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  • Do an online check - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    Did most of my dealing online and spent less time and hassle than going to a dealership. Saved money, too.

  • Too noisy for a small car - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I bought it a month ago. It does the job of taking me around but for an engine this size it is too noisy.

  • my little/bid red elantra - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I cross shopped cruze, focus, corolla and sentra. I bought an elantra for the unbeatable room, ride, performance, features and warranty!! I am 6'4'' and I am very comfortable in this car - in most of the above cars the console cut on my right calfe of my leg. And the gas mileage is AWSOME I drive about 500 miles per week and with only 1000 miles on this car I am getting 33 - 37 mpg!!!!!!! the only thing I miss is not opting for the automatic headlights - trivial issue at best. I would HIGHLY recommend this car

  • Know what your getting A VALUE CAR , but.... - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I have driven and owned almost every make...Opel, ford, toyota, dodge, nissan, pontiac, saturn, and the list goes on. Having driven commerical trucks for over30 years in the California Bay Area I was very excited to find a car that was both sexy and practical, with great safety features, warranty and styling all in on package. Drove many dealership cars like subaru impressa, ford focus hathback, toyota prius 2013-2015 models Honda CR-V and yes, enen a Honda Insight. If your catching a theme here, your right...A HATCHBACK ( not listed on edmunds site so put it here) I'm 59 years old now and set in my ways of safety, be a carefull driver and can hypermile even my current 2000 chevy malibu 6 cylinder full size car to 26 miles average using "PRIUS STEALT MODE" driving modes...yes I'm pretty good at this for a car that the epa said was only 20 mpg. Anyway....after driving the sporty ELANTRA GT HATCHBACK...I was hooked...But there are some things you need to know first...It's not a LEXUS OR BIG CAR RIDE...Its listed as a compact but has room inside bigger than a AUDI A4, toyota matrix ( I drove two of those too) and bigger cargo space than even a CHEVY VOLT ( yes, drove that, did that) tthe pick up is great like a turbo( they use the 2.0 GDI ENGINE in thier currnt 2016 turbo models). NOW TO THE PUNCHLINE...THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW.. This is a sporty, sport tuned ride and as one review said TAUNT" in ride. BUT THE REAR SHOCKS are crap and my new car had to have them replaced before 30,000 miles because I thought the backend was falling off just taking it home about 50 miles from the HYUNDIA DEALERSHIP in MODESTO,CA. After calling them the same day I picked it up, upset and only 1 hour old..they told me to wait till thursday (picked it up on friday) due to the long weekend. I could drive it that way so went to my mecahnic Ive used for years and was told the Hynudia shocks where shot and unsafe and most any speed, not just freeway. I shelled out 300.00 the next day, after picking up the car from the dealer and it rides much better....so moral of the story...take any used car to a trusted mechcinic BEFORE YOU BUY THE CAR and pay him up to 100.00 for a Full "TUG AND PULL AND FLUID CHECK AND ROAD TEST BY A PROFESIONAL its well worth it if you plan to keep the car and all the safety features it has..but make sure it's safe first, THEN TALK PRICE NOT BEFORE !!!! Yes I'm seeing the dealer this week. Yes the warranty is hella long and can take it to a local dealer then drive from UNION CITY TO MODESTO HYUNDIA but "LUCY...YOU HAVE SOME SPLANIN TO DO".... Love the car and all it can do and hold, performance is great...desgn is wonderful and jazzed about finding a RUBY RED "HOT HATCH" color to boot. The 2016 Elantra gt hatchback is the last of it's kind due to under 36 mpg ( which you can get with ECO on the hwy) and power, power, power...did I say power. TEST DRIVE THIS GEM and see what I mean..P.S. the 2015 GT is the same car but more simple front styling..GO GET THE SONATA-GENESIS inspired model... get practical, sexy, family hauler, outdoor gear packer, fun to drive and toss into corners 6 speed fun mobile. Just check it out completely , then pull that trigger and watch it go...Jay Cobbs Tri-cty area BAY AREA California

  • Navigatio n System is Worthless - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    I love just about everything about this car. It's too bad that Honda decided to sell me a $2,500 in dash GPS system that is totally useless. The voice recognition is impossible to use, the maps are inaccurate from day one, & a map update cost hundreds of dollars. The very last thing that I want to do after spending $22,000 on a car is get home and find out I need to spend another $250 for accurate maps. It's a deal breaker for me and will steer me away from the Hyundai dealership the next time I'm looking for a car. I feel like they have taking me for a ride, and not the kind I was hoping for when I purchase my Elantra.

  • 2016 Base Elantra, manual tranny - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    Dependable, easy driving, good space in the back with the seats down.

  • Hyundai Elantras are the best! - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    This is my second Hyundai Elantra purchase. My first one was a 2010 and it still runs like a champ! Need another car so went back to Hyundai. I couldn't be happier with my choice.

  • Love my 2016 Hyundai Elantra - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    Highly recommend this car. I am so proud to own it, only 2 problems i have noticed. One, driving with passenger side window down there is always a funny noise like driving on a flat (not a big deal to me). Two the handling when driving over a bump is kind of shaky but not too bad it only took me a few times to learn my car and how to handle a big bump. Above all this car is amazing and can not talk negative about it in any other way. I made the right decision and picked the right car for me!

  • Very attractive - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    My only two complaints is that the electric steering is hard to adjust to. Feels stiff. The road noise and ride could improve more.

  • 2016 Manual Elantra...to Replace Our 2013 Elantra - 2016 Hyundai Elantra
    By -

    From another reviewer: We just upgraded from a windy sea blue 2013 to a windy sea blue 2016......we love the blue....////////// Well! We replaced our 2013 Venetian Red auto Elantra with a 2016 Venetian Red manual Elantra!!! The 2016 is deeper with a bit more metal flake, but still not spectacular. As good as Hyundai cars are, their colors need to be much more like Ford colors, richer, more depth, more undertones, more.....jump. Other unadvertised improvements between the 2013 & 2016, are more precise & responsive electric steering, & major improvement in the really quiet & smooth 1.8 liter engine. Both the auto 2013 & manual 2016 obtained the same mpg, ~33mpg to 35mpg with 25%-30% city driving, 36mpg with 15% city driving, & with 100% ethanol-free gasoline & 15% city driving, 39mpg. Also with E0, long distance highway driving gave 43mpg for the auto(could be more?), & 46mpg with the manual.

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