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This Year's Model Updates:

The Honda Accord is fully redesigned for 2013.

  • Refined and efficient powertrains
  • Quick acceleration
  • Responsive handling
  • Available coupe body style.
  • Roomy and high-quality interior
  • CVT automatic's characteristics won't suit everybody
  • Firm ride quality.

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  • Love it! - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    This is a great car for the price.

  • LISTEN TO ME - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

  • Ex 2 door manual - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

  • glitchy electronics - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    if you buying this car. leave the headlight and hazards on for 4 min. and if it starts then dont worry about it...if it doesnt starts after 4 min..RUN AWAY or carry a jump pack in the car

  • Oil Burner - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    I'm being generous giving this car three stars. My wife and I have owned this car for three years. Currently, the car has 20,000 miles on the odometer. Since day one this car has suffered from oil consumption, at least one quart, between oil changes. I change the oil every 4,000 miles with full synthetic, 0W-20. The dealer told me this was normal. Last week I got in the car and when I started the engine I could tell not all cylinders were firing. The car would barely idle and all warning lights illuminated. After a week in the shop the dealer discovered the number one cylinder had a fouled plug and the rings for that cylinder were aligned. This condition allowed oil to bypass the rings fouling the plug. The rings for this cylinder were replaced. The car runs better than day one and the VCM seems to work more efficiently and not as noisy. Only time will tell.

  • 2013 Honda Accord Sport - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    I purchased my Honda Accord Sport brand new in October 2013. Since then, my screen/monitor, starter & battery have been replaced under warranty. The screen went out within a few months, the starter went out in July 2015 at about 17,000 miles and my battery's cell went bad this week at 27,000 miles. After being stranded twice by my car, I'm questioning its reliability & wondering what will happen next. I owned a Honda Civic for 10 years & did not have any issues with it. After reading numerous complaints and talking to a Honda salesperson, starter and battery issues are fairly common with newer models. I travel a lot for job purposes, so I must have a car that is reliable. I will be trading my Honda soon.

  • Best Honda Accord I ever had!!! - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    I had a 2004 accord coupe and a 2008 honda accord coupe, now I own a 2013 accor sport and I love it!!! It is comfortable, a lot of space, the technology is awsome and the safety is great. It has 78,400 miles and it feels like new.

