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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe has been fully redesigned. Highlights include increased standard and optional equipment including an integrated fold-flat third-row seat, updated exterior styling, a quieter and higher-quality interior and slightly improved fuel economy.

  • Available nine-person seating capacity
  • Quiet highway ride
  • Impressive interior quality.
  • Strong V8 power
  • Stout towing capacity
  • Cramped kids-only third-row seat
  • Lazy gas pedal responsiveness.
  • No telescoping steering wheel for base LS
  • Bumpy, trucklike ride without optional adaptive suspension
  • High cargo floor and load height

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  • outstanding - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
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  • disappointment - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
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    Worst tahoe ever. Took away front tow hooks, 373 gears,low range ,removable back seats, body panel are thin as a pop can . Dents easily. Body trim panels blew off in car wash. Computer went out. AC went out. Back door leaks. Constantly gear hunting and shifting. Terrible for town driving. Backup camera is useless on the radio screen! Door handles very cheep. Interior molding cheep end scratch and smudge easily. Lots of cabin issues on bumpy roads, uncomfortable rattling ect.

  • love it - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
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  • Design flaws will cost you a bunch 2015 LTZ - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    Wind deflector sits 8 inches from ground when tires inflated at max 40+ psi. Catches tire stops and when backing out, binds deflector and rips deflector off and pulls front fender out. Both items have to be replaced. Cost 1400.00$. I've had this to happen to my LTZ twice in 6 months. There is no solution that does not revoke warranty. GM Rep aware of problem but won't help. Should be concidered under the lemon law. GM don't care. I can see low deflector on small cars, but not a high sitting car (AKA TRUCK FRAME) wish someone told me before I bought it, I would have chosen another suv.

  • Born in the USA - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    Traded a MBZ for a Chevy! If you are into status and frustrating electronics, don't buy a Tahoe. But if you want a great vehicle that is user friendly, then its the Tahoe. This is one BMW/MBZ/Jaguar owner who has just had enough of those brands. After spending $1800 replacing stupid Pirelli tires on my MBZ after three blowout/flats and having to sue MBZ for restitution because they blew me off, I decided to move on. Love my new Tahoe!

  • REALLY tires to fast - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    With 24775 miles I have replaced all your tires, REALLY. I have never replaced tires so fast and this.is my 3rd tahoe. I am extremely disappointed. Chevrolet has gone cheap on the new tires. Before the tires were great. I am in the same profession I was 16years ago and the distance I drive.to work is 7.2 miles.

  • worst truck and no support from GM - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    there are not enough space in back,try to get the jack out when you have flat tire most of the technology on this truck wont work, the dealer and GM does not support the customer to fix the problem ,I have an LTZ model and I have so many problems with it I ask everyone to think good before buying this truck, some of the problem I have this 2015 Tahoe are,automatic lift gate sticks open sometimes and wont close with I push the close push button,some times the door steps get stuck and open pull out when I open the door,one day I was driving and notice that I lost the lights on bottom dash board where the climate control are I had to stop turn the truck off and restart it ,my driver seat keep breaking the dealer fix it ones and the problem came back again,and the last thing on it so far was when I push the start /stop button to turn the truck off the truck did not shut off I had to push the button few times til the engage shut off,I will keep update on this page on any new problems I will have on my truck to make everyone aware of this truck and let them think twice before buying since GM does not care about the customer.

  • Town or Country - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    We love our new Tahoe 4x4 LTZ! We've had it for 3 months and taken it on long trips and towed our 7,000 lb boat 6 hours to the beach and back. It truly excels at every task. My wife calls it the perfect truck for town and country. We love the 3rd row folding seats, the entertainment system, the towing and braking capabilities, comfort, and look of the Tahoe. It's just been a great vehicle for us and we wanted to share our opinion. Although I read lots of reviews, I've never written one before. I was happy to take a few moments to tell you why we love our truck and recommend it to you if you're considering it versus any other large SUV.

  • My 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Rocks!!!! - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    As a woman, I find my 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe to be easy to handle, extremely comfortable, great looking and the best vehicle purchase I have made in 25 years. My new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Rocks!!!!!!

  • I've Ditched German Engineering for USA! - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
    By -

    After owning 6 Mercedes (and 1 Volvo, 1 Toyota, and 1 BMW,) I've turned to the good old USA. My last car was a 2009 MB ML 320 Bluetec, and was nothing but serious, expensive trouble. And the main reason I started looking at the American made vehicles was because I just got sick and tired of the constant insane maintenance costs. So my expectations weren't super high when I walked into the Chevy dealer. But I was instantly surprised when I got into the new 2015 Tahoe. Now that I have 32K miles on the odometer (I drive a LOT!), I have to say that I love it even more. After all of the supposed "luxury" cars I've owned over the years, this Tahoe seems to be the best built, most comfortable, and nicest riding car/truck. The ergonomics are excellent. Great stereo, GPS, Rear camera, etc. I do mostly highway driving, and I've been getting 24-25mpg on the highway, with a high of 26.5mpg. Around town i get 21-22mpg. Handling is spot on, and always feel well controlled and safe. I have towed with it, and actually forgot that the loaded trailer was even back there! Plus, I think it really is a great looking SUV. I wish that the rear floor was lower. That's my only complaint. The dealers have been great. I have yet to pay for any service, so out of curiosity I recently asked what my oil changes will cost after warranty. About $40! I never escaped from the Mercedes dealer for less than $250! My father has the Ford Expedition, and used to love it until he drove my Tahoe. Now he is Tahoe Shopping.

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