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  • Rental - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    Currently driving this car as a rental and day 1 I cant wait to get rid of it... Very noisy, transmission is horrible, its all over the place, ride is ok, Layout of controls are horrible.. hate the turn knob for transmission, what a joke and very easy to make a mistake, seats are pretty comfortable, breaking is horrible, but could just be the rental. I have a 2016 Kia Sorento and cant wait to get it back because it puts this chrysler to shame.

  • Only for the short and svelte - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    OK, I'm 5'11" and a bit overweight. I almost broke my neck getting into the drivers seat of this car. I had to literally sit on the door sill in order to fit my head under the top of the door opening. Unbelievable! Hello Fiat-Chrysler, not everyone is 5 foot 8 inches and below 160 lbs. You are leaving out a lot of people with this design.

  • nine gears really? - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    the typical buyer of this 200 s does not need 9 speeds .Only the company wants it.It would be better suited for a 6 speed tranny guy!!!!!!!!

  • My 2016 200 limited has the V6 not listed - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    This car is really handsome. I bought it from an Audi dealer where it was used as a courtesy car. Only has 2,600 miles on it and looks brand new. I really like it. Mine is black with black. On the Audi lot it fit in so well among the Audis I couldn't find it when I first showed up to look at it! The interior is stunning. I have the moon roof and the largest touchscreen, too. This is the 90th Anniversary Model. The seats are cloth but have a very high end look as well. I did a lot of research before selecting the 200 Limited. As far as the 9 speed transmission is concerned, my works just fine. I think issues people seem to be having are more with the 4 cylinder engine which may not have enough torque to really power this tranny. Another possible explanation could be that we just aren't used to a 9 speed. It definitely is a different experience than a traditional 5 speed. The point of this design is fuel economy. The trans uses the highest gear possible to have the engine run at the lowest RPM possible. I took it up to 90MPH for a short spell and the tach read 1400 RPM. There is a slight lag if you suddenly jam down on the gas from cruise speed but the trans sorts it out quickly and let me tell you, it is one powerful engine! Goes like a mother. The engine is very quiet at low speed but when you punch it, it lets off a great sounding snarl! The best part so far for me is that I rarely see another one on the road despite traveling 50 miles per day to and from work.

  • 200C My Dream Car - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    My 200C is only two months old but if it is as durable as my 2007 Sebring, it will be winner. I have all the electronic packages such as lane sensing, blind spot monitoring, back up camera, adaptive speed control, navigation, heated seats and heated steering wheel. I suggest every buyer select these options because the safety benefits are immeasurable. The transmission is so smooth you would think it is not there. The car is equipped with a four cylinder engine which provides adequate acceleration but outstanding gas mileage. Being 6 feet in height, I do not find headroom tight in the back seat. The body is rock solid and the interior comfort and interior materials used are of the best quality. What more could anybody ask for?

  • No way - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    Glad I rented this car first. I was thinking about getting one, but now there is no way. If you get one better get use to "Key Fob not Detected" The push button start is fine when and if it detects the key fob. The ride noisy and uncomfortable, acceleration is terrible it hesitates. I would never rent one again.

  • Wonderful car - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I looked for a mid sized car that was good looking in and out, had a strong engine, and most of all had all of the latest safety features. The 200 was it. In 2015 only Subaru had all the safety features in this price range but was no where near as nice a car. Once you have driven a car with brake assist, lane departure ,backup warnings, adaptive cruise control,etc, you'll never feel as safe driving another. Beyond safety ,this car has a stunning interior. The trunk is hugh, but the back seat head room is tight like every car with fastback styling. Comfort and handling are excellent. it has every convenience you can think of ,heated steering wheel heated and cooled seats, remote start,lock etc either from the remote or the Internet....I can't remember them all. This car is a true bargin and a winner at any price.

  • Well, you get what you pay for. - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I like the look of the new 200 which is what got me there. I wasn't looking for an expensive car, need met. The car drives "OK", handles, brakes, and features the same. The big problems with this thing is the computer/transmission relationship. IT SUCKS!!!!! This car doesn't know which gear it wants to be in and at it's worse will just stop for a few seconds (when you need acceleration most) to think about it. Three times I've nearly been in an accident as a result of pulling out hoping for a quick acceleration only to find out that this car would rather think about it. To that I have found a solution should you find yourself in a similar situation (until you can buy yourself out of this dysfunctional relationship). I've been driving in "L" or low gear and while my gas milage has suffered a little, the power and acceleration are there when I need it, particularly in stop and go traffic or around town. (On the open highway, "D" works fine.) In low, the computer takes over far before "red line" so no need to worry about blowing ANYTHING and it shifts a if it had a "sport mode", which it doesn't. SOOOO, now I just hate the car rather than loathing it. Beyond that, given that it's rated the worst car two years running the depreciation is horrific. I hope this helps.

  • Never Again - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    I bought the most expensive 2016 200c with every option available plus the extended warranty. Car was great for a month or two then stuff started happening. The adaptive cruise control sensors on front of car have plastic covers that go around them. One fell off, took it to dealer and they said there was never one there and it wasn't covered under warranty. Next the leather started to separate on passenger seat, only 5k miles and 4 months old. Took to dealer they submitted it to Chrysler who denied the claim and said it wasn't under warranty. I called customer care who said there was nothing they could do about it. Will never again buy from a Chrysler or from that dealer.

  • No so Good - 2016 Chrysler 200
    By -

    11 day after owing the car, i had to send to the dealership because the "push-start button and engine light came on". the vehicle decelerates when i drive. I have read reviews of people having the same issues. I m very worried about the owning the car now. I am just waiting for the dealer to finish what they have to do and i will make my decision as to keep it or return it. Chrysler can do better

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