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The Infiniti G Sedan gains a new member to the family for 2011. The newly introduced Infiniti G25 has a smaller, less powerful V6 and fewer standard features, yet there's compensation in the cheaper price tag. To go along with this new entry-level model, the Infiniti G37 has been stripped of its base trim but has gained a pair of special-edition models. Four-wheel active steering has been discontinued.

  • Muscular 3.7-liter V6
  • Sharp handling
  • High-tech features
  • Excellent brakes
  • Strong value.
  • Interior not as luxurious as European rivals.
  • Road noise
  • Engine noise with G37

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  • G37X so far so good - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    I just purchased my G37X two weeks ago (previously owned an Audi A4). The G37 really moves! I love driving it and have to fight the temptation to step on the gas. Handling is excellent (ride is firm, as expected). I picked the G37 over another A4 because of 1) performance, and 2) I am hoping that the Infiniti will require fewer repairs than the A4. With that said, I learned that the cost of scheduled maintenance (vs repairs) is not cheap for the Infiniti. Ask the Dealer about this before you buy. Overall, at this point I am very happy that I bought the G37 and I hope that I feel the same a year from now!

  • G25 Sedan: a devil in disguise? - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    I bought my G25 sedan almost a year ago with 26k. Within a week, had to take it to the dealer for condensation in one of the headlights. The dealer replaced it, covered under warranty. Now just within the past month, I've had to bring it back to the dealer twice. Once for the chrome trim peeling on the center console lid and then again for a rattle in the dash/ rattle in front passenger door and broken cupholder. Once again, the dealer did all work covered under warranty. Normally I would be just disgusted with a car that gave me these build quality issues, but for some reason I seem to fall in love with my G all over again every time I get it back from being in the new Q50 service loaner!!

  • Love this car - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    Got this car a few weeks ago and I'm really impressed with the quality. Steering and handling are excellent. The 218 hp engine is adequate enough however it is noisy when accelerating. I feel the exterior is a little boxy looking however I had the dealership add a painted pinstripe which was on the showroom model and it seems to help the appearance in my opinion (just a matter of taste I guess). I like the unique color called 'Blue Slate' which is a combination of blue/grey depending on the light of day. The standard '6' speaker sound system is fine. The interior is first rate and mine had come with the dealer installed wood trim rather than the aluminum which I found added a richness to it.

  • Exellent chasis, confused powertrain - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    I have the regualr, non-sport G37 with stick 17 wheels, and the car is still very sporty, very neutral. At the same time the ride is well composed and smooth. Interior quality is good but not great. Its about on par with my VW GTI in terms material quality for the dash and all the nobs. The fake wood ook good but I've seen better. Leather is fine, but again not the best. Layout is very logical though. Interior room is also fine, but a little less that I expected for a vehicle this size. Considering the my other car, a VW GTI, which is some 20 in shorter has nearly as much front and backseat room... I will describe the power-train in suggested improvements page.

  • G25x Nice Surprise - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    After having owned many Audis over the last 15 yrs, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with Infiniti. The features, handling, dealer service, built quality is awesome. I haven't had the chance to really test the car car as it is still in its break in period. The car handles great, solid, top notch leather, and stereo. I don't miss the VW/Audi dealership service. I expect to make a lot less trips to the dealership.

  • Can't beat the value for the price - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    Just bought this car after test driving the all the competitors in the this segment. I do admit at first i did not think that Infiniti had the cache to compete with BMW, Mercedes, Audi, but after after driving all the aforementioned cars in this class, I kept coming back to the G 37. The power, sportiness, and the ergonomics could not beat for the price. I also test drove the Acura TL and the Lexis IS 350 and still the G 37 stood tall. I am very happy with my purchase. No buyer's remorse here. It is a great car with excellent build quality. I know I only had it got 400 miles but I grow more fond of this car with each passing mile that I drive.

  • G37S - Outstanding Value, blast to drive - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    Having had a 2006 Acura TL and a 2008 Acura TL-S I was ready for a change. While highly reliable, the front wheel drive, rattles, and so-so drive just didn't inspire. Not so with the G37S - drives like a dream, tons of power, top-notch fit and finish - rock solid and ZERO rattles. Buy it and enjoy!

  • Excellent Value - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    I've had this car for a week and do not regret the purchase. Was wanting a 4 door performance sedan and was considering the Audi S4 but it was $60k after adding the options I wanted. Looked at the G37 and found practically everything I wanted in the S4 for $16k less. Powerful engine, nice interior, and I love the Limited Edition's exterior color, Black Malbec, essentially black until you get it in the sunlight where it is dark maroon to purple although the Monacco red leather seats can be polarizing (I love 'em!). It does seem that I see G37s everywhere though - very popular vehicle. I wish it were a little more "rare" but this vehicle is a great value and a lot of people realize this.

  • Poor powertrain - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    The vehicle is solid and handles well. Greatly disappointed in the engine and transmission. Transmission seems to take forever to decide what gear to go into. Gas mileage has averaged 17.2 mpg over the 3500 miles I have driven, half interstate and half suburban. Engine is very weak and combined with the transmission you never know when the acceleration will start. Last three cars were 2008 AUDI A4 Quattro, 2006 BMWX3 and a 2004 Bmw 325i. This Infiniti does not compare at all with the driving pleasure of these cars.

  • What a blast! - 2011 Infiniti G Sedan
    By -

    This car is really a joy to drive. The handling and power are amazing. While I don't miss winter, I am looking forward to see how it handles in the snow. Interior is great - all the bells and whistles I need. Engine is a little loud at takeoff, but I don't mind - it let's you know it's there and sounds like a muscle car. Once you're cruising, it's pretty quiet. Got the premium package and Nav system - which is really easy to use and works well. This car is a great value for everything it offers, and I get a lot of compliments.

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