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This is a tale of two Honda Accord hybrids. The original Accord Hybrid, based on a V6 Accord sedan, delivered strong performance but fuel economy well below what most people expect from a hybrid. It was also expensive, and few shoppers bought one. But Honda's second Accord Hybrid squarely hits the mark. It provides stellar fuel economy along with relatively spirited performance. It's also an excellent car overall as it offers all the room, comfort, safety, high-tech features and quality construction that have made the Honda Accord a longtime favorite. If you're shopping for a midsize hybrid sedan, the newest Accord Hybrid is certainly worth considering.

Current Honda Accord Hybrid
The Honda Accord Hybrid is an all-new model for 2014, and it features a new type of hybrid powertrain for Honda. Unlike the Civic Hybrid, for instance, which always relies on its gas engine for motivation, the Accord Hybrid has a more sophisticated powertrain that allows it to move solely with electric power at slower speeds. The result is improved fuel economy.

This powertrain consists of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, two electric motors, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a trunk-mounted lithium-ion battery pack. All told, it makes a combined 196 horsepower and posts an impressive 47 mpg combined EPA rating. The Accord Hybrid can also sprint from zero to 60 mph in about 7.5 seconds, making it one of the quickest non-luxury hybrids on the road.

The current Honda Accord Hybrid sedan comes in three trim levels: EX, EX-L and Touring. Standard equipment highlights of the EX include dual-zone automatic climate control, keyless ignition/entry, Bluetooth, a rearview camera, a blind-spot monitoring display, a power driver seat and a six-speaker sound system with an iPod/USB audio interface. Added perks of the EX-L include a sunroof, leather upholstery, forward collision and lane departure warning systems, heated front seats, a power passenger seat, an upgraded sound system and smartphone app integration (HondaLink). The Touring features LED headlights, adaptive cruise control and a navigation system.

In reviews, we've been impressed with the Honda Accord Hybrid. Its interior design is elegant, and the cabin's tight construction gives the impression of an entry-level luxury car, rather than a workaday family car. Both front and rear occupants will find plenty of legroom and shoulder room, and the backseat is arguably best in class with its combination of space and comfort. We also like the Hybrid's strong acceleration and secure handling around turns. There are a few downsides, such as a somewhat firm ride quality, a smallish trunk and above-average amounts of engine noise during acceleration, but overall, the Accord Hybrid is a great choice for a hybrid family sedan.

Used Honda Accord Hybrids
The previous-generation Accord Hybrid was produced from 2005-'07. Its hybrid system was less advanced than the current model but was meant for sporty performance rather than maximum fuel economy. Its combination of a 3.0-liter V6 and an electric motor produced a total of 255 hp. The sole transmission was a five-speed automatic. The EPA's estimated fuel economy varied by year, ranging from 25-28 mpg in combined driving. This was better than either the regular four-cylinder or V6 Accord of the time, but not exceptionally so.

This Accord Hybrid came in one well-equipped trim level whose standard feature highlights included leather upholstery, heated front seats, a power driver seat, dual-zone automatic climate control and an in-dash CD changer. The Hybrid differed from other Accords via its unique front grille, rear spoiler and instrumentation that let drivers keep track of the status of the hybrid powertrain. For 2006, a power sunroof, stability control and daytime running lights joined the standard features list.

In reviews, we enjoyed the Accord Hybrid's brisk acceleration, which at the time was enough to outgun pretty much any V6-powered family sedan. The downside was the disappointing fuel economy, which in our testing experience was consistently below the EPA's estimates. This original Accord Hybrid was pleasant to drive, however, as the precise steering and the well-tuned suspension provided a comfortable ride while still allowing the driver to feel confident when going around turns.

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  • So Far, So Good - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    We purchased the Accord Hybrid shortly after its recent arrival at a local dealer, attracted by its 'new' hybrid technology & claimed mileage. We had the chance last weekend to take it on an Interstate highway trip of about 450 miles, and found it to be very comfortable and achieved about 43 mpg on the trip despite driving almost the entire trip at the 75 mph posted speed limit. One can imagine the economy potential for more restrained highway driving. Beyond the comfort and mpg factors, we enjoy the fact that the Accord Hybrid looks like every other Accord on the road - no geeky look like the Prius or other 'green' cars. The build-quality is solid, the design fine. Built in the USA-Ohio!

  • Gas mileage - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I would never have traded in my Camry hybrid if I knew the Honda accord hybrid only got 39 mpg. What a disappointment. I have had many Hondas but now I will go back to Toyota.

