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  • Awesome - 2016 Dodge Durango
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  • I like my durango - 2016 Dodge Durango
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  • Chrysler Hit It Out Of The Park - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    I previously owned a 2003 Tahoe Z71 totally loaded and I loved it. I just retired the vehicle with 245 thousand miles on it and it was still a mule. For six years my middle son used this as his primary vehicle for high school and college. Oh what stories I would hear if the vehicle could talk. Of course, I wanted another Tahoe until I went to the dealer and went into shock at the price. A friend told me to look at the Durango. I had owned Jeeps before and liked them a lot but needed the third row. Upon further investigation I found out this is a Jeep with the third row as its made on the same platform since the last four years. I needed the Hemi to tow boats and snowmobiles and wow, how cool a vehicle. And it has far superior gas mileage for the big powerful V-8 paired with the new Fiat 8 speed transmission. I wound up with the Citadel trim level and its plenty posh yet durable enough to last. I can't see having any regrets as I scoot around in this very peppy SUV. Brand loyalty can be a good thing but sometimes it pays to switch and big time in this case!

  • Can't believe I bought a Dodge - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    Compares and wins against Tahoe, Acadia, Explorer, etc

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    I have the 2016 SXT PLUS Blacktop Edition. Love the look. Drives smooth, hugs the road, great gas mileage ( 24.5 mpg average) The entertainment system/ controls ( touchscreen) is VERY user friendly. No problems at all with the Bluetooth. My favorites include the heated seats, heated steering wheel, the exterior and interior look. And you really feel like you are driving a SUV. The ONLY con I have is the acceleration (particularly uphill- ( but I have the V6.) Not complaining too much since it is a larger SUV and weighs more than the average counterparts so it is expected . The acceleration during driving on flat roads is fine. I had a Jeep before this and a Jetta before that. I will NEVER not own a Durango again

  • Durango 2016 - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    Walked away with an amazing deal on a great vehicle.

  • I'm not really sold, though this was a big truck - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    I had this for a week, while my car was in the shop. I liked many aspects of this, and many I did not. I'll try to be fair about both sides. The goods are: The look is awesome, Dodge has it going on. From the retro squared boxy design, to the LED running lights, to the rear lights on the tailgate, to the height, it is all super good. The car is heavy, and feels like it is a tank, so you feel confident about driving and not feeling like you will get blown around in the wind. The leather seats are super sweet, but getting in and out of them requires patience, and some pain. The equipment level is good for the price. The price is $42K, but for what you get, in today's market, is about average, or slightly above average. The headlights and driving lights on together give you a great view. The bads are: This thing does not want to stop....it is a beast and will require some pedal effort to get it to stop. The getting in and out will hurt you as the large plastic pieces on the sides of the seat snag you and it hurts....it is too big to sit over or down into...so you have to climb in and as you do, you will get hurt. Gas mileage was in the 14-15 range. The 3rd row seats are for kids...but nice to have. The shifting at times is horrendous, banging around like it is hunting for a good gear.....and the auto start/stop thing is nothing but annoying for the little bit of gas you might have saved. The interior lights are not LED - which is crazy because on our Dodge Journey SXT plus, they were all LED's inside. For $42K, you have to have at least what the Journey is offering, right? Not in this case. The front bumper rides very low to the ground and wants to scrape all the curbs as you pull into a parking spot. It was a great ride, but I was happy to turn it back in at the end of a week. I had put about 500 miles on it and I was not feeling like I wanted to go buy one. You should rent for a week before buying to see that it is worth the steep price for what you get. I loved the storage on this thing, but you might realize you don't need anything this big and expensive.

  • Great SUV! Just a couple of minor QC issues - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    The car is great. The dealership experience was not so great as I asked them to take care of the steering wheel alignment. In doing so, they messed up the actual wheel alignment (now drifts slightly to the left) and the steering wheel is still angled to the right. Other than that, its really a great car. It replaces a '14 Grand Cherokee, and much is very similar, but cornering is tighter on the new Durango. Third row and cargo space are a plus. My only other downside is that the Beats premium audio package is lacking in bass. Also lacking in ability to control the sound processor at the head unit. But these are minor things, most people will enjoy the sound quality as it is good.

  • Surprisingly Pleased! - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    The 2016 Durango Citadel is a well-made, well designed full size SUV. The interior and exterior are well appointed and well designed, with great comfort and convenience items that are pleasing (vented driver and passenger seats) and start-stop technology. Two issue I've had so far: 1) is the fact that the 8 speed VVT transmission shifts roughly and even over revs when fast accelerating; 2) The cooling aspect in the HVAC seems to be having problems cooling effectively during some very hot days here in the Midwest. Hopefully a quick trip to the dealer can fix this. Other than these issues, the vehicle is great, so far.

  • Test Driving Potential Replacements for My Envoy - 2016 Dodge Durango
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    The Durango would probably be at the top of my list if the EcoDiesel V-6 was an engine option. I need something that can pull a trailer. Right now I'm leaning toward the Jeep Grand Cherokee for that reason. Won't decide for a few more months.

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