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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Honda Accord sees the addition of a pair of hybrids -- standard and plug-in -- to the family, while the LX trim level gets new fabric upholstery.

  • Refined and efficient powertrains
  • Quick acceleration
  • Responsive handling
  • Available coupe body style.
  • Roomy and high-quality interior
  • Rear folding seat doesn't have split feature.
  • Firm ride quality
  • CVT's characteristics won't suit everybody

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  • Like it, but not in love!! - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    I bought this car based on price, room, and fuel economy. I commute over 100 miles a day for work. The fuel economy is excellent for a car this size. It doesn't feel slow at all and averages around 33 mpg. The engine is smooth when raving, but does idle a little rough when cold. It is direct infected, so that isn't a surprise. The car has good looks for the price. For just over 20 grand it has Bluetooth, dual climate, leather wheel, back up camera, and paddel shifters. What I don't like is the noise from the tires. Within 35000 miles I am forced to put a new set of tires on this car. All four of them are cupped and drone enough to drive you crazy. I'm not expecting the car to be like a luxury car, but it shouldn't sound like a jeep riding on mud tires either. I check tire pressure religiously and rotate at oil changes. My other complaint is I can't seem to ever find a comfortable driving position. I find myself constantly adjusting the seat. I am a tall guy at just over 6'2'' and the steering wheel always seems to be covering half of the speedometer also. That is unless I act like I am driving a bus. The speedometer is just way too large and the 45-85 section is the part I can't see. You know the part that is going to get you a ticket. I am constantly tilting my head to see how fast I am going. It's not a horrible thing, but really gets annoying after a while. The seat back that only folds as one piece I don't understand either. I took the car sking and it was quite loud with the whole seat folded down. I guess going sking with more that two people in a four door car is out of the question also without the purchase of an expensive roof top ski rack. I live in Vegas, so the handling has always been good, but in the snow that isn't the case. I had to have a friend come get me less than 800 feet from the hotel as I watched front wheel drive cars pass me. I am pretty sure that has to do with the horrible tires though. Based on my experiences, I can't say I am a diehard Honda fan like others on this site. There are other cars in this category I think I would choose if I had to do it again.

  • car will not start-faulty igniton switch - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    I am really dissatisfied with my 2014 Honda Accord Sport. It is a nice looking car but totally unreliable. I am the first owner and I decided I needed a new car so I wouldn't have any trouble with repairs are being stranded. A year after my purchase, I noticed that the ignition switch would not engage and start the car. I figured I was "doing" something wrong and tried a couple of times to start the car. My husband brought it into the dealership and they said it was probably the battery (small battery came with car) and that the ignition switch was not the problem and not covered under warranty. The car stranded us and we had the battery replaced. This did not solve the problem. Now it takes me a 5-10 times of trying to start the car. The panel and headlights come on, so does the radio but the car will not start. It has gotten to the point, that I leave my teenager in the car with it running so I don't have to sit there wondering if the car will no longer start. The car refuses to start warm or cold. It is frustrating the heck out of me and Honda Customer Service was of no help. They "apologized" and recommended a new dealer service and then wanted to know if I owned other Hondas. (?) I asked her what does that have to do with my new Honda problems. This will be my last Honda purchase.

  • Tried and tested....not much more - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    Purchased a 14 Accord EX-L Sedan, traded it in 6 months later. That about sums it up. Was looking for a roomy sedan (3 kids) and the Accord looked great on paper. It was wider and roomier than most of it's competitors (Passat, Camry, Impala etc) and had a stellar reliability history. Add that to the fact it was re-designed in 13, it sounded to be a winner! Got the vehicle for ~$3k under MSRP, I was overly pleased with the car. It was predictable in the fact that it had good resale value, great gas mileage, good maintenance costs of ownership and looks pretty good as well! The safety features were stellar, from side airbags to lane departure warnings and the awesome pass-side blind spot camera. Why did I trade it in so soon (and take a ~$3k hit financially?). It was....meh. Again, nothing against the Accord, it is a great vehicle, it just wasn't inspirational and, in my case, the best use of ~$25k. Ended up trading towards an older Lexus that I absolutely loved driving. PLUS - Good comfort, great interior materials for the EX-L (was actually worth the upgrade compared to the base LX/Sport model) - Great gas mileage, I'd get almost 40mpg on the highway and respectable almost-30 in the city - Roomy inside including the backseat - Good navigation and entertainment package, decent sound system and user-friendly Negative - Other than personal preference....actually not much. Price-wise it is competitive against a 14 Camry XLE similarly equipped (Camry rides plushier) - Car is predictable but uninspiring, it is a functional vehicle without much pizzazz This is based on my personal expectations and certainly my view. The 14 Accord is a great sedan, I can't be overly critical of it. Just wasn't for me.

  • Pleased with 2014 Accord Coupe EX-L Nav 2.4 - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    I purchased this car with 20K miles. I use it as the family do-everything workhorse, everything from grocery trips and around-town errands to long-distance trips. I also have a 2006 Honda Ridgeline for the real heavy-duty tasks and an older Lexus SC430 for weekend fun. The Accord does everything I ask of it. It is reliable, efficient, economical, comfortable, and looks great. I might also add fun to the list, since the Accord Coupe handles very well for an all-arounder, and accelerates well even with the 4 cylinder automatic. I have had a few Lexus and Acura cars, and I would have to say that the materials, fit, and finish of this car compares well with those. There are a few tiny details that could have been done slightly better (such as auto lights, night rear view mirror), but there are also a few features that are above and beyond what you'd expect. The keyless locking and ignition, passenger heated seat, trunk protective liner, lane-change camera, lane watch sensor, and others are examples of things you get but might not expect for the price. Overall, I'd recommend the Accord Coupe as a solid, safe, fun buy. Since it's really the only coupe out there, resale should be solid if you change your mind later.

