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This Year's Model Updates:

Land Rover's InControl Apps system with full smartphone integration debuts for 2015, and the new Driver Assistance package includes 360-degree parking sensors and lane departure warning. The power-folding rear seatbacks now include a sensor system that can temporarily move the front seats forward to prevent jamming, and long-wheelbase availability has been extended to the V6-powered Range Rover HSE.

  • Available long-wheelbase body style
  • Capable off-road.
  • Opulent interior
  • Very quick acceleration with the optional supercharged V8
  • Choppy ride on rough roads, especially with the larger wheels
  • Base V6's so-so acceleration.
  • Heavy steering effort at highway speeds

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  • Worst Electrical Ever - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    Complete nav/computer reboots all the time. Buttons connected to computer SLOW. Takes 2-3 seconds every time you press a button to respond. Navigation takes up to 3 minutes to initialize after starting vehicle. Worst computer integration EVER! Doors have unlocked and opened while driving! Wow! Update: Vehicle has been in service for about 50 days over the past 6 months for a multitude of problems. The nav screen continues to reboot about every 2 hours of drive time. They have no idea whats going on. Have been told by service that this is a common problem. The computer integration with all of the functions just blows! To turn on the seat heat and massage, you have to go into the navigation screen! I do not like my passengers touching my navigation screen. Same with their climate control. You can't just put all the functions into the nav screen. Way too many steps to do much of anything. I find myself thinking that I would like to do something, but it is just too much of a pain in the butt to do so. The screens look like they were designed by a 12 year old. A real pet peeve is that I like to see the navigation FULL SCREEN. So, I press the screen to put it that way (getting rid of the road exit information). Then every time I go to a different screen , or the navigation gives a direction, it goes back to showing the road exit information. Petty? Yes. But just shows the lack of detail that went into this vehicle. On the satellite radio, they put so much worthless info on it, that you don't see the name of the song, just the artist, and the channel number. Really? It's a large screen, plenty of room if they did it correctly. I know that's minor, but, every little detail was ignored in this vehicle. When you pay this much for a vehicle, it should be easy to use, fun, and informative. Not at all. My Hyundai Genesis has a navigation/computer integration that totally blows this away. At less then half the price. I prefer to drive the Hyundai! That's pretty bad. After putting 18,000 miles on this vehicle, I have found this to be the most uncomfortable vehicle I've ever owned. The seats are HORRID. Like sitting in the cheapest airline seat. This is a common comment from many passengers I've had. It hurts to drive this vehicle for more than 2 hours at a time. Your butt is just killing you. There is NO padding in the front or rear seats because they cheapened it up so much to save weight. My 2012 Range Rover SC was way, way, way better and nicer. Also, the dashboard, which in my 2012, people used to comment on how nice the leather was, has been replaced with PLASTIC! The interior looks and feels cheap when you really get looking at the details. There are WAY better vehicles for $120,000. I really feel ripped off. On the plus side, the acceleration, is outstanding, though and the ride is very nice. Update 4/7/16. Land Rover has agreed to repurchase this vehicle under the California Lemon Law. Good Riddance! Many people have exactly the same issues with this vehicle...

  • Problems after Problems - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    Where to begin... 30 days in the shop in counting after 6 months. Electrical issue after electrical issue. You would think a company that values its customers would want to ensure a repeat customer, but after owning 3 land rovers, they don't seem to care. I would not recommend this product upon my worst enemy.

  • Slow electronica - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    My second Range Rover. Absolutely loved my 2012 sport. The 2015 full size electronics are so poor that it ruins the otherwise great car. Range Rover provides little to no support for this.

  • Best vehicle I've ever had - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    Currently also have a Mercedes S550, have also had in the past 10 years 2 other S550s, Mercedes ML, Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Boxster and recently bought this to replace my 2012 RR Sport. Loved the sport but this by far is the best SUV on the market. I never had one issue with my sport and I've not had any issues with this full size either. Gorgeous interior/exterior great ride and height on the road. Only slight negative I can think of is the infotainment is slightly slow when turning down volume/pushing a button. Like a second or two. Overall its pricey but definitely boss. **update one year later- still love it, still have had 0 problems. The only time it's been back to dealer is for the 15k mile scheduled maintenance/oil change Update two years later-still no problems whatsoever.

  • Worst Car Company Ever - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    Worst car company ever. I too fell for the range rover dream. How do they keep selling these cars. Most people, like me were too consumed with how it would make them feel to ever read reviews.

  • Not Worth The Money - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    "Purchased my first Range Rover HSE 2015 ( six weeks old 3200 miles) and this Friday it goes into the shop for the 6th time. It could have been 40 times (electrical issues) but Land Rover does not have a fix for the Navigation Screen that completely shuts down (43 times and counting). Causing a total shut down of any feature you were using until it reboots. Worse off they knew about this issue and sold me the car without disclosing this. But I have several other electrical issues with this vehicle ( radio malfunction, phone issue, but scariest when my distronic did not activate), the list is longer but you get the point. Dont get me wrong, nicest driving car Ive ever owned, but for the price tag you could do so much better. Whats going to happen when this car is out of warranty, SCARY THOUGHT. Plus Land Rover Corporate is the worst company to deal with. The won't even acknowledge my issues or concerns. My dream car that I waited 45 years to buy, has turned into a nightmare. If your like me and can afford this vehicle... DON'T, get something that is reliable. Worst vehicle purchase of my life. Hope this helps. Your Friend The Honest Business Guy"

  • My dream has turned into a nightmare! - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    I am a long time Lexus owner, both SUV and sedans, and stepped into a Range Rover Sport three years ago. Honestly it was the most exciting car I had driven. It is fast, handles like it is on rails and is good looking. So in 2015 I decided to add to my collection with the new HSE. I decided to go for the supercharged 6 for fuel economy since I live in Los Angeles and I am not towing anything. The car is very good looking and I have no issues with the interior finish but I did have an annoying rattle that the dealership can't seem to find and stop and the electronics have frozen up several times and I needed to turn off the car to reboot. Additionally, it takes 1-2 minutes when you start the car to initialize everything so don't try multi-tasking until the car is good and ready. For example, there is no chance of turning down the volume on the radio while activating your seat heaters while backing up. By the way you will do that more than you think. But the worst is my transmission has gone out three times and on the cars first birthday it got a brand new transmission. Isn't that special. Okay now 10 days after getting the new transmission, I pulled into a restaurant and couldn't get my car out of drive!! It literally wouldn't shift into any gear except Drive and I had to shut the engine off to put it into Park. Bravo the new tranny lasted almost 2 weeks. So ask yourself why are you buying the car?? You will look hot on your way to the dealership or being towed on a flatbed.

  • Very poor service - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    There was a problem in my rrs brake and we reported on the 2nd week we got the car. However, dealer and land rover never treat it seriously and always tried to push it away. Dealer is smart, they made the first record in their system right after the brake is out of warranty. Although they promise to replace it for us in October 2016 and now they say we need to do it on our own. Stay away with this cheap brand. Shame on you!

  • na - 2015 Land Rover Range Rover
    By -

    This is a espectacular car, unique and beautiful, just one owner. just 9600 miles. limited edition

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