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  • A Piece of JUNK! - 2014 Infiniti QX60
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    I owned this car for 8 months too long! I wish I had done my research. Upon purchasing this vehicle the rear differential went out at 50k miles. After replacing the rear differential, I noticed stuttering and poor acceleration in the transmission. I took it to the dealer and they updated the software, but it didn't cure the problem. Long story short, they ended up putting a new transmission in. I have had to replace and entire headlamp because the seals went bad and condensation in the lamp was causing a shortage in the bulb. After they fixed that headlight the driver headlamp suffered the same issue. Went back to the dealer for an oil change, but noticed my engine light on, they discovered that I needed a catalytic converter and a catalytic manifold system!!!!!! This was the WORST car I HAVE EVER OWNED! DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!! That CVT transmission is garbage!!!!! I can go on and on about repairs and how god awful this car is. Just leave it at the dealership!!!

  • So far So good - 2014 Infiniti QX60
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    The reviews I've read sound scary! I haven't owned mine long but I've done a long road trip with it. Others have mentioned poor gas mileage. I don't fully disagree, but I've been watching my driving habits and my mileage has been improving. At first I was getting a combined 16.5 mpg. My overall average has improved to 21.5 and my last few fill ups were around the 23.5 mpg range. I now leave it in ECO mostly and switch to sport in city traffic or when I know I'll need more responsive acceleration. I haven't had any quality issues yet with trim or paint, but do worry about that as the trim pieces do seem a little fragile or cheap. So, I am concerned based on other reviews. But, so far I LOVE this car. It is very quiet which is important to me. Its a very smooth ride too, also important. I just returned from a 7 day, 2700 mile road trip and I find the car to be very comfortable. I bought this car used, and had planned on buying the Audi Q7, but was having difficulties finding the right used one at the right price and then drove this and loved it. I should mention that the one I bought came with all the packages, and I'm very pleased with all the features, especially the adaptive or intelligent cruise control. So, so far I'm very happy, and hopefully I won't have some of the problems others mention.

  • Don't Do It! - 2014 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I purchased my 2014 QX60 after thoroughly researching all mid sizes luxury SUV's. I have always driven a Toyota so this was my first experience owning an Infiniti. The car worked beautifully for 18 months. THEN.... Car starting having start up issues on July 2015. Several times a week it would take 3-4 tries to start the vehicle. I presumed it was the battery. At that time they the dealership jump started my battery which they said was still good and told me to drive my car more often. Lol! Then several weeks later problem with starting the car returns. I hold off on bringing the car in until September when the car does not start one morning. Infiniti road service jumps my car and the dealership agrees to replace my battery. Three days later my car stalls twice while driving the car in reverse and the power steering fails while vehicle is in drive. Took the car in the next morning (Monday) and they checked it and said everything seemed fine:( LUCKILY while pulling the car back from the service garage the car stalls for the service technician. At that point I was given a loaner vehicle. During this visit they noticed that a wire was loose underneath the car. I believe it was the body control module wire that was loose. For this visit they really thought they had the problem solved and return the car to me the following day. Four days later the car stalls again while driving and does not starting on the first try. I returned it to the dealership and got a loaner for the second time. During this time they replaced the hybrid battery as well as the key remote battery and they even replaced the new battery just to make sure all batteries were new at the same time. The kept my car for 2 weeks just to be sure it was fixed before returning it to me. Four days later car takes 3 tries to start so I take it directly to the dealership and got another loaner vehicle. During this visit they have been replacing both the hybrid computer and the body control module computer. They have had my vehicle for 3 weeks. The vehicle is still not working so now they think they will replace the harness! Oh and by the way, while the vehicle was at the dealership for 3 weeks parallel parked in an unofficial parking spot in a lot that is overcrowded a delivery truck backs into my vehicle and now the side bumper needs to be replaced. Estimate for damages is 4000 K! I have never has this kind of experience with a car in my life. My first Luxury vehicle is my least reliable car ever. I have started the buy back process with Infiniti and I will do my best to warn others to not waste their time or money on these cars.

