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Few vehicles are as instantly recognizable as a Hummer SUV. Unapologetically boxy and impossibly wide, these rugged vehicles were originally built for military use, and it shows. For Hummer aficionados, the fact that these mammoth rock-crawlers are tank-like both in appearance and nature is a selling point, not a flaw. Go to a Hummer dealer and all you'll see are SUVs. There is no such thing as a Hummer car, at least not yet.

The Hummer brand can actually trace its roots back to another military icon -- the Jeep. Designed by the Willys-Overland company in the 1940s, the Jeep became so popular that when Henry J. Kaiser purchased the Willys-Overland company in 1953, the name was changed to Kaiser-Jeep. In 1970, American Motors bought Kaiser-Jeep and renamed it the Jeep Corporation. At that point, Jeep was producing vehicles through two divisions: the Commercial Products division in Toledo, Ohio, and the Government Products division in South Bend, Indiana.

A year later, the Government Products division was spun off as a wholly owned subsidiary known as AM General. In the early 1980s, the company, now owned by the LTV Corporation, designed a vehicle to compete for a contract offered by the U.S. Army. Called the High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, or Humvee, as it came to be known), it was designed to serve as the military's main light tactical vehicle. AM General won a 1983 production contract (the first of many with the U.S. Army) that required the delivery of 55,000 vehicles over a five-year period.

AM General's Humvees distinguished themselves in active duty during the Persian Gulf War in the early '90s. The vehicle's wartime prowess garnered a great deal of positive publicity, and not just within military circles. As a result, AM General (now under the ownership of the Renco Group) decided to introduce a civilian version of the Humvee, dubbed the Hummer, in 1992. In 1999, General Motors bought the rights to the Hummer brand name and became responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of future Hummer SUVs.

The original Hummer, called the H1, was sold for a few years as the brand's flagship vehicle. Production ended after 2006, but Hummer has been expanding its vehicle lineup to include vehicles that still possess the Hummer bravado but with more civilized road manners.

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  • Not reliable - 1997 Hummer H1
    By -

    I have owed a 1997.5 H1 for 10 years. It is with out doubt the most unreliable 4 x4 I’ve ever owned. It’s gone thru 2 engines 6.5l turbo . I’ve now up graded to the p400. As long as you run a electrical injection pump you will need $$$ and will have continual breakdowns. I’m finally getting rid of my electrical pump and going mechanical. Oh God I hope this will fix all problems. I’ve spent a mortgage on this truck in maintenance and repair work. Just hoping the mechanical fuel injection pump will fix all my problems so hopefully myself and my family will be able to finally enjoy going away in it. And not worrying about it breaking down again and putting on the back of a tow truck. Where it has spent 80% of its life living in a mechanics shop not being enjoyable experience owning one. I would love to have it run perfectly with no issues for a year or even two would be a dream come true. Fingers crossed for everything to finally be problems free and be able to enjoy some holidays with my wife and children. If your getting a hummer get either a duramax or a p400 then make it mechanical or it will live at the mechanics and you’ll wish you never ever brought one.

  • H3 fan - 2007 Hummer H3
    By -

    Ive wanted an H3 ever since I first rented one in Jackson Hole a number of years ago. I searched and searched until I found just the one I wanted. Overall, they have an awesome look, and are a serious 4X4. I have owned a number of four wheel drives over the years, yet this has been one of my favorites. I get around 13 to 14 MPG. No, they dont get great fuel economy, and I knew that going in. If you want good fuel mileage buy a Prius or some other econo box. And yes, they are also very underpowered unless you have the V8 engine. Those are two issues that an H3 owner just has to deal with, but dont let these two minor issues dissuade you from owning an H3 if you have your heart set on one. There are also loads of cool aftermarket parts avaliabe to pimp out your H3, if your so inclined to make it a personalized money pit. My H3 is fire engine red and completely loaded with cool accessories including a Warn winch. I love my H3! I live in Northern Idaho, and spend my winters on the ski slopes and summers exploring off-road. I plan on keeping this ride until I cant find parts for it any longer.

