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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Ford Explorer receives a new performance-oriented Sport trim level that features a turbocharged engine and sport-tuned suspension. All Explorers this year have a new front passenger knee airbag, while a heated steering wheel, a power tilt-and-telescoping steering column and lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist are offered for the Limited trim level. The available xenon headlights now feature automatic high-beam control.

  • Available fuel-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder.
  • Abundant high-tech features
  • Upscale cabin
  • Excellent ride/handling balance
  • Excellent crash test safety scores
  • Feels bigger than it is behind the wheel
  • MyFord Touch is slow to respond and can be difficult to use.
  • Less third-row and cargo room than some rivals

User Reviews:

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  • bad headlights - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    test drive it at night the headlights are horrible . had i test drove it at night it would of been a deal braker.i can only drive it in the day time.

  • Awesome Track Suv! - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I have a 2013 Sport Black on Black. This Suv looks great, the interior is nice, and the performance is awesome. When Im driving this bad boy around town, peoplw in other Suvs and sometimes cars always want t race me and I destroy them everytime. So one day I took this to the track, and ran a 14.07 bone stock! So I decided to do a livernois Stage 3 Tune and now Im doing Mid to High 12's in an Suv!!! This Suv is just awesome, the EcoBEAST engine is phenomenal. 5 out of 5 stars in performance EASY. Sure there may be a lot of plastic pieces, compared to a Range Rover or BMW X5, but the interior is very decent for an american Suv. Plus when you know your faster than all of them, who cares am I right?? My wife even enjoys leaving the other Soccer Moms behind in their Mazda CX-9s, Chevy Traverse, Honda Oddyssey's etc... All in all, this things is a Rocket and I am so glad I decided to purchase this over a Grand Cherokee SRT, AND I get a THIRD ROW!! WAY TO GO FORD!!!! Highly Recommend!

  • Do your own homework before reading these reviews - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I bought my car used with 30000 miles on it in perfect condition. I fell in love with it when i saw that it had everything that i needed and more. As a mom this car fit all my needs, and it was way better than my mini van. The My Ford Touch is wonderful! it can find even the hardest of places on the GPS and never fails on me. i have to admit at first i was a little overwhelmed with the touch sensitive buttons and all the buttons on the steering wheel, but i found myself quickly learning and it wasn't that hard. I have had no problems with my Explorer just the usual maintenance. the only thing i have found i do not like is when the third row head rests are up it does make it hard to see out the back but the fix was just not having them up when they were not in use, but that is also why the backup camera is a dream, and the other thing is it is a bit slow when trying to get up and go, but I'm also used to a mini van that had a lot of get up and go power behind it. As i was reading these reviews i started to second guess myself because of all the negative comments people had to say about theirs, but people need to realize that not everything can be perfect and that sometimes parts are defective. There is no perfect car brand they all have the problems. with that i am still in love with my car and everything about it!

  • Crazy NOT to own one!!!! - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    This is absolutely the best vehicle I've ever owned. Great handling in the snow, slush and rain. Fuel economy 15 driving in city and 25 on Highway using adaptive cruise control. Drive conservative and fuel economy is great. Heavy on the gas and watch the fuel gauge drop.

  • 2013 explorer sport shortcomings - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Have a 2013 ford explorer sport black on black. Fantastic looking vehicle and have been pleased overall until the warranty ran out. Currently at 38000 which is 2000 over. Basically one month. Ac compressor locked up and caused belt to break which left vehicle without power steering and had to be towed. Ford said " too bad out of warranty, you owe $1100. ". Vehicle is 2.5 years old. This does not seem to be a normal item to malfunction so early on and am very disappointed that Ford is taking position of no responsibility. The sync system is as bad as others say. Never worked as advertised which had been a major incentive to buy the vehicle. Also the rear parking aid stopped working and I considered that to be a minor concern but perhaps it's more indicative of future things to come. I was happy that ford had turned things around in 2009 and felt good about the purchase but not anymore. Can't imagine what I would do had the transmission failed instead of just the ac.

  • Randy's Explorer - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    My 2013 Ford Explorer is very attractive, comfortable, and has all the features that I want and need. It drives great and the instrumentation is convenient and easy to operate. It does a great job of towing my bass boat and transporting passengers. It is rated at 24 mpg, but I recently got 25.4 mpg on a trip from Alabama to Missouri and return.

  • Would not do it again - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I leased my 2013 brand new. After lease was up I bought it. From the beginning I've had many electrical issues, the headlight switch buzzes, my rear dome light stays on no matter what draining my battery. The radio continues to play even after I've exited the vehicle. The transmission has failed on me a couple times not making it past 2nd gear in automatic. The slope of the hood makes it easy for any little thing to chip the paint. Visibility is poor. Gas mileage is ridiculous for a 3.5L. I've had 2 recalls on it, Ford had it for a whole month. The computer failed and had to be reconfigured. It's a pos and I'd take my money back in a heart beat.

  • Don't Drive At Night!!! - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    I traded a Honda Pilot (2005) for the Explorer, and initially loved it! It rides well, handles well and is great on snow. Recurring problems with the parking brake freezing up and burning up pads is still an issue but the bigger gripe is lousy headlights. Unlike traditional headlights' low beams that direct most of their light toward the right side of the road, these drop a mask that cuts off all light above a certain height, continuing to spread lower angle light across the front L to R. Cresting a hill you blind the oncoming drivers. Going into a dip, your forward view shortens radically. Road signs are often unreadable unless you use high beams. Terrible design!

  • 2013 Ford Explorer Limited - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Love the Explorer. I am starting to dislike Ford. I have a rust spot on the rear lift gate and paint flaking off in the same area just on the other side of the license plate area. Ford refuses to repair because I have 52000 miles and the bumper to bumper warranty has expired. I would think an obvious defect in the paint process would be covered on a 2013 vehicle regardless of warranty status. Three service advisers at my local dealership all agree that Ford should fix this paint defect.

  • Just OK as an SUV - 2013 Ford Explorer
    By -

    Moved from a Chevrolet Traverse to the new Explorer and quickly found it was not a good move. The car is just OK, the performance has far too much lag in it, acceleration is deceiving, the boot is awkward, the seats are difficult to fold down. The doors are flimsy and really light. The running lights are a pain in that they don't come on when you want them to. The electronics are slow to kick-in, slow to do what you want them to do. The controls are far too small on the steering wheel, if you are a man they are painful to use. The doors don't unlock when you exit, so you have to go inside to unlock the vehicle. The fuel tank is too small and the average mile/gallon just not good enough.

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