  • Honda's new Prelude - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    Nutshell -- Pros: Sleek looks, surprisingly roomy, surprisingly fast, surprisingly efficient, surprisingly sporty - just surprising. Amazing tech and build quality, too. Cons: Slam-you-into-the-ceiling sporty/bumpy ride, poorly designed paddle shifters. Overall: The next Prelude, with Mercedes CLA specs. I traded my 2010 Altima for a 2013 Accord and it was one of the better purchase decisions I've made. I can't believe what Honda has packed into this beast at this reasonable price point. Performance: Here's where it shines. Yes, it's only got 4 cylinders. But, it has 185 horsepower and as many lb-ft of torque... and most of that's ready to go before 4000 RPM (unlike most Honda engines). Smash the gas, the engine's at 4000RPM almost immediately, and your neck almost snaps. The CVT doesn't sound like one -- Honda made sure that lead footed drivers are rewarded with what sounds like a Prelude engine with a 7 speed transmission shifting it! Handling is at the norm for a Honda sport-class vehicle - The car goes where you point it. Even the interior is sport-oriented, with VERY well bolstered front seats and carbon fiber like trim. The car will really fool you into pretending you're sitting in something sportier than the two door version of a large family sedan. The only real thing to watch for here are the paddle shifters -- you can use them in Sport mode and pretend you're shifting up or down as if driving an F1 car. In all honesty, the paddles are small and it's much more intuitive to grab what's *behind* them instead. In this case, expect to hit the windshield mist wiper stalk while shifting up, and the high beam flasher while shifting down. Build Quality: All Hondas shine in this department and the 2013 Accord Coupe is no exception. The doors slam shut with remarkable tightness for a 2-door. Top quality materials include perforated leather (EXL/EXV6) and aluminum-toned carbon fiber-type trim. Vibration is virtually nil, even on rough surfaces. One poor choice Honda made, though, was that glossy honeycomb pattern mess that goes across the front below the aluminum trim. Comfort: The EX-L/V6 models are decked out with pretty much everything imaginable for the class. Dual zone climate control, 10-way power seat, moonroof, and anything else you can cram into a sub-$30k car. The back seat will fit two 6' adults comfortably for under-2-hour trips. Coming from a 2010 Altima, though, the Accord coupe's very intimate (read: rough) ride was rather jarring until I got used to it. It all comes with the sporty territory, anyways. Tech: The Accord went from being a behind-the-class piece of tech equipment straight to the top of its class. The HondaLink system is amazing (providing you have compatible devices). It's surprisingly easy to use (take it from someone who's used to using an array of 50 buttons to control his audio system). However, if you're intimidated by tech -- I won't lie here -- you're really going to hate this system Luddites need not apply. Efficiency: Now that Honda finally figured out the meaning of low-end torque, engine power is available to you at more usual speeds -- This translates to not just better acceleration, but also better fuel economy. The coupe claims 25/36 city/highway, although my own measurements have been a bit narrower (closer to 29/34 city/highway). Most of my driving is city, so I can't complain. You can even lead-foot every start (like I did on my first tank) and still get about 24 MPG city(!). Safety: This runs in the Accord's bloodline. In addition to the highest level of active safety (i.e., good handling and braking), the Accord has lane departure warning (which can thankfully be kept off if you live in an area with narrow lanes, as I do), forward collision warning (an amber light that flashes at the base of your windshield when you get a wee bit too close to something), a rear view backup camera with wide angle, and something new for its class -- a right turn blindspot camera, which activates when you hit the right turn signal (new drivers might find this feature a bit distracting at first, but it helps, trust me!). Of course, add to that 10+ airbags and good crash test ratings. Overall: A close to 10/10 vehicle. Not perfect, but something to consider if you really want something sporty, reasonably luxurious, and techy to boot! The 2015 model, for those interested in a newer rig, is pretty much identically equipped and priced (and a bit more powerful).

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE MY HONDA!!! - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    I bought my 2013 accord about 2 months ago pretty much brand new!!! it was a rental with only about 9k miles!!! so take my review into consideration knowing I am a picky ass 20 year old female! i love everything about the car! I fall more in love with it all the time. I sometimes get 38.5 mpg!! the radio & entertainment is very user friendly & safe to use while driving! & dual climate control is my best friend. very roomy full sized car, could fit 2 car seats very nicely in the back maybe even three! I love that it is a full size car (good for family!!) but still has a very nice sporty look!!! I find it to be very comfortable, not to mention the back up camera is a life saver! I've experienced no problems & have no complaints. wouldn't trade my car for the world & would recommend to ANYONE!!! :)))

  • Great car if you get a 6speed - 2013 Honda Accord
    By -

    The 2013 Accord is a great car for the money. Lots of interior room for a family of 4. The ride is great and the steering is very responsive. The suspension is likely more stiff than a malibu, impala, or other similar American cars although it feels very tight and performance oriented. I have yet to experience any problems after 2 months of driving. I purchased mine with 19k miles. I would highly recommend getting the manual transmission as the CVT (in any car not just honda), is quite terrible. Many auto manufacturers have jumped on this CVT bandwagon to achieve exceptional mpg at the sacrifice of reliability, performance, and ride experience. I would not recommend a CVT in any car. They simply do not last, require costly maintenance when problematic, and have a horrible rubber band effect during swift acceleration or deceleration. The 6 speed in the 2013 Accord shifts like butter, and really brings out all 181 horses. Although it's not much, this car revs very high and is great for highway/city driving (I've gotten 36.5 mpg highway and average 27 in town with conservative driving 3k rpm shifts). Take this from someone who has had a zr1, 99 m3, multiple subaru WRXs, IS300 and 350, gs400 etc. The car is great. It's really a great car if you get the 6speed. If you can only find an auto, buy something else that offers a standard 5speed/6speed auto. Avoid any cars with CVT transmissions no matter who the auto manufacturer.

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