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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the GMC Terrain gets a larger and markedly stronger V6 engine. Also new is a revised touchscreen audio interface that includes smartphone app integration (IntelliLink). Finally, GMC has added a new, top-level Denali trim level.

  • Quiet cabin with lots of storage bins
  • Premium look inside and out
  • Spacious and adjustable backseat
  • Comfortable highway ride.
  • Not quite as much cargo space as chief rivals
  • Poor outward visibility.
  • Numb and uncommunicative steering

User Reviews:

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  • It looks gorgeous and has "perks"... - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    ... I wanted but if it is always in the shop. I purchase a 2013 GMC Terrain Denali edition. It is beautiful inside and out but I came to realize quickly the previous owners traded it in for a Mercedes. I have owned the vehicle less than a year (after several trips to the dealership, because they could fix the problem because the computer did not register a issue [although they stated they felt the issue]) . Finally after I drove it for another two months and when back to have it tested again they rebuilt my transmission. Really? I have 40k miles on it, why would the transmit already be messed up! I got my car back 2 weeks ago and when I pulled into my driveway after work today, I smelled coolant and I have a puddle under my car. If you can afford to purchase the Denali, I would recommend a different brand: Toyota, Honda, anything but a GMC!

  • Nice if GM would fix the key switch issue 5 years ago - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Bought brand new. The key switch has been an issue since the first week we owned it. If the steering wheel isn't perfectly straight when you park it, the key binds until you turn the steering wheel and turn the key at the same time. It randomly has binding issues when you attempt to turn the key off. This issue has been around since launch and it still has not been resolved. If you lean against the door panels, the color wears off. I test drove it and the seat was in the correct position for me. I didn't know until my wife drove it after I got home, that the power seat is only half power! You manually slide it forward and back and tilt is controlled by power. My Rendezvous was full power.

  • My second Terrain, and I still love it! - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    We lease our cars, and I took a chance in 2010 when the Terrain first came out. I was concerned about the 4 cyl engine, but it is just fine, and gets me anywhere I want. The interior is roomy, and the back seat makes it easy for guests to get in and out.

  • noisy - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    This is by far the noisiest car that I have owned. Their is no sound deadening material used to block road noise coming from the tires on the pavement. On black top, not so bad but on concrete forget it. Our 2008 Ford Escape has the same tire but with very little road noise. When I listen to the radio I have to turn the volume way up to here it over the sound coming from the road. The blind spot mirror is poorly designed and not very helpful.

  • Perfect SUV for me! - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I researched several SUVs before I decided to lease the 2013 Terrain AWD Denali in October 2013 and I love it! The V-6 provides a quiet, smooth ride. I love the red accent lighting and red stitching on the seats and dash. The back seat also has lots of leg room which is nice because a lot of my friends are tall. The backup camera needs a little work. It gets dirty easily and depth perception is off. Usually the longer I have a vehicle, the more I find that I don't like about it but the longer I have this SUV, the more I love it!

  • Great Ride - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    This is perhaps the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. Prior the Terrain I had an Audi and two cars ago a Mercedes and I do not for a second regret changing continents. I always chuckle a little bit when reviews say that such and such a car has less enthusiastic performance... compared to what. I tested a Mercedes GLK the same day as the Terrain, granted I used the gas peddle differently but I noticed no difference in acceleration and the handling was better with the GMC. In fact the stability when cornering is superior to that of my last five vehicles (3 Japanese and 2 German)

  • Noisy - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    A 3.6 cylinder engine option was not listed although that is what I have in mine. Road noise is terrible, especially on concrete. Thought it might be the tires but my wife has the exact same tire on a 2008 Ford Escape and it is 50 to 60% quieter than my Terrain. You would think for the price of this car it would have a quiet ride. I have the 6 cyl and only get and average of 20 mpg combined city & highway. Blind spot mirror is poorly designed

  • Love it, but.... - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    I just bought a 2013 Terrain SLE-1 FWD. I really like the vehicle, but the build quality is terrible, There a 1/4" gap on the left front side between the hood and headlight/fender. Also, on the right side, the front and rear doors do not align. QC must of had the day off when they built this one. I didnt not notice these things til I got home and really looked it over. I am taking it back to the dealership tomorrow to get a different one as this one has who knows how many other defects. I hope they do me right as I really like the Terrain, it has decent power, is really quite, and the interior is super nice. I will post an update in a day or two and let you know how GMC handles this.

  • Our Forever Vehicle - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    We did a lot of research and a lot of looking around before we decided on the GMC Terrain. Lots of test drives etc. We purchased our Terrain new Sept 2012. I am guilty of nitpicking a vehichle apart and I can say I am STILL as in love with our car as day one. The gas milage, the smooth ride, the very sharp interior just cant be beat. This is definitely going to be our forever vehicle.

  • High Quality SUV - 2013 GMC Terrain
    By -

    Last week we purchased a 2013 GMC Terrain SLE2 FWD with the 2.4 4cyl engine. It also came with the convenience package adds remote start and heated seats. Our previous car was a 2010 Toyota Prius, the lease was up and we needed something larger. I know the gas mileage will not come close to the Prius but we were looking for something with more space and better ride. I've been reading review of people complaining about not getting the advertised MPG. Only having a week with the car but I can say the MPG is accurate. On a recent trip we avg 29.6 MPG averaging 70 MPH. If you reduce the speed to 65 you can achieve the 32 MPG on the highway. Note most likely need to dive with ECO mode on

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