  • Passenger Unsafe At Any Speed - 2014 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    Our passenger airbag remains off frequently when there is a full size adult passenger in the front seat with their seat belt fastened and the seat properly adjusted (warning light on dash indicates airbag is off). We have provided video evidence of the problem, but since the dealer's test equipment finds no fault, they refuse to replace any parts or make further adjustments. The manufacturer sent a technical expert to examine the car, and he agreed with the dealer that without a computer stored fault no action would be taken. After viewing the several videos, their position remains unchanged. We have owned BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, Chevrolet and Cadilac cars in the recent past, and in all cases have been pleased with warranty support. This is our first and last Infiniti. Also our last purchase from The Porter Group in Newark, DE.

  • Constant creaking and rattling - 2014 Infiniti QX60
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    I bought this car about a year back. It's music system and navigation stopped and had to be replaced twice. It constantly has rattling and creaking noise. I have taken it back to the dealership about 10 times and they have not been able to fix it. I recorded the noise on my phone and sent it to them and they have still not been able to fix it. It is such a pain. I will not recommend anyone buy this vehicle. I have reached out to consumer affairs and hope they will be able to address this issue.

  • Excellent vehicle if you can live with rattles - 2014 Infiniti QX60
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    Our QX60 is a great all-around vehicle. It has excellent rear cargo storage, the seats are comfortable, and fuel economy is very good for this segment. We would be completely satisfied except for one major flaw- rattles are abound in every corner of the vehicle. Within about 1,000 miles, the doors started rattling. Soon thereafter, the dash started rattling in multiple locations. We love so much about this vehicle, but the rattles are such a daily annoyance that this will likely be our last Infiniti. Such a disappointment for an otherwise excellent vehicle.

  • Disgusting Car. - 2014 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I bought this car with only 18k miles on it and since that I have driven 30k miles. Within these time dealership had to change Transmission 3 times, Stereo Cluster 5 timea and they still doesn't work. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. Built in USA by USA and IT Freaking DISGUSTING!!! Breaks apart, Noise, Bluetooth connectivity? Forget about!! I have had Infinitis for 9 years and now I hate it!!! Am miserable with this car. Sometimes ready to smash it to a wall!!!

  • 45,000 miles best car owned - 2014 Infiniti QX60
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    20 plus years of driving, several cars old and new. This is by far the best. Comfort, utility, family trips, gas mileage etc. Daily drive to work 70 miles round trip is always an enjoyable experience, sound system great, quite interior, smooth ride, bluetooth connection to phone. A few family trips with wife and kids, summer to Main, Winter to Florida, Smoky Mountain TN, Washington DC etc. Now it has 45k miles and average 25.8 miles/g. I own rentals, QX hauled snow blower, bench saws, lots of 2X4s, bags of concrete, lots of tools, ladders, lots of paint cans etc. Yeah, it does everything. 45K still with original tires. I can not be more happier.

  • Dangerous Vehicle!!! - 2014 Infiniti QX60
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    Purchased my QX 60 in June 2014. By the end of July, with approximately 4,000 miles on the car, I had MAJOR transmission problems. The car would jerk and jut, accelerating and decelerating very hard and on its own without my foot on the gas! From that day on until 3 weeks ago I had my car in and out of service every couple of months because of transmission problems they could not diagnose (it has a horrible shutter that jerks the car around). FINALLY, they put an update on my car 13 months after I purchased it and of course it told them to replace the transmission. This is a known problem that service writers, techs and many customers have experienced. I had my new transmission in 2 weeks and it did the same thing!!!! Three weeks after my transmission was replaced they had to put in another. In addition to a horribly built transmission the adaptive cruise control, which maintains a specific distance from the car in front of it while using cruise control is seriously dangerous and life threatening. When a large vehicle, like a semi-truck, passes on the right the vehicle will brake very hard trying to bring it to a stop. When you are driving 80 MPH on the interstate you put your life in your hands because any vehicles following behind have no idea you will brake that suddenly for no reason. Again, this is a known issue with service writers and techs. It can be terrifying to experience. I am in the process of working with the state to have Infiniti purchase my car back due to the lemon laws. Wish me luck!

  • need more owner's input! - 2014 Infiniti QX60
    By -

    I am in the market to get a 2014 QX60 (certified). The overall design and 7-seat passenger is very appealing, but the negative reviews are very troublesome. if you own a QX60, please comment on this post, or email me at 350inusa @ gmail dot com i live in SF area and hope the weather would help keeping the QX60 running smoothly. Thank you. -James

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