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This Year's Model Updates:

The Honda Accord Hybrid is unchanged for 2015.

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Responsive handling
  • User-friendly interior controls.
  • Roomy and high-quality interior
  • Strong acceleration
  • Smallish trunk lacks depth and a fold-down seat feature
  • Intrusive engine noise at times.

User Reviews:

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  • Wonderful car - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    Great car! I've averaged 43mpg over 17,099 miles. Fun car to drive. I rent a lot of cars for work and my Honda is always a joy to return to. One factor to consider is maintenance. This car requires an oil change roughly once a year ( the maintenance minder will tell you, but the manual says once a year otherwise). I have been to the dealer twice in two years, which would be unheard of in a regular car. The sound from the speakers is excellent and the collision detector has saved me more than once. I love this car!

  • Great deal!!! - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    Updated review 8/8/17 I've now had my Hybrid EX-L for 2 years now, I'm at 56,600 miles and I must say that driving this vehicle has definitely changed my formally aggressive driving; acceleration and braking. I average anywhere from 650 miles to the tank during the winter and up to 780 miles a tank during the summer; average mileage to a full tank is somewhere in the upper 600's to low 700's year around. Are there minor tweaks I would prefer that this vehicle have, sure but nothing major. I've managed to save myself between $7-8.5k in the past 2 years in fuel costs and services that I would have had to pay in my previous car; 2011 Audi A4. Is this a muscle car? No. Is this an ugly Prius? Hell no!!! The comfort and fuel saving advantages outweigh the Audi or almost any other car any day! A word of caution if you do not drive a lot the premium cost of this car will not balance out within a couple of years, shop with this in mind. I have yet to use my extended warranty 6 year/120k miles, but I would highly suggest getting the extended warranty if you actually drive more than 20k miles a year, it should pay off in the long run. I look forward to the all electric Clarity or hopefully Accord some day. Happy driving!

  • Honda fanatic - Truly Disappointed. - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    WARNING.... If you're a HONDA fan please avoid this car. I have owned Honda Accords and I've been extremely happy when the hybrid came out I was excited and ready to get one. My previous 2003 Accord lasted 10 year without a single problem. I've purposely waited 9 months and 7,500 miles to provide a truthful review. ISSUE 1: The trunk rods which hold open the truck snapped into multiple pieces by 4 months. By the 6 month, the second rod which holds the trunk snapped. The dealer did fix it for free, but not until putting me in the hot seat to see if I did something. The mechanic who worked on the car informed this is the 3rd or 4th Accord Hybrid he's worked on where the rod had snapped. ISSUE 2: My wife and I enjoy going to drive in movies (I know old school). You cannot turn off the running lights if you want to run the air conditioner or radio. Really poor design that the running lights cannot be turned off. ISSUE 3: My wife and I go on long trips out of town and enjoy listening to local radio stations. However, you cannot change the radio station from the steering wheel. You have to do it manually which is placed in an awkward location. You can only change radio station for the preset channels. Another pool design. ISSUE 4: The rear view auto deeming mirror has an horrible slow dimmer, so you're hit with a bright light for 5-10 seconds. You're blinded until it's dimmed out and it reoccurs constantly. ISSUE 5: The USB charger in the front counsel is barely able to charge my Samsung Note 5. It's just not powerful enough or something is wrong. The dealer told me that how the hybrid USB chargers work. ISSUE 6: The drivers arm rest does not slide forward like the previous Accords, so unless you have long arms or you're more than 6' 5" it's difficult to rest your right arm and reach the steering wheel. This was a really bad design especially if you have a long drive. ISSUE 7: With 7,500 miles on the car (60% interstate & 40% city) and I'm a conservative driver I've averaged 36 mpg. ISSUE 8: The truck space is small, but I knew that when I purchased the car. So that's my fault. ISSUE 9: No spare tire can be purchased for the car and according to the dealer if you use the unit provided to fix a flat tire. It can damage the car rims. CONCLUSION: I just wanted to inform everyone of my experience and provide you a WARNING before you make a mistake. Again, I love Honda cars, but this one really let me down..... :-(

  • A VW -level problem with fuel economy - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I average 29-30 mpg in primarily city driving. Instruments tell me I am always driving in a fuel efficient way, but the gasoline running through the engine says something different. Don't notice much variation with level of traffic, but real stop and go really turns on the gasoline engine. Dealer says computer works fine, so car must work fine . Dealer kept it for a week so they could do test drives- their best average day on their own chosen time/traffic/distance was 34 mpg. Head of maintenance told me that was in line with the other Honda Accord Hybrids he sees, seemed unconcerned that was enormously lower than the "official mileage" promise. Complained to headquarters- they told me they would love to check it over, then gave me 20 reasons why they would find there were no problems. I didn't bother after that litany. Obviously Honda knows this is the mileage to expect from their Hybrid, but like VW, covered it up somehow in their tests. Truly HATE the car, would never buy another Honda even though I have been a Honda person for more than a decade. Feel like a sucker every time i drive it.

