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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2011 Ford Edge has been heavily revised. Highlights include more power, updated exterior styling, reduced wind and road noise, improved interior quality and new features.

  • Innovative technology features
  • Comfortable ride
  • Quiet, roomy cabin
  • Lots of safety equipment.
  • Transmission can be slow to downshift.
  • Third-row seat not available

User Reviews:

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  • Worst car purchase ever. - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    I have had (4) Ford trucks and loved them. No problems. Great trucks. Love the look of the Edge and I bought mine from a dealership, one owner, 62K miles, great CarFax, great shape, no issues best I could tell after inspecting and driving. After 9 months and putting 26K mainly highway miles I have spent $3000 on a leaking PTU - replaced PTU assembly, a shock rear shock gone bad - replaced both, brake issues - fixed, an axle seal gone bad - replaced, a leaking power steering hose - replaced, a transmission that had to be reprogrammed (no charge for this), bad rear wheel hub assembly - replaced.........and at the moment I have a back seat that will not go down which I rarely ever do but the dealership informed me that the release wire/cable had broken and that repair is a bit over $300 and today my sunroof opened and would not close. And the dealership this afternoon looked at it and had no clue what to do other than say bring it back when that have a full day to look at it. At the moment this lemon of a car is in my driveway with the the sunroof wide open and thankfully it's a clear night. Funny thing is I've owner a Toyota 4Runner and I know how dependable those cars are...I was deciding between the Edge and a Toyota Highlander and the Edge was my choice..and the only thing I can remember that sales guy saying who had the Highlander was you better keep in mind, there's a big difference between a Ford car and a Ford truck. Man if only I had listen to him. There you have it. I just got my bank approval back and I cannot trade this piece of junk quick enough.

  • An Engineer's Perspective - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    I bought this car new. My wife drives it primarily. It's now traveled just over 55,000 miles. We have owned mostly SUV's and trucks recently so this was our last venture into the land of unibody, transverse engine mounted vehicles. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the vehicle. It's outstanding features are in the technology it brings to the segment. The adaptive cruise control borders on magical. It is very hard to fool and is very able to sense lane changes and switching of lanes. I find it very impressive and it makes long drives across interstates from state-to-state-to state a breeze during construction season. You set the distance between you and the next car. You set the speed. It keeps the distance and life is great. The Sony sound system is very good and the bluetooth integration is also great. It seems much more adept compared to GM, Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge/Fiat for the same year and then some. My edge is AWD and the torque vectoring is exceptional in keeping the vehicle aligned. With good tires, the vehicle does exceptionally well in snow, better than classic SUVs. Even a Jeep Grand Cherokee seems less capable in a snow/ice scenario than does the AWD Edge. Ford gets high marks here. From a reliability standpoint it has been excellent. There were two warranty items. First was the Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM). Ford issued an extended warranty on this module. It started acting flakey, the display would dim on its own. It was replaced at no cost. The second item was the brake booster. Again Ford issued an extended warranty on this item (up to 150,000 miles) it was replaced at no cost. The brake booster fail resulted from a failure in the rubber diaphragm of the brake booster. I suspect that the fuel tank vapor recovering lines that connect to the intake manifold are also tied to the vacuum supply for the brake booster along with the intake manifold. This loosely ties the fuel system to the brake booster system thus allowing fuel condensate to accumulate in the brake booster. Alcohol in the fuel is no friend of synthetic rubber materials in your vehicle and may be the ultimate root cause of this failure. The resulting failure manifestation is a very stiff brake pedal that gets stiffer over time. I would not be surprised if this leads to a recall as it is a potential safety issue. To me, neither of these two problems would be deal breakers if the question was "would I buy another one?" knowing what I know now. I would buy another one. I think it has many strengths for the price point and the things it does well (AWD, room, comfort, sound, technical aids like BLIS and Adaptive Cruise), it does very very well.

  • My first new car FORD EDGE SPORT. what a nightmare - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    This car has so many issues, the camera stops working, the drivers door latch isn't working. Which is a safety issue. There are 1000 people complaining about it and Ford is ignoring it. They should have a recall. The electrical in this car is dangerous. And the tires OMG. I don't recommend a FORD TO ANYONE.

  • BLOWN ENGINE :( - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    2011 Ford Edge with a bad water pump that blew up and ruined the engine at 91,000 miles. Light came on, car jerked, pulled over and towed to Ford Dealer. Blown water pump caused engine oil and antifreeze to mix and destroy the engine. Now the car dealer needs $5000 to replace with a rebuilt engine. Took a check for car, not going to purchase another Ford at this time.

  • Those nice Chrome 19" Wheel Covers - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    When you purchase an Edge or other Ford product, make sure you ask what the various parts are made of. My "Chrome Clad" wheels are actually Chrome "Foil" bonded to plastic. Who hasn't hit a pothole or scraped a curb when parking... if you do you cannot simply buy a replacement "hub cap" ... you have to buy the entire wheel at a cost well above $800 per wheel!!!!! When I wrote to Ford Executives about the matter ... they simply said "buyer beware"... Fool me once shame on you. I will NEVER buy a Ford again. I feel lied to and can't help but wonder what else is plastic that we think is metal??????

  • Beware - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    My review is based on: !. Lousy customer service from Ford Motor Co (not the dealership). 2. The design of the engine. The water pump on this engine is located inside the engine. At 91,000 miles, our water pump went out. The "overtemp" light went off about 30 seconds before we stopped. The engine is BLOWN! A water pump going out should NOT be the end of an engine. We had NO indication that we had a problem before this occurred, and had even had the oil changed one week before this occurrence. Now comes the Customer service problem....NO support from Ford! The dealership was fantastic, but Customer Service was ridiculous! Not expecting a new engine, just help with repair!

  • very low mpg - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    very very bad gas millage 10 mpg to max 15 mpg city or highway , transmission leaks , audio and panel problems. bad side view .

  • Love our Edge! Best in it's class! - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    We love our Edge. We drove every other vehicle in it's class and it was clearly the best. We've put almost 60k miles on ours with no problems. Can't wait for the new 2015 Edge to come out. Definitely going to buy another.

  • Problems with snycmyride but it's working now - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    I've had the Edge for two years. I have yet to get 27 mpg on the highway BUT it seems the gas mileage gets better all the time. It started (using what the vehicle's posting) at 18 mpg and it is up to 21.4 mpg with mostly city driving. I had an issue with the syncmyride - my dealership manager worked with me to make sure it was corrected - I had to get another phone before it worked correctly BUT then after the computer was updated that phone did not work! Then Ford said to look at the list of phones that were compatible with the car. And lo and behold after I bought the compatible phone it has been smooth sailing every since. My phones were all basic phones so the costs were minimal.

  • Disappointed - 2011 Ford Edge
    By -

    Had this car less than 2 years under 30,000 miles. Already returned to the dealership 6 times. Had service for replacement of the main computer chip, replace defective power window switch, faulty fuel injectors, and a couple of sync issues. This was not a cheap vehicle, sticker over $40 grand. Can't take it anywhere afraid won't get home. As soon as I get back from shop trading it in on something other than a Ford!

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