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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 BMW X1 carries over unchanged.

  • Good fuel economy.
  • Quick acceleration
  • Strong engines
  • Sport sedan-like handling
  • Cramped backseat
  • Automatic stop-start system is intrusive.
  • Small cargo capacity

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  • Underwhelmed....ho...hum. - 2015 BMW X1
    By -

    Sure, its got sporty get-up-and-go and handling, but that is where the over-achievement ends. Otherwise, its just "OK" as far as luxury brand vehicles go. A quick list of the less-than-optimal "features": -windows VERY quick to fog up when heat is on -limited back-seat leg-room -HD radio degraded within 1st year -initially very quiet and within 6 months became significantly louder -computer system frequently alerting (then not alerting) that all 4 tires were either low and/or flat and then not alerting on this -computer system frequently alerting that radiator fluid was needed (within months of purchasing car and after adding fluid) and then not alerting on this

  • Not happy - 2015 BMW X1
    By -

    Number of things that bother me. 1. front door handles will pinch the fire out of your fingers if you are not careful. 2. after 600 miles the car only gets 18.2 mpg in Dallas traffic. 8 miles below what they say it should get. 3. not much of a pickup 4. wheel base porpoises a lot.

  • Sport Hatchback that BMW doen't technically make - 2015 BMW X1
    By -

    I know that everyone is jumping in the small crossover SUV pool but the X-1 (in my opinion) doesn't really strike me as an SUV. What it strikes me as is a 3 Series of 2 generations ago, re-imagined as a sport hatchback. I've had mine for a couple months and I really couldn't be happier with my decision. Mine is loaded: Ultimate package, X-Line package, Adaptive Xenon Lighting package, Cold-weather package, etc. but I bought it as a dealer demo with 6,800 miles on it so it was about $8,000 or so below sticker. We are empty-nesters and my wife has a Ford Explorer so I really could have gotten by with a smaller sport sedan or even a coupe (I test drove both). However, I am a cyclist and backpacker so having a bit more utility in the vehicle I drive every day kind of put the X-1 over the top for me. Plus the price was lower than a 3 series or a 228i AND I really don't feel like I gave up much in the way of driving dynamics. With 240hp and 260 lb/ft of torque, there is simply gobs of power on tap in this 3,500 lb car. I got the rwd version (we don't get much snow if any) so it handles like a true German sports sedan. It's shorter (nose-to-tail), narrower and lighter than the 3 Series wagon and it's like 9 inches shorter (in height) than the X3 so it really is more of a hatchback than a wagon or SUV. I also like that it has 7" of ground clearance: not enough to introduce too much lean in the corners, but enough to not have to worry about hitting curbs and parking barriers in parking lots. It's a very nice touring car on your favorite 2 lane hwy (or even the interstate) and it scoots around town or back roads as zippy as you want to. It has plenty of headroom in front and back. Negatives? Leg room in the back is a bit tight for adults, only 2 will comfortably ride in the back (due to the transmission tunnel), and there's a bit too much wind and road noise on the interstate for a BMW (in my opinion--having owned BMWs before). All of that I can live with because the virtues of this car far outweigh the negatives.

  • Goldilocks Size, Gold Bullion Price - 2015 BMW X1
    By -

    A base model is, affordable by BMW standards, but to get the rear-view camera, you have to buy the costly nav and "driver assist" packages. The best interior (IMO) is the extra cost Terra/Petrol leather (Milk chocolate with white/blue piping) which only comes with the extra cost XLine Package that includes 18 inch lower profile (harsher riding and more expensive to replace) tires. Not really for a large family of large people, but for our purposes, occasionally carrying four normal size adults, it's perfect. All that said, we stretched our budget for a well optioned car with a sticker of $43,245 and we love it.

  • Satisfied not amazed - 2015 BMW X1
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    After 2000 miles in good and bad weather, I would say I'm satisfied but not amazed with the X1. This SAV is responsive and handles well. I was impressed with the stability in snow and ice. My disappointment is mostly with the base bluetooth interface. Old technology and not what should be standard on a premium vehicle. Like the transmission, hate the shifter. Is it a great value? Is it the best vehicle of its type? Perhaps not. It is my 5th BMW and 2nd currently owned. (Z4) something keeps bringing me back. If not the ultimate driving machine, it's a drivers vehicle and you don't get that from a subaru. Enough said.

  • fun exciting peppy little cuv - very pleased. - 2015 BMW X1
    By -

    Very cool good looking high build quality vehicle with peppy engine and precise steering with good road feel but still highly comfortable and luxurious. If you are not looking for a big vehicle, then this is definitely the one to get since it is more practical than a sedan like 3-series, but with all its fun. It is not cheap as some people suggest - if you add up all the options that are standard on 3-series, it gets more expensive than a 3-series. So in that sense it is better since the options are just that - optional.

  • quick and nimble with no cost maintenance. sign me up. - 2015 BMW X1
    By -

    i have now 13k miles on my X1. i got the 4 cylinder but it is very quick with 250lb torque. steering is precise and after 13k miles there is no problem and tires and brakes are fine. person wrote brakes gave out after 1,000 miles? he must be a cadillac dealer. there is no way they give out and if they did BMW replaces them. the start stop feature saves gas but it's optional to use. i turn it off mostly so i can have more fun but it is optional, so it's not an issue. the back seat is small. the cargo is small. it is not an SUV. it's a cross over.

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