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  • My first X6! - 2016 BMW X6
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    Have owned 3 X5's, a 5 series and a 3 series over the years and have always wanted an X6. When I saw the new design I had to have one. Ordered the dark olive directly from South Carolina. Only took 3 weeks to get it after ordered. Love everything about it! Now, if you have kids and you need more space for traveling etc. then this isn't for you. I drive the car primarily and my wife and I have already taken trips. It's the perfect fun vehicle for a middle aged empty nester like me.

  • This car over delivered - 2016 BMW X6
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    We have owned (4) prior BMWs (1 325IS and (3) Z4s) the latest was a 2013 Z4. Loved the roadsters but needed something more practical yet sporty. The 2016 X6 was the ticket. We looked closely at the X4 but it was an odd size and would no meet our needs. The X6 has plenty of headroom, front and rear seats. It rides exceptionally well and is incredibly smooth. It is very agile for its size, trust me I know agile having (3) Z4s and this car is agile. It moves well, has excellent, smooth acceleration when you need it and is a pleasure to drive. We have the 35is motor and in my opinion is all you need. We have been to the mountains with a load for two people and had no trouble so I wouldn't recommend the 8 cylinder and the extra fuel consumption that goes with it. My wife was worried that she would miss her roadster and she has said now numerous times that she loves her X6, loves how it looks and drives. The only gripe we have I that it is a little tricky to get in and out of since it does not have a upper handle but not a big problem and you get used to it. Everything else about this car has been outstanding and far better than I thought it woud be. Also, we get constant comments on how nice of a car it is from neighbors, friends and strangers so that is fun. We own the white X that does not have the M body but has the aluminum running boards. Hope this is helpful for you if you are considering this vehicle.

  • 2016 x6 - 2016 BMW X6
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    Brakes make a lot of noise in cold, moist conditions. Very loud!

  • BMW Owner since 2000. - 2016 BMW X6
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    Outstanding BMW performance; Exceptional styling;

  • This "Ain't" Your Daddy's SUV! - 2016 BMW X6
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    If you want an SUV by one, if you want a sports car buy one. If you are stuck somewhere in between and want the best of both worlds, the X6 M sport is the SAV for you! The genesis of the crossover revolution, all others are imitations.

  • 2016 BMW X6 xDrive 35i Carbon Black Metallic - 2016 BMW X6
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    After owning and driving this car for almost one year here is my take on it. First let me say that I was sold on this car before the salesman pulled over to let me drive it purely based on how comfortable the upgraded seats were and how powerful it felt on the road. Quiet, powerful, and a very smooth acceleration. The 5.0 or M version is tempting, but really not necessary for me because this car gets out of its own way quickly. It seats five with ease, and unless you are over 6'5" the back seat is perfectly fine, and I have not had any problems filling up the rear with a ton of groceries. I own the M sport, loaded with options that are actually very easy to use and I usually do. The navigation screen is huge and clear. I like the sloping roof line and M sport molding much better than the X5 or any other similarly shaped SUV. Recently took a road trip (1800 miles) and it was extremely comfortable. I usually swap out my cars every 1-2 years, but I do believe I will hold on to this one for quite a while longer.

  • You have to live with it to really know... - 2016 BMW X6
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    I'm a wagon guy. A utility guy. A lover of great handling, powerful cars. I spend my money on cars. To me the ultimate car for the money is a GTI, or maybe a truck if you want the ultimate in utility. But let's say you can afford to splurge on a luxury car... why would you get an X6? Well, first off I have a truck. And a sports car(911). And a wagon(BMW 530). But the wagon is getting older and it was time for a replacement. So naturally I got the X6M as the ultimate wagon. That was a little over a year ago and when it was time to get rid of my wife's third row SUV(Mercedes GL550) for something smaller she decided on... another X6! This time the six cylinder X35i. I was surprised. But this is a surprising vehicle. Don't believe what they say about its storage space, there is a ton, trust me. Like fill up two shopping carts at Costco and fold down the rear seats and watch the X6 swallow it all, space. Which brings me to the X5's cargo space. This is the same car as the X5, just without the tall rear, so in the x5 you really only gain the space above the cargo area where you would stack stuff, and then you can't see out the back window. If you have one vehicle that extra space in the x5 might be important, but if you have a truck or don't usually buy big items you won't miss it. As I said the X6 has a LOT of space in its own right. Also, don't believe what they say about the rear seat room. I'm 6ft. tall and there is three inches of room above my head, and a large amount of legroom. The back seat is actually much more comfortable than the X5's which feels a little like a bench. Now for the good stuff... The X6 is an incredibly fun vehicle to drive. I have a 911. I have an X6M. I know fun. The 35i is a potent engine with great throttle response and a sublime transmission. The suspension is firm, never harsh and entices you to drive this thing like a race car. The brakes are stout. The steering is not 911 or X6M great but it's pretty good and the really the only thing drive-wise they could improve in my opinion. The steering is too light but if you're not jumping out of a 911 or X6M or GTI or BRZ you might not realize that it's not perfect. Want to go off-road? I drove an X3 through the off-road course at the BMW plant in South Carolina and trust me you can do a lot with the x-series BMW's. I go to Moab. I drive Jeeps on their gnarly routes. The X6 won't do that but don't underestimate its abilities off-road, it is very impressive. And the interior, oh my the interior. Wow, wow, wow. Gorgeous. Quality. Comfort. Perfection. The exterior? Well I like it. I don't love it like the 911 exterior, or a Ferrari. But it is different and there is something about this car that makes you take notice. I think it's cool, if a bit quirky. As I said, you really have to live with this vehicle to realize how great it is. One pleasant surprise has been our MPG with the X6. We are averaging over 20MPG in mixed driving with lots of hills. Our old diesel Mercedes GL averaged 20 and we thought that was great. 20MPG for this sporty, gas vehicle is super impressive and I have heard of people getting over 30 MPG on the highway. So if you are looking for a versatile vehicle that drives fantastic and provides a lot of utility while being stylish and different check out the X6.

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