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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Honda Odyssey is unchanged.

  • Configurable second-row seat
  • Top crash test scores.
  • Easy-to-fold third-row seat
  • Quiet cabin
  • Agile handling
  • Fuel-efficient V6
  • Pricier than some competitors.

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  • Nice but.... - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    This is our second minivan for our family of five. We had a Toyota Sienna for 10 years (2005) and just upgraded to a 2015 Odyssey. It has very hard for me to go to Honda over Toyota, but in general, I liked the appearance and features of the interior better than the Sienna (dash was very "truck" and I wanted a bit more luxury). My husband loves the way this drives - quick and sharp handling. The three boys fit great, and we have room when needed for long trips. HOWEVER, we bought it September 3. It has been to the shop for a torn sun visor, weather stripping on a sliding door falling off (after 2 months of terrible wind noise at my ear, I was glad to have it fixed), two blown fuses for interior lights, AND now the wind noise is starting to be very bad at the driver's door. That's a lot of visits to the repair shop for a 39K vehicle. Perhaps we got a lemon and most don't have these issues? But for me, I have had buyer's remorse, and have thought more than once "should've stayed with Toyota" as we had one issue in ten years with that van. Looks good. Drives good. Functional. I'm just thankful for the new car warranty to cover all these small, petty issues!

  • This is a wonderful car, except: - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    Something happened after the 2012 Odyssey that caused the Honda entertainment system people to lose their minds. The 2015 system is horrible. Pairing with a phone is touch-and-go at best, voice commands are impossible to use, if you're using phone navigation (Waze etc) you can't also use the radio or other audio sources. It is all clunky, hard to use and a really inferior experience. The addition of a side-view blind-spot camera was cute, but for my money I'd rather have a front-of-car parking camera. The side-view camera is distracting and doesn't really provide a very useful image most of the time. The 2012 Odyssey was a much better car in terms of features than the 2015.

  • Lot of Wind nose from front of passenter - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    Everything else is good with the car except the wind noise above 45mph or even in low speeds if there is a lot of wind outside. Cannot believe such kind of quality control from Honda....

  • The absolute best vehicle ever - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this vehicle. It is the best car I have ever owned.

  • We got a LEMON! - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    As owner of only Honda or Toyota for the past 20 years, this will be a fair and honest review because I want/wanted to love this van forever...really! Here's the good: overall feeling of Honda quality. The van is VERY well designed for families! Pretty sure a woman was involved in that aspect...there's a spot for everything and more. Love the looks in and out. Overall design is fantastic!! Feels very safe, LOVE the side view camera!!! Fuel efficiency is amazing, especially on highway we easily get 27-29+ MPG. What I hate: cheap feeling cloth interior and transmission! I do a lot of city driving and initial acceleration causes whiplash...very jumpy and noisy. So I wanted to say this is my favorite vehicle ever but unfortunately ours has been very troubled. At 2,000 miles the steering wheel randomly "popped" loudly while turning. Was told I'm "the 1st one to have this complaint." It was very difficult to reproduce with Honda tech (of course!) but finally did. Tech said his wife's 2015 does this also. So dealer took new one off the lot and that one did it too!! After keeping my van a few days the dealership along with Honda tried to tell us it was normal. Trust me, if I heard this steering wheel pop when I drove it off the lot w/4 miles on it I would have brought it right back!!!! So finally at 3,800 miles at our insistence (we had to raise a stink) they did replace the steering column which has been a good fix so far. Next, at the 5,000 mile mark the sliding door motor failed causing the door to become STUCK IN THE OPEN POSITION! This happened on a rainy holiday weekend. The van is not fun to drive with an open door! Eventually rain stopped and I was able to drive it to the dealership as other drivers honked/gestured at me. The tech couldn't get the door closed after trying for an hour. Required the entire interior being dismantled. New door motor from Honda ordered and installed but FAULTY! Another door motor finally did the trick. What a mess!! So glad we did a sign & drive lease as I think my van was assembled the day after the Super Bowl. My in-laws bought a 2015 EX-L the same week we did and have had no problems. Thankfully our dealership has taken care of us so far (reluctantly) but there's NO WAY I'm keeping this van once the warranty is done!!! It's been "undriveable" 3 days PLUS 10 days in the shop over the course of 5 months. Honda IS NOT what it used to be :(

  • Back to the Honda Family! - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I've had previous experience with Honda's and Acura's (9 previous vehicles owned/leased to be exact), but it came time to me to experiment with other car manufacturers, but the quality from those other brands did not hold up well compared to Honda. My only gripe that I can think for the Honda Odyssey is the MPG, but hey, who can complain about 19 MPG when you are hauling a family around with cargo in the back.

  • Flashy Odyssey! - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    So easy to drive after a big old truck! Great visibility - no blind spot. Extremely versatile configuration. So much better looking than other mini-vans.

  • Honda does not stand behind their product!! - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    We took our 1 year old Odyssey in for it's first oil change and they found leaking oil around a head gasket. The head was warped and had to be planed down - major engine repair on a van with 5,000 miles on it. Honda, and the dealership, said "tough". Tried to give us $3,000 less than the trade in value of our van for a new one and wanted nothing to do with us. Unbelievably despicable treatment. The problem obviously originated in the factory - it had 12 miles on it when we bought it. I called Honda corporate and they said they would repair it as long as it was under warranty. We don't want the van because we know it is going to be a problem, but they don't care. They don't want it back. A reputable company would have said "sorry, that shouldn't have happened, let us fix this". They sold us a defective product and now we are stuck with it. We also have a Honda Ridgeline but no more Hondas. Despicable company that does not know how to treat their customers.

  • My First Honda - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I am coming to Honda from a 2013 Kia Sorento. I need a vehicle with more passenger room, and the Honda seems like a logical choice. While I love the room, comfort, and the extras...Honda is really lacking in the tech department without paying outrageous amounts. My base Kia UVO seems years a head of this Honda. For one, The initial voice is clear and loud, but the secondary voice sounds like an 80's answering machine. You are very limited in voice commands, like you cannot adjust radio or anything else, you basically can only tell it who to call. The phone interface seems to be for phones before the smart phone era, and hooking your iPhone via Bluetooth seems like you are losing a lot. I love my Honda but the technology or lack of it gives me second thoughts, seeing that it feels like it is 10 year old technology even though it looks awesome. One power supply and usb port in the front...and nothing in the back...really Honda! I hope there is a software update soon, or something, otherwise in 3 years, I will be looking elsewhere. I love the van...but technology is something you use all the time while driving and on trips.

  • 2005 TO 2015 - 2015 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    Yes, traded my old lady for a new version. Have had my LX for a few weeks and am happy with it. Runs very quiet and smooth. As for a comparison to my 2005: The driver's seat is ok but would prefer the old version and no adjustable seat. Just not a good trade off for me. With less padding, I feel the new seat fabric will wear out faster and it is not as comfortable. I miss the center console in front that you can actually reach. The new one is on the floor. (safety factor) The standard wheels look cheap. You can get better Honda wheels but you might need a second job. It is time to have the ability to fold the middle seats into the floor and have a flat storage surface. Tired of storing seats in the house. (dog friendly issue) Manual is a little hard to read. Taking the above into account, I still feel that the Odessey is the best van out there.

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