  • Top dog - 2003 Hummer H2
    By -

    Ive never had an automobile get so many stairs, and compliments. Overall best auto I ever owned.

  • Hummer fan - 2006 Hummer H3
    By -

    Purchased new almost 9.5 years ago and have put on 148,000 miles. It has been a GREAT vehicle with no problems. Have only replaces tires, battery, water pump and brakes. Really a fun and luxurious vehicle. Still commands looks!

  • my h3 - 2007 Hummer H3
    By -

    i love this car had it 2 years. the one problum is the check engine light comes on alot. always shows as a miss in the engine. first it was a coil. then fuel injectors. then cant figure it out.

  • Love the hummer - 2006 Hummer H3
    By -

    I owned a hummer h3 2006 for over 6 years. I drove over 150k miles on it. When I reached the 100k I took it to the mechanic asking to check it for any maintenance since the mileage of the car and basically just replaced the spark plugs. Nothing else. I change my first set of pads (brake pads, no rotors} on 110k miles on the front wheels, and on 130k miles on the rear wheels. Just had to believe but true. Sold it on 2013 with over 170k miles and running perfect. I missed it so much that I just bought my second h3 a month ago same year with just over 100k miles. Took it to the dealer to do whatever needed to have the peace of mind and runs incredible smooth (even better that my last one since I put four new Michelin on this one). Super smooth ride and very happy with it. I m just buying all the option that I used to have on my first one. I recommend this suv to anyone. The look is great, the comfort, the driving position, everything. Some complaint for poor visibility but with big rear mirrors as it has and back up camera that I added I feel very confident parking or anything. Not very powerful acceleration but small engine gives you better MPG so something has to give up. Anyway is enough power for everyday needs.

  • Love our Hummer - 2007 Hummer H3
    By -

    Bought ours a month ago. Its deep maroon and fully loaded. Like the chrome package and stereo system. Day after we got it drove 3200 miles to Florida and back. Our backs and bottoms didnt hurt at all. It drove and handled great. We stopped to eat and a guy came in asking who owned the hummer. Thought oh no-he backed into it. He wanted to tell me how awesome it looked and if he could look in the windows. Took him out and showed it to him. Two others came over to look at it. At drive up window here the young man said, sir love your hummer. Makes you proud to drive. Great ride.

  • Best SUV Ive Owned - 2006 Hummer H3
    By -

    I own a 2006 H3 w/ adventure package. I bought the vehicle used in 2009 with approximately 30K miles and an existing factory warranty. Hands down this is the best SUV Ive ever owned. Its extremely comfortable, performs as needed and has been nothing but reliable. Ive never had anything other than routine maintenance performed (knock on wood). My only complaint (if I had to give one) is that it doesnt have a ton of cargo space. My wife and I didnt have any children when we bought the car. However, we recently had our second child, and with double strollers, etc. are in need of a bigger SUV. However, I am not going to trade or sell the H3 Ill be keeping it forever!

  • H2 - 2003 Hummer H2
    By -

    Working for a used car dealership, I have driven literally hundreds of vehicles. After a long drive home in a customers Hummer h2 I was sold. There is no doubt the exterior design is unique, it really stands out amongst everything else. But being in the driver seat is what sold me. It handles well, drives smoothly, the visibility is phenomenal, and the overall comfort is great. Shortly thereafter, I bought a lightly used h2. After owning it these past few years, I can say I definitely made the right choice. It feels solid in heavy snow and pouring rain, it isnt as hard to park as you might think, and every seat is adequately spacious for an adult.

  • Hummer time - 2006 Hummer H3
    By -

    I bought a 06 h3 adventure package with 80k miles on it and was surprised at how well it rode and performed with the mileage it had. Every one gave me hell about having a hummer but I loved it. Driving it makes you feel like a kid driving a tonka toy. The Mpgs where average for its class 18-22 mixed driving. It was comfortable on short and long drives. It never gave me any issues and it never got me stuck off road. If your debating between an h3 or a wrangler, get a h3. You get more for the money and insurance is less. You get better Mpgs and a nice comfy ride when youre not plowing through the woods or mountains. Its a solid ride.

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