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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2011 Ford Escape gets a couple of minor equipment changes that include MyKey being made standard across the board.

  • Innovative high-tech features
  • Impressive crash scores
  • Peppy performance.
  • Non-reclining rear seat is difficult to fold.
  • Feels old compared to rivals
  • Poor braking performance

User Reviews:

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  • DO NOT BUY!!! - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    My wife bought this car brand new in 2011. Worked great for 3 years and 1 month. 3 weeks after our 3 year warranty expired the back left window regulator went out. Ford would not replace it so we had to have it replaced for $200. One month later the back right window regulator went out. Soon after that the AC went out. And just recently the sun roof stopped opening and closing. We have owned this car for 4.5 years and have had to get more things fixed then any car I have ever owned. The car looks nice and drives fine in my opinion but the cost to own it is ridiculous. I will never buy an escape or a ford for that matter ever again.

  • Noisy and poor transmission - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    I'm working in automotive industry as engineer for the last 30 years. I bought this new 2011 Escape in Canada for my wife as she liked it during the driving test. I wouldn't buy it for myself. The car is noisy, a combination of engine, exhaust and poor sound insulation. I also knew from customer reviews that transmission for the 4 cyl engine is a concern. From day one, an average 4 times per week the transmission STRONGLY jerks when I reduce the speed below 25 miles per hour or shift in reverse at start. Canadian dealer tried to fix it without any luck, now living in US the Americans tried as well, they just gave up saying by loading the latest shift software there is nothing else to do.

  • Escape Does It All - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    The 2011 Ford Escape is a dream and a much welcomed relief from our endless anxiety with an inferior product, a 2008 Jeep Patriot 5-Speed Manual. This Escape has great styling, spacious interior and far better visibility with its surround glass than the substandard design of the Patriot. We took it on a 1,600 mile trip in 2013 and never sweated. The 4 cylinder motor gives you good power on uphill roads and it comes with better tires than our former lemon. I would highly recommend the Escape and/our dealership as Ford has better customer service and attitudes towards their customers. The escape lets you "escape" the city jungle and is great in the outdoors and is very reliable.

  • Apex Suv And An Asset To Any Owner - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    We love our 2011 Ford Escape as, in our opinion, it hammers the competition and it is a valued asset in our family. The pathetic competition, the 2008 Jeep Patriot does even come close to the reliability, power, style, reputation and perks of a comfortable Ford. The Escape will not hurt pocketbooks it is reasonably priced and I would recommend people trying to get a better deal through the employee pricing campaign. Money well spent, the Ford Escape. It made a former unhappy owner of the Jeep elated when we slid into a 2011 Ford. The competition will be full of jealousies as Ford is known to give many the "wow factor" in an winner vehicle.

  • Not What I Expected - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    I had always wanted an Escape and I finally bought one. I have to say that I am so disgusted with it. I had to pay out of pocket to have the throttle body replaced because Ford won't recall them and 3 weeks after the repairs the part is tearing up again. It is dangerous to drive it stalls out in the middle of the road and you try and give it gas and it won't move. I would discourage anyone from buying one. I was born, bread, raised 100% ford girl but I am so anti-Ford now. If you are considering buying one think twice...........

  • SUV - ok, I guess warranty support -- not ok - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    We bought an XLT w/ AWD, AT, V6 and Sync. To date we only have 21k miles on it. IMO, cheap materials, budget design, fit and finish, and paint flaws. Lack of amenities you'd find in competitors, like a button to open the tailgate! SYNC is great but has its glitches. The 3.0 V6 is noisy & somewhat underpowered for the vehicle weight. It may be the gearing because we've had the AT reprogrammed twice via TSBs. Ford really fights with the consumer over warranty issues. Had hassle to replace tailgate window over defective defroster & badly faded plastic running board. Now we have two water leaks -- 1 door and the tailgate window. We're thinking, what's next?!

  • Loved it at first not sure now - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    I bought my 2011 Ford Escape V6 AWD Limited Edition may 2012. I did great until the mileage hit 48000. While on my way to work one morning the transmission went out and left me sitting in the middle of the 4-lane with no gears. I finally was able to get in the low and get a wide spot to get off the road. We took it to he ford dealership and left it for 4 days only to be told that their is nothing wrong with it. This was 3 weeks ago. The transmission is still slipping horrible and this afternoon my RPM's went to 5000 before it shifted gears. It is still under my powertrain warranty but they won't fix it. Ford needs to do something it is not safe to drive this way.

  • Saved my life - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    We purchased our 2011 Escape Limited used in March 2012. This was my primary vehicle, first SUV I've owned and I absolutely loved it. In late October, I and 3 family members were involved in a terrible car accident that totaled my Escape. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and I can say with absolute certainty that had we been in any other vehicle we likely would not have survived. The side curtain airbags deployed on impact and even though the front axle was cracked, my husband was able to steer the car to safety. It even called 911 for us and reported our exact location to the operator. I miss my Escape every day. If your top priority is safety, this is the car for you.

  • 2011 Ford Escape - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    Had a great experience at Grappone Ford. I had a 2005 ford escape and decided to trade it in. After driving the 2011 Escape with the new inline 4 engine, I was amazed. I truely love driving this vehicle. So reliable a vehicle, I recommend it to anyone looking for a great ride in comfort.

  • The Good, Bad and the Ugly - 2011 Ford Escape
    By -

    My wife and I purchased our Second Ford Excape after our first one (2010) was involved in an accident that wrote it off, but it saved my families life, hence the second one which is a 2011. We like the vehicle, and have the V6, which has more power than people expect. It's kind of rough around the edges, loud road noise and engine, and drives kind of like my jeep YJ used to in many ways. It's not as refined as I expected, but on the plus side, it's small and easy enough to park and manouver in traffic, build quality is superb, had original transmission issues which we're fixed under warranty, and the rear hatch doesnt open all the time (needs to see dealer). Overall quite happy though.

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