  • 2014 Honda Sport - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    I use my car all day in my sales job, so I am in the car for many hours per day. This is my third Honda Accord (2009, 2012 & 2014), the reason I trade my cars often is due to my job. Each Accord has improved each time for me, however the front seat comfort has not. I'm constantly adjusting the front seat to find comfort or to change my position. If Honda would fix this issue, they would have the greatest car. I have the Sport model and the front seats have a "cupping-like" affect causing a hyperextension of the back and neck, resulting in muscle soreness and pain, so much so I have had to pull out the head rest and face it toward the rear seat. This solved my shoulder pain because the head rest pushes the head so far forward it was unnatural. Also, to manage my back discomfort I have had to place a bed pillow length-wise to get relief. I also deal with hip pain because of the way the seat joins to the back piece. And cushioning needs improvement. The engineers at Honda seems to model the front seats after a Formula One car or a door gunner in the Millennium Falcon, way too aggressive for normal everyday driving. I am now ready to purchase a new car. I like the Accord styling with it's "BMW like" exterior, but my body can't take it anymore after six years. I tired of taking Advil to ease the pain. With sadness, I now have to leave Honda. I have researched the competition and have decided to switch solely due to front seats discomfort. Why won't Honda react?, They know there is a problem. If they modeled their seat after a Nissan Altima, the Accord would be perfection and I wouldn't be in this position. FYI, I have tried a Subaru Legacy Limited test drive and the seats blow Honda out of the water. I prefer Honda exterior styling, but like I said before my body can't take it anymore. I believe I going to get the Subaru Legacy, besides the resale value beats Honda. If any Honda Engineers are reading this, please take it to heart. Change the front seats to those of an Altima or Legacy, and you will have the greatest car and I will return.

  • CVT=junk - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    2014 accord sport 2.4 currently 14k miles and no longer my headache....

  • I won't buy another Honda - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    Very poor quality vehicle

  • So Uncomfortable . . and Dirty! - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    I've had my car for just over a year. I love the way this car performs. It's smooth, quiet, peppy, gets great gas mileage, and is and good looking. BUT I'm a 5'2" female and cannot get comfortable in the front seat! It's hard yet has absolutely no lumbar or side support. I've tried every imaginable configuration including bringing pillows from my house. Body fatigue sets in after only a half hour of driving. Also, the fabric on the seats is horrible. It shows every bit of dirt. It's entirely unforgiving and although I've only had my car for a year the front seats are very dirty. I've tried washing them with upholstery shampoo but they're still dirty. The door handle is another problem some genius at Honda decided to put cloth on it! So you're grabbing cloth (beige in my case) every time you open the door.

  • My Last Car Was A BMW - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    Had the BMW for 13 years and loved the car, but the maintenance became an issue. Bought the 2014 Accord EX with 15,000 miles on it and have had it for 4-5 months now. Two road trips and daily use. Mileage on the road trips averaged 36...around town it's less as one would expect. The car is more of an appliance than something which elicits emotions one way or the other. That said, it has some pleasant surprises which were unexpected. back up and the right turn cameras are very helpful. We hadn't experienced bluetooth before and like it a lot. Otherwise no real surprises. Things we like: Fit and finish is excellent. It's a bit spartan but everything is where it should be. Well designed and engineered in this respect. Good storage in the trunk and elsewhere. Carries two golf bags sideways which was a criteria. Large information screen for on-board functions. Love the two cameras. As a result, there are no blind spots. CVT transmission is great. I like the 'S' drive function to help brake going down some of the hills and mountains nearby. Bluetooth is a good thing...plays music from my phone, telephone is hands free, and the navigation system on my phone talks to us through the radio. Keyless entry and starting function is great. I've left my keys in the car while trying to lock it on several occasions, and it won't let me do so...which I appreciate. Hill stopper works great on the aforementioned hills and mountains. Minor Minuses Seats are a bit uncomfortable on long trips. More road noise than I'm used to but less than my daughter's CRV...can live with it easily. Acceleration is modest at best...but, at the end of the day, it does get up to speed without much fuss. The fold down rear seats don't fully recline. The trunk cavity into the passenger cabin is quite small.

  • Great car with some quality issues. - 2014 Honda Accord
    By -

    This car drives nice,"a little stiff on the suspension," but makes up for the stiffness in handling. Fuel economy is great as well. Setting the cruise at 75 on the highway I average 37 MPG, which I feel is great! Now for the bad. I have approximately 25,000 miles on the car and the drivers seat carries the look of 100,000 mile car:( The pandora app is also a hassle. One stereo was replaced and the new stereo is troublesome as well. Freezes like a computer, disconnects during phone calls, and often have to either shut the car off or turn off blue tooth and turn it back on to get the features to work. Definitely is less hands free than I had hoped!

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