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  • Only on day 2....but my 4th BMW - 2016 BMW 7-Series
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    Consider what comes standard on the series. What features are most important to you and what you can afford. I wanted the horsepower of the 750 but opted for the 740 because of the actual improbability that I would be racing the car..so far I am beyond impressed and don't want to get out of the car. I will say that the interval materials feel a bit less quality wise than my 550...was built in 2008. They have made some other refinements that balance the overall experience. I am a lifelong bimmer enthusiast. Update: 6/14/16 I am in love! I really have no complaints about the car. I did have to add radiator fluid...which is weird for this year model. I will see if that problem repeats itself. So far so good! The learning curve is sharp with this car as the technology is very advanced. I must retract my comment above based upon horsepower because I have now driven the 750 and the difference in driving experience definately does not justify cost. Overall, really content with my purchase!

  • 2016 750i xDrive (G12 Platform) - 2016 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    After having a less than acceptable ownership and service experience with my 2015 MBZ S63 AMG Sedan (Transmission failures less than 8k miles), I decided to try the new 7. I would have opted for the Alpina B7 had it been avail but due to timing I opted for a 750i xDrive. Although not quite as fast as the much more expensive Benz I traded, this car is far more engaging and athletic to drive. The 4.4L V-8 is silky smooth and the transmission programming is spot on. On a car with as much technology as these high-end sedans have, I much prefer the interfaces and user-friendliness of BMW's approach to controls, infotainment, and gizmos (exception of the seat controls.... MBZ has the best placement for seat controls). The drive settings provide a cadre of options ranging from pillow soft to firm. Perhaps I haven't discovered how yet but I'd like the car to stay in the mode I last drove it in (defaults to comfort every time I start it up). In all drive settings the car performers admirably on road trips over varied pavement. I do notice more dramatic pitch from the front suspension than I am used to in a BMW under hard braking or hard acceleration. I don't opt for the 21" wheels based on other's reviews that they are overly harsh. I am running the 20" M-Sport 5-Spoke wheels on Pirelli Run-Flats and they seem to be a good compromise. I am sure, as with all other BMW's I've owned, performance comes partly at the price of accelerated tire wear. This being a long wheelbase all-wheel drive 7-series, I expect 12-15K miles out of a set of tires tops.... The Bowers & Wilkins Stereo is worth the coin and far superior to the top of the line Burmester Audio in the Benz (Speakers in my AMG were poorly designed/installed and began resonating badly very soon after purchase). My initial impressions on the new 7 series are positive and my hope is I still enjoy my seat time in this car in year 2, 3, and beyond. I believe BMW's biggest strengths in this segment are in it's general user-friendliness of high end features and general quality implementation and refinement of all systems. For me, BMW has done a far superior overall job to MBZ and Audi and worth noting, Tesla (Sorry Tesla, If I want to open my sunroof, I don't want to browse through menus on a big screen to get there....).

  • Lemon!! - 2016 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Sometimes we can not change sat radio stations, was on a two hour car ride and was stuck on Pitbull radio. We can highlight another station, use the scroll wheel on the steering wheel, finger gesture to skip to the next station it will not select or enter. I called the service dept multiple times and finally got through. She said to restart the car. The last 5 or 6 times this happened it took half a dozen to a dozen restarts. I had to turn it off and get out, lock it to put it in hibernation and restart. This is happening more and more with this car. Other issues: -Cruise control will shut off completely on the expressway when you hit a bump. Have to turn it back on and set it again. -moonroof rattles and squeaks, sounds like a ