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  • Best vehicle I found for the $$$ - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
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    I did a ton of research online before making my decision. I considered every large sedan below $40,000 and found that the LTZ was the best car that I could buy. When I finally saw it in person it confirmed my choice. The car is filled with all of the latest technology if properly equipped and has more than enough room for 5 people with a huge trunk. Power is more than adequate though the transmission is a little busy hunting for the right gear. It just takes some getting used to as its trying to maximize fuel economy. The RemoteLink app is a brilliant piece of work. The ability to safely start your car then send it your next destination saves time and is just downright cool. Search for an in-stock top-of-the-line model to find the best value for the money. Looks like the other reviewers may have had a bad sales experience but no such complaints here

  • Impala LTZ2 - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
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    I have owned 2007 Impala LTZ and before that 2000 Impala. I love the car so I keep getting a newer version. I am a Chevy guy and think its as good as it gets with the Impala LTZ.

  • Best car I've ever owned!! - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    Don't let the name Impala scare you awake! This is a new generation of Impala and it is beautiful and high tech!!! It has every bell and whistle and comfort feature you could ask for in a luxury car. This is the best car I have ever owned!!!

  • 3 X Lucky - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    This is my 3rd Impala since 2004. I traded the 04 just a few yrs. ago for a pre-owned 2013. (All I had done to besides regular service , was brakes, and tires once, traded it with150,000 miles). Then bought a pre-owned 2013 LTZ. ( Besides regular service and a set of tires ) traded it with 65,000 miles on it for a 2016 model. I have had this one for a week and love it! Averaging 24 mpg in city! ( with a V6 ) Looks and drives great, with plenty of room (I am 6'2" ). Looking forward to my road trip next month. I have either been 3X lucky or these are just great cars.

  • Uncomfortable - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    This is one of the least comfortable cars that I have ever driven. There are multiple ergonomic problems. First, the headrests ridiculously far forward. They push your head and neck forward putting strain on your neck. Half an hour behind the wheel and you will have a headache for the rest of the day. Next, the center console is too tall and too far forward and is not adjustable. With your hands on the steering wheel and 9 and 3, it is impossible to turn right without going through a series of elbow contortions. This is unsafe. If an emergency right turn were necessary it might not be possible. Third, the view in the rear view mirror is restricted to a small sliver. The rear parcel shelf is so high that it is barely possible to see the roof of the car following. The interior materials are cheap, but this is a rental car, so that is to be expected. However, a $30,000 car should at least have a leather wrapped steering wheel, not one made of foam rubber.

  • Great looking car - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    We have had to have the Bluetooth fixed aand the side detection right side mirror fixed in the 3 weeks we have had the car. The navigation panel was blank for 3 times one day.

  • First Car last car - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
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    My first car 51 years ago was a Chevy, Haven't bought one since until I test drove the new Impala LTZ. Very nice, I came out of a CTS which I liked a lot , I like this at lest as much for $20,000 less.

  • best of the lot - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    I had owned a Mercury Montego (just like the Ford 500) which by far was the most comfortable sedan I have every owned. But it came with electrical issues and transmission problems. So I checked all good size sedans out there and the Impala was the best subtitute Icould find. Nice quiet, comfortable ride, with a great instrument panel. The 4-cylinder was more than adequate. Not as easy getting in and out of but OK. One major complaint is rear visibilty. One minor complaint, owners manuel comes with no nice case and even without it does not fit in any front seat compartments (including the glove box). All in all a great car.

  • Best Car at the Best Price - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
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    When my car unexpectedly died last month, I was thrown into the car market. I typically take a long time to decide, but this time, I needed a car. Immediately, I found the best car for the best price. The Impala has the highest Consumer Reports rating for a non-luxury sedan. It beats all Camrys and Accords, everybody. Then, in the month of June, GM offered 20% cash back on Impalas. 20%!!! The Impala I bought is loaded: V6 engine, Navigation, Leather Seats, Sunroof, Adaptive Cruise Control, 20" Wheels. Sticker was $41,720. After all the discounts, I paid $30.750 !!! Thank you GM!

  • Drive on city roads and highway before you buy - 2016 Chevrolet Impala
    By -

    Got this as a rental thinking I was getting a good car. First thing is I hit my head getting in (I am only 5,8) visibility is poor being blocked by the rear view mirror on the front, head rest on the side and a very narrow rear window. It lacks power, the engine sounds like it is constantly struggling under the slightest attempt to accelerate, the transmission is constantly downshifting and up-shifting. It feels like it gets stuck between gears before finally completing the shift. I only drive in manual now. Throttle response is slow. Minor things: the center console cover is difficult to open, the drink holders are too small, back up camera picture is fuzzy, the electronic manual shifter is located on top of the gear shift so if you happen to rest your hand on it the car will inadvertently change gears. Positives: the seat is comfortable and I like the way it handles on back roads. I would not buy this car.

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