  • Great Urban and Suburban Mileage - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I will have had my Accord Hybrid EX-L four weeks tomorrow. I was expecting to buy a Fusion Hybrid last year, but by the time I was able to test drive one in January, reports of mileage far below the EPA ratings were coming out, so I decided to wait for the new Accord Hybrid. I was able to test drive one within a week of release; as soon as I drove it, I knew it was the car I wanted. I had been driving an Acura TL for 9+ years, so the Accord felt somewhat familiar to me. I have not been disappointed in my decision. The car is very nicely finished, handles well, and acceleration is better than expected. The seats are quite comfortable. We have averaged about 48 mpg driving locally.

  • Bye to Lexus GS, Hello Honda Accord Hybrid Touring. - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I recently owned the Lexus GS AWD 2013 model, but upon learning of the Honda Accord Hybrid touring model, options, styling and reviews, not to mention MPG, I swapped. This new gen Honda is shockingly high end on the inside and outside. If you ignore the badging, you likely would think you were in a something from Acura, Lexus, or possibly Audi. The features and so rich and high end. I was only test driving for fun because of the MPG and I was instantly sold. The tech inside of the this touring model includes a very feature rich GPS, massive connectivity features via bluetooth with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the wife's 5s. The Adaptive Cruise is outragous and the blind spot monitor!!!

  • 2014 honda accord EX-L hybrid - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I love this car! I had the 2010 accord leased and bought the new hybrid it's sleek style and economical gas mileage is my fav features. The power it has at take off it's like if it were a v6 engine. I would never think its that powerful and I thought I would lose power for fuel economy but I was wrong this car has more power than the 2010 Honda. Love it! Thanks honda for an even better car!

  • 1000Miles and counting - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I got the car 2 weeks ago and drove around ( Houston to Dallas trip) too. I was driving like a grandma for first 300 miles ( really low acceleration) and there on my friends drove it for 300 miles with full acceleration ( 10+ power bars). At the end of 1000 miles I got 39.2 mpg ( good I would say). Ride is comfortable for the long drives). Once I hit 60mph instant mpg drops to 36 and if I take it beyond 75mph it improves. Touched 85mph with just 3 power bars and ride is still feels smooth ( low noise).

  • Not bad - except the engine noise - 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I have this car for 2 months now, and there are something I really like this car and something I really don't like. Pros - Great fuel mileages in a 50+ degree day, 40+ MPG is not a question. - Good looking interior and exterior. - Drive like a normal car with plenty of power. Cons - The engine noise is loud in a low speed. - Hybrid is NOT good for cold day. I only get like 15 MPG for a very cold day ( 0 degree). - I hate the noise when I stop at stop sign/red light, the car sometimes will switch from engine to EV, then will switch back to Engine. it scares me when the engine starts up again. - NO Spare tire (I ended up buying a OEM spare tire - for $100)

  • Good MPG, Excellent Features - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I've had my hybrid Ex-L for about a month now. I regularly get around 53 mpg city, but my highway mpg runs around 37 even with the econ button on (I have a bit of a lead foot). The mpg is effected more in cold weather than traditional cars. I love how I can put it in electric mode for short trips if the battery is charged enough, its perfect for running to the grocery store. Like another reviewer mentioned, the battery rarely gets fully charged, but does well enough. It doesn't drive like the traditional hybrid (no hesitation) unless you put it in econ mode.

  • It ain't perfect, but close enough. - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I've had my base Hybrid for a month and put a little over 2K miles on it. It's been amazing so far. I've averaged about 48 mpg so far in mixed driving, which probably be higher if temps didn't drop below freezing which caused me to average about 36 mpg on my current tank. Handling is good for a big sedan, and it feels like it has as much power as my former '04 Accord EX-L V6 Navi. Brakes are smooth and linear, unlike the jerky brakes found on the Prius's I've rented. Seats are supportive and comfortable, and the interior fit and finish is quite good. I find the infotainment system to be decently intuitive. The base audio system is ok, though not great.

  • 2014 Accord Hybrid Touring MPG WTF - 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    By -

    I purchased 2 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring sedans for my house hold and neither one has gotten close to 50 mpg. I installed the HFP 19 wheels with Continental ContiSport 3's on my Touring sedan (from my old Accord coupe) so I can forgive that car of under whelming me in the MPG dept. But with that in mind the car seems to hesitate a lot during highway speeds above 55 MPH. Not sure what sure what the cause of this is. The other car has achieved 42 MPG once and averages 37. The driver of this car is VERY conservative so the problem isn't how the sedan is being driven. I hope that this a break in period thing. Neither car drives in EV mode more than %10 of the time.

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