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This Year's Model Updates:

Despite a complete overhaul last year, the 2012 Chrysler 300 receives several significant changes and enhancements. An eight-speed automatic transmission is now available with the V6 engine, which can also now be paired with all-wheel drive. There are also three new/returning models for 2012: the uniquely styled 300S, the high-luxury 300 Luxury Series and the high-performance SRT8. A smaller touchscreen interface is now standard on the base and Limited models.

  • Upscale interior materials
  • Generous features list
  • High-quality sound systems
  • Comfortable ride
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Quiet interior
  • Powerful engines
  • Limited rear visibility.

User Reviews:

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  • Love Hate Relationship - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I love my 300's comfort level and look, however, I am extremely disappointed with the electrical features. My BlueTooth is inoperable, USB ports stopped working, reverse camera blinks, and cruise control works just sometimes. Other than that, which is a great inconvenience, I love the vehicle.

  • One year later, still love it! - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I've now had my 300 for a year. It is a great car. Good styling, good handling, very comfortable for my long commute. When I punch the gas to merge on to the highway, the "fly by wire" sometimes delays a second, but the car kicks up and goes! Having traded my mustang in on this car, I have no regrets. I can now carry passengers and get 31MPG on my 50 mile highway commute! I've had no quality issues and already have 32,000 miles in the first year.

  • I love my 300!! - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Bought July of 2012...base model, with Nav system, Uconnect, and upgraded audio...sticker was 32,210...with 8yr Maxcare 120,000 mile warranty, taxes, roadhazard tire, tags, 27k out the door!!! So far pleased. Car is very comfortable. After 22,000 miles, I never reset mpg meter and I am at 28.5 mpg!!! 3.6L w/ 8 spd is awesome, do not regret opting for this over HEMI. With four people on board to Virginia from NJ, car was very comfortable, no suspension sag, handled great, mpg was still at 29 on highway w/ a/c on at 80 mph, power is great. I cannot say enoug about the style and interior! I absolutely love this car!!

  • High Tech can Leave You Wanting More - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Purchased new and before first payment is made I am on my 4th trip to the dealer for repair. Worst yet the basic consumer relation response is once we fix the Nav you'll have a great car. The vehicle ratings would certainly be higher if I was not given a brand new car with 14 miles with a broken Nav and now back up camera needs repairs. This is my 4th Chrysler product and I test drove 10 other cars before I picked the 300. The safety features combined with power and performance.

  • Exceeds All Expectations - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Mopar....to those children of the 70's it conjures up the cream of all muscle....then....KABOOM! The whole thing goes to hell. K-cars, Omni's, and the rest of the K-rap. Then....the new 300...and in 2012, the 2nd generation. All I can say is value, beauty, quickness and all wrapped in a luxurious package. Sure...it doesn't get the looks of my Jaguar...but hell it runs every time, so I am impressed. I love this car. Period.

  • Compares favoriable to German Luxury - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I really liked the way the 300S looks very refined and strong. So, I went down to the dealership and drove the beast. I actually went down to drive the SRT, but when I learned the S has 300 HP and gets 32 MPG, I couldnt resist. It drives extremely quiet down the road and the extra gear transmission really makes a difference. Got the 20" wheels, which look great to fill out the wheel wells.

  • Reminds me of a Bentley - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    Of all the cars I have owned the 300 is the best. I compare ir to a Bentley, smooth, great ride and in many ways luxurious. The gas mileage is fantastic, during a recent trip to Canada the 300 averaged 31.4, wonderful for such a large vehicle. The power for a 6 cyl is really superior and the handling is smooth wonderfully reliable and consistant...I dont have to think constantly about what it may do.

  • My best car yet - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I absolutely love this car! In May I took a job in Yuma, Arizona and due to a variety of circumstances I will be commuting weekly between Las Vegas and Yuma for the foreseeable future. Not wanting to beat my Lexus GS450h up on the winding, dipping, bumpy 2 lane 280 mile drive loaded with semi-tractor trailer commerce and lines of traffic, at first I rented. That proved less than satisfactory, so I began looking for a vehicle that was comfortable, good on gas, equipped with spirited engine to pass the big rigs, some convenience features plus a decent sound system and, of course, competitive price. And I was determined to land on made in America.

  • I once said I would never buy American again. - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    OMG...... Now this is the weirdest thing about this vehicle it's a base model but has a couple of features that doesn't come on the base but is in mines so lets say for the argument its a base model 2012 Chrysler 300. It states on the sticker "Up to 19 cty/31 hwy mpg" and it does, I owned a Toyota Corolla as my last car previously had a 2001 Cadillac DTS Honda Accord and a Pontiac since 1997 the mileage is slightly less then the Corolla yeah that's right but I do drive mostly hwy back and forth to work. This car beats the Caddy hands down in ride and performance I accidentally stepped on the gas accessing the highway and for the life of me the car raised up and went .... wow beautiful insi

  • Surprised and pleased - 2012 Chrysler 300
    By -

    I was in need of a full size sedan with decent gas mileage and went out looking. I drove a couple of German options and others. I decided to try the Chrysler 300. I went to the dealer not expecting much, but after test dricing the 300S version, I was hooked and drove him with it that night. It's very quick and it gets an amazing 30 MPG highway. It's very quiet inside and the BEATS audio system is excellent. Finally, an American sedan that can run with the big dawgs from Germany. Nice work Detroit!

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