  • Great looks & Performance - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    Acceleration is great but engine is a bit noisy. Mileage is excellent. No maintenance problems whatsoever. Basque Pearl Red is a great color...many nice comments about how the car looks.

  • My second one - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    The '15 Touring is my second iMMD Accord in a row. I put 33K miles on a '14 in about 11 months, so I traded to a '15. The cars are identical except in color, old one was red the new one is a dark metallic silver which looks much nicer. My circumstances changed, and for the two years I've only put 20K miles on the '15, so it's brand new. The car is complex, the doodahs are stupid -as such doodahs are for all cars. I disabled Adaptive Cruise Control, all nanny warnings, the whole works.... so I DRIVE the car. What is really good about this car is how EV like it is... gobs of immediate torque off the line... instantly.... smoothness of the drivetrain... it's silky. In the '14 we took some long trips and, cruising at 78mph, achieved almost 600 miles per tank, even going over the mountain passes on the Western I5 from SoCal to the Puget Sound. We had to stop for pit stops, not gas. Now, the trunk is a bit small, so we had to pack it tight once for Christmas Gifts but it was big enough for another trip to wine country. Indeed we love this car, but we're going to sell it because we're on the list for a Honda Fuel Cell Clarity. We have not had any real issues.... driving into the sun for long times (as in the evening) does confuse the ACC camera and will generate errors... they go away when it cools off. But, I don't use ACC, so it's no big deal for me. The interior is very comfortable as well.

  • 800 miles per tank! - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    Lifetime 49.7 MPG over 58,000 miles driven. Regularly get 800 miles per 15 gallon tank. Easy 52 MPG in summer and shoulder spring/fall seasons, 44 MPG in winter. Zero issues with maintenance or reliability. I always drive in regen-B mode.The key for this car is the 43 - 58 mph sweet spot. The more time you spend in this range, the more the car rewards. You can do 62/63 mph without too much penalty (minus 1 or 2 mpg), but not 68/69 mph (minus 5 - 7 mpg). My commute is 30+ miles each way, mostly on posted 45 to 55 mph roads. The only cons, as others have mentioned, are the lack of spare tire and small-ish trunk. I've had one flat, which was a pain - had to call AAA, time consuming, etc and I've had to work around the the lack of trunk space a couple of times, but that hasn't caused delay or changed my overall trip in any way. Great car overall - if you want Prius mileage with Accord sedan looks and upgraded trim ( I have EX-L with leather seats/moonroof/etc).

  • 2 years - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    Still really like the car a lot. Wins, mpg of about 41.5, drives great, hugs the road well and cruises quietly on the highway. The local dealer has done all maintenance and they are efficient and polite, and the price is very competitive. I think the Car is still as nice looking as when I bought it and prefer it over the newer model's look. Opportunities, small rattles, something in each front door panel buzzes most of the time and it's close to my ear...very annoying but I never brought it in to be looked at. Another rattle in the back either the panel behind rear seat or the headliner, can't tell. Small trunk because of the battery can be a challenge at times. It will be hard for me to not move to over to a Model 3 in a couple of years, Honda needs to step it up!

  • Honda missed a few "nice to have" - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I switched from an Acura to the Hybrid Accord to save on fuel cost. The Touring model was the closest to the Acura insofar as interior comfort, technology, and "toys", but do not expect the power or performance of an Acura. Some of the items I miss include: no access from trunk to the interior of car, so cannot carry fishing rods or other long items. Side mirrors are not connected to the driver 1 and 2 setting. "navigation" through the display options is not as intuitive as could be so unless you continually change displays, it is hard to remember how to. Otherwise, the car is what I expected. Looks great, drives great, and offers gas mileage that's almost double that of my Acura (same travel habits and roads)

  • Nothing but trouble - GONE FROM BAD TO WORSE - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    It is for 2+ YRS own this car. recently found out that it does not have a SPARE tire and has been nothing but trouble all this time and still facing issues. 1. In the first 60 days, twice the vehicle abruptly stopped on the road with multiple error messages related to battery overheating and engine overheating. On both occasions, the dealership could not offer much resolution. In an oil change exercise, the software was patched and the issue went away. 2. The gas mileage: Occasionally my vehicle has given me 43+ mileage in the first 6 months and started dropping to 40 miles. However, since my oil change and a couple of filter change service the mileage has dropped to 35-36 miles/gallon. Have discussed with dealership with very little resolution 3. ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control) & FCW(Forward Collision Warning): On multiple occasions, in the last 12 months both these features use to malfunction based on ‘Radar obstruction’ and in the last 10 days they have stopped working including the disabling of regular cruise control operations. This has made my long drive to work a manual exhausting effort. The dealership that inspected has advised of expensive diagnostics and recalibration which I am not sure if I truly should pay for. Overall, though I love Honda and owned a Civic for 16 years that ran trouble free for ~200K miles would highly discourage anyone looking to buy a Honda Hybrid car based on above experience.

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