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This Year's Model Updates:

Apart from a minor shuffling of standard features, the 2015 Honda Accord sees no changes.

  • Refined and efficient powertrains
  • Quick acceleration
  • Responsive handling
  • Available coupe body style.
  • Generous standard features
  • Roomy and high-quality interior
  • Finicky dual-screen infotainment system.
  • Non-split-folding rear seat
  • Many desirable features available only in upper trim levels

User Reviews:

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  • Poor Noise dampening in the car. Very painful - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    The road noise is very bad. On the drivers side window there was a solid air leak. Mind you this is a brand new car. After numerous complaints the dealership (Fremont Honda, CA) said that it is on par with the 2015 cars. Apparently there was a recall for 2013 cars / recommended repairs by Honda but *None* for 2015. When I insisted and asked them to measure they put a EPT sealer. The situation has improved but there is an annoying hissing noise in the driver side front window. You cannot take any phone calls in the car due to that.

  • Great car, terrible dealers. - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    I would say that the vehicle itself is probably one of the finest vehicles ever built in the US. Having purchased the exceedingly rare V6/manual combination, I was fortunate enough to find a car that met every criteria I was looking for. The vehicle itself is amply powered, well laid out, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Build quality overall is good with only a few very minor fit/finish issues. On the road, the vehicle is rather fun to drive on the aggressive side due to the copious power and torque available throughout the operating range. Passing and highway merges are effortless...in fact the most difficult part of driving the car is maintaining legal speeds! Speaking to the manual transmission variant specifically, the vehicle has a satisfying shift action, but the clutch is very light and far less forgiving than other vehicles I've driven. Sloppy technique is not tolerated by this drivetrain especially with its highly sensitive throttle response. A few months with this car will hone your manual driving skills with certainty. Ride is fairly firm but not jarring and handling is great with good stability in cornering and maneuvering. Steering feel is lacking as with most cars in this day and age. All in all, if you're looking for a V6 and manual transmission at a reasonable price, this vehicle is probably the best option available at this time. My only complaint lies with the sales process itself. Honda dealers are from my experience terrible. Never before have I had to endure as ultra high pressure and scummy a sales process as I went through for this vehicle. It seems to be that the only goal in the process is to inviscerate every buyer with aggressive and ridiculously over priced up sells to maximize profit. I had to literally walk out twice to get them to drop the sales pitch and execute the sale as I wanted. Service is also an issue...Honda dealers seem to have a system of harshly punishing those who do not use the original dealer's service dept for service. In my case, I had to purchase the vehicle 2 hrs from my home due to a lack of inventory in my area in the configuration I wanted. Despite having no other place to buy the vehicle, I am subject to being gouged by my local dealer for routine maintenance/inspections since I didn't buy it from them. Overall, I'd recommend this vehicle so long as you can avoid the sales process as much as possible. Use an Internet based car buying service and outright refuse to speak with any "finance manager" character in the midst of the process...find your own financing before you walk in. If the sales rep or Internet sales desk can't handle the sale themselves, terminate the process and find another dealer. Do not purchase any upsells as you can get everything they offer for 1/4 of the price from 3Rd parties. Any claims they make to the contrary are lies. Also, using a local dealer you intend to use for service will help improve your service experience.

  • 2 Door Accord, a Great Auto!! - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    The 4 cyl has more power than expected, 7 speed paddle shifters. Great breaking and Safety technology. Interior is beautiful. Super Happy customer!!

  • Love it, so far... - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    I replaced my 1997 Accord LX with a 2015 Accord LX, so it was a pretty big leap in terms of technology and safety features. The new car has not disappointed so far. I am a pretty basic car person with a short commute to work, so I didn't need all of the options on the higher priced models. The option list was just about right on target for my needs. The only thing I probably would have liked to add as an option would be the fog lights to improve visibility. I actually like the smoothness of the CVT and am averaging about 31-32 mpg in mostly around town driving. The ride is smoother and more compliant than my old model - the steering has a much better feel, as do the brakes. The cabin is spacious and, while not silent, is reasonably quiet. I would prefer less road noise, but also realize I didn't pay for a Lexus. If the engine is anywhere near as reliable as my old Accord, I look forward to driving this car for many years to come. I bought the car in August using the Edmunds coupon and Honda down payment assistance incentive, so with that and dealer discounts I felt like I got a nice deal in the end. Keep in mind, my 5-star rating gives consideration to the value for the price paid. I'm not comparing the comfort, features, handling, etc. to a luxury sports sedan.

  • Like McDonald's I'm loving it! - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

  • NOISY FOR A BRAND NEW CAR!!! - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    I've owned 2011 Accord & due to an accident, she was totaled. I went right back to my local dealership [which is a great dealership by the way] and purchased a BRAND NEW 2015. I feel it was an error. This car seems cheaply manufactured as far as the engine goes. It makes noise like a cheap off brand vehicle and not quiet like my previous honda. It is also noisy on the highway-you can hear EVERYTHING!!! I will be trading it soon for maybe a toyota or nissan. I am disappointed with Honda this time around. Many of my family members own hondas too and their cars are older and quieter like my previous one. I am so annoyed!!!

  • My 3rd Accord...the Best Accord - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    Replaced my 2005 EX-L with the 2015. Had zero problems with the '05, but time for something new. This new Accord is much more refined that the '05. Wayyy less interior noise, smoother ride, nicer interior. The CVT is smooth. It takes a while to get used to, but after a few weeks you figure out how much pressure you need on the accelerator to get the CVT to shift points. Love the side view camera. I use it all the time. I do not find the seats uncomfortable at all, but it did require some tweaking to get the adjustments right. The sound system also requires a bit of tweaking to improve the sound. Go to Youtube and there is a video where the tweak are explained. Gas mileage is great and matches the published mileage. I was seriously looking at the Mazda 6, but in my opinion the Accord is a more refined vehicle with much less interior noise and similar acceleration + gas mileage.

  • I love this Accord! - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    While I've been an Accord fan for almost 40 years, the various models had varying appeal based on the styling and ride of that generation. The 2012 redesign, and the recent 2016 refresh, are the most appealing versions of the Accord since the sleek 1988 generation. I have a 2015 Accord that I've driven 9200 miles in six months. I love looking at the car, and I love driving it. It's responsive 4-cylinder engine is amazingly powerful, and the CVT transmission helps this car get 37 mpg on the highway. I can get over 500 miles per tank when I mostly drive on the highway. The steering, corner handling, braking, and road feel are as good as an Accord I've ever driven. It's comfortable and dependable for short or long drives. The seats start to get uncomfortable after about 4 hours of driving, but are far superior to the seats of the 2010 model I used to drive. I got a great value on this car, too. It was basically at dealer invoice price. The Accords don't demand MSRP and above like they once did, so you can probably make a great deal on one. I hope to continue driving this car for many more years.

  • The best car I have ever owned - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    What more is there to say? In virtually all respects, the car is fantastic.

  • Accord front - 2015 Honda Accord
    By -

    So I bought this accord sport 2015 new from the dealer. Car is good, mpg isn't exactly what they say as I tested it on low rpms with fuel economy on. It gave me an average of 33mpg. Biggest issue: when driving the car at high speed, 80mph, I noticed that the car baked noise. I believe it's coming from the bearing of the tires. I noticed this issue on my old car but now seeing the same problem here makes me not want to keep the car anymore. I would prefer a German vehicle with better quality than Honda. I have put on it 15k in 6 months. Yes I do drive my car. Other than that it's a smooth car. Payed 23k with taxes

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