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The 2011 Ford Fiesta is an all-new subcompact available in hatchback and sedan body styles.

  • Sporty driving dynamics, smooth and peppy engine, high fuel economy, welcoming cabin, available high-end luxury features.
  • Limited cargo and rear seat space, conventional navigation system unavailable.

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  • Never buy first year production/design car - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Bought this car used with 45k, it was to be my commuter car and a replacement to my older 2000 celica gts with 200k. First the goods: mpg is great, good looking car, good ride, most things are within arms reach, power is ok for little car, good cargo space. Now the bad: Yes, the world famous transmission issue with this car, car was at the dealer twice, things started to fall apart at 54k, little things, too much to list, got the car fixed and sold it at. I wish I had done my research before I bought the car. Yes, i am back driving my 2000 celica, she never give me problem in 7 years.

  • I wouldn't suggest this car. - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Awful transmission, problems, bluetooth wont connect most of the time, and parts literally fall off.

  • Very expensive lemon - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Very small car great on gas good for intercity driving car has cost me more money than what its worth I am a mechanic and the issues that I am seeing with this transmission worries me really looking forward to trading this in due to the mechanical issues not worth the money.

  • Feel Stupid - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I bough a 2011 Ford Fiesta hatchback about 7 months ago. Within the first few months I had it at the shop for a recall on the manual clutch then next will be the door locks I guess the door open while driving. Now I am having issues with the Power Train in the steering wheel. When I purchased this piece of crap I also got an extended warranty. I got a Power train care plus warranty what good that did because the part I need is not even on the warrant list. The breaks constantly make a noise which i ask the shop about and got some stupid reason why now the right front of my car vibrates as i drive and the steering wheel shakes... If I could get rid of this car it would not be fast enough...

  • LEMON - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Don't do it. I bought one and I can't even resell because of the Notorious transmission and it's defects.

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    The Ford Fiesta "looked" like the perfect car for my soon-to-be-driver, but after I drove it for a while, I found it unsafe for an inexperienced driver. The transmission is very uncertain. At times it takes off smoothly from stop, other times it hesitates and shudders to a start. The start may be a lurch or a crawl. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for the inconsistency. Four months after the purchase, I received a Recall 15B22 and took it into a local Ford dealership. I was informed that they would attempt a repair but it might not work. I was told to drive it for 1500 miles before returning. The problem got progressively worse and when I had done my mandatory 1500 miles, I went back to the Ford service department and was told there was nothing more they could do. We will see about that, but that is where we stand to date. So, the vehicle for my new driver has proven itself unsafe for even I, a driver of 40+ years.

  • Absolute garbage car - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I'm not sure why the highlighted review indicates 4+ out of 5 stars. I bought this care used with 11.000 miles, previously owned by an 84 year old lady. It shuddered so badly that it would reverberate your voice when talking. It's shifting sounds like a tool box rolling down concrete stairs. It accelerates slower than the 18 wheeler I drive for a living. Please don't buy this car, it will be more than a regret and a gigantic headache.

  • fire fire - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I was in getting my hair done .tow and a half hours I opened my door and the whole console melted like a candle. It must have been a short in the power outlet. Ford better pay for this

  • IT TRIED TO KILL ME, TWICE!! - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    You are taking your life in your hands when you buy this car! Not to mention the drivers around you. This car, a.k.a. killer should be on a recall list NOW! This "car" stalled on me, had it "fixed" and today (3 months later), I was almost ran over by an 18 wheeler because it stalled in heavy traffic. Luckily, both time I was able to roll off the road within seconds of my life. It is now at a Ford dealer, and with any luck,I'll be re-united with this piece of crap in 3 months, yes 3 months! I finally got them to let me have a loaner car since I have to travel to my doctor. How nice of them! I have contacted every agencies I could find and reported this car. If somebody hasn't died yet while driving this car....they will soon. Just pray it doesn't take some other poor drivers and their families with them. Ford has to step up NOW!.

  • Do Not Buy one of these!!!!! - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I purchased my Fiesta new in 2011. The auto clutch and transmission have been a NIGHTMARE!!!! It is again at the dealership (day 9 right now) with transmission issues. This is the 4th time in 4 years that it has had the transmission and auto clutch worked on!!!

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