but had never owned one and never thought I would. I've always been a luxury car guy. We drove the MKX around town for 9 days and were very reluctant to turn it in. My wife and I joked about driving it back to Florida instead of flying. We could find no faults. When we returned home, I began my quest for a new suv since we had become believers. I considered Lincoln, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover and Cadillac. We researched and test drove all. Everything considered, we easily chose the MKX, not only for best value, but we also just liked it better than the others. We ended up with one identical to the one we had rented - white with cappuccino interior, 3.7 liter, Reserve level. We recently returned from a 1,500-mile road trip, had no problems and are even more pleased. After 1 1/2 months and a total of 1,650 miles, we know we made the right decision.

  • Moved from Escalade to MRX and love it! - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    Only picked it up today, but totally blown away. Very nice. Usually in the first few hours I can see the flaws, but so far, none seen. Admittedly, we got all the bells and whistles, and there are more than one needs or probably wants. There will be a bit of a learning curve, for sure, on all the technology package. We think the new BMW will find it lonely in the garage while the MKX is on the road. Very comfortable all round. Great buy, very, very happy.

  • So far very good. - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    Only 2000 mi. On it so far enjoying it and absoulty no issues.

  • Lincoln's Luxury - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    I researched and test drove the Acura MDX, RDX, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot and the Lincoln MKX. I was planning on purchasing the Lexus 350 and/or the Honda Pilot but absolutely hated the newly designed appearance of both. I read reviews on Edmunds for the past 6 months and was somewhat concerned about purchasing the Lincoln MKX which was rated slightly less than the Toyota Highlander. We have had a Toyota Avalon and a Honda Crosstour prior to the new purchase and was leaning towards them again, but I have to say, that so far, I am in love with the Lincoln MKX for all of the above rated reasons. I previously owned a Lincoln Continental and was impressed with the vehicle's overall functions, comfort and safety, so I felt that I had some history with the Lincoln product. I have owned the vehicle for two weeks so far and drove it home from Chicago (345 miles) being the second closet dealership to have the vehicle that I wanted. I ended up with the luxury package and am glad that I took the upgrades. This vehicle has everything that a driver wants and the handling and comfort is fantastic. I would highly recommend that a person takes a second look at this vehicle prior to purchasing anything else. It is a head turner for sure. By the way, I almost didn't buy the vehicle because I don't like the commercials with a certain actor.......

  • Brand new Purchase - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    OK: After researching on the Internet, and having my wife look at/drive other competitors: she decided to buy a 2016 MKX - yesterday. So this review is very early on indeed. However: the car rides very capably and the cabin is very quiet. [I drive a sports sedan aggressively, but here the standard 3.7L V6 is fine] - we opted instead of the 2.7L Turbo engine for both the Driver Assistance and the Technology packages. Forget the earlier Ford "My Touch" - the newer SCYN3 interface seems pretty intuitive. Does this car warrant the added cost compared to its "parent" the lower cost Ford Edge? Do not know yet, obviously. But the ambience of the driver's cabin is entirely comparable to the Lexus RX-350, the new Cadillac XT5 et.al. We decided that, yep, the cachet of the Lincoln "name" was worth the cost. Note please: we are an older couple with disposable income, at least to a degree. Pure economy or ecological "Green" thinking issues are not highly weighted in our household. Regarding my comment regarding "Green" thinking! Yes, if my wife and I valued this aspect to the exclusion of all else - we would both be driving a Toyota Yaris or something akin. Nope, not going to happen at this point. Plus, I have made the following calculation: 18 mpg/driving 10,000 mpy (our situation) equates to something like 556 gallons of gasoline per year. Buying instead a car with predicted 22 mpg and driving the same 10,000 may, but using premium gas? In our neighborhood based upon local gasoline pricing, this means that we SAVE about $50/year. In other words totally inconsequential. Now with 500 miles driven - we love this car. Optional safety features work exactly as advertised and already have been appreciated. Do not need a third row? Less interested in sports car experience (I get that elsewhere!)? Want comfort and safety? Willing to buy American? Consider the newest version of the Lincoln MKX.

  • a must see - 2016 Lincoln MKX
    By -

    We've had an MDX for years and started our new search heavily biased towards getting a new MDX until I saw the new MKX at a stoplight. An online search showed this car to be nice value and the showroom did not disappoint. Our reserve model with upgraded ecoboost, tech and driver's packages is on par with the SQ5 for several thousand dollars less. This car is loaded up for the money. The cheaper of the Revel stereo options sounds awesome. Build and ride quality are on par or better than any of the new BMWs I've driven recently (as a current BMW owner). Burned by Detroit before, I was hesitant to give Lincoln a chance but this car is a must drive if you are in the market for a small $50k SUV. Now, if my friends would just stop reminding me of the stupid Matthew McConaughey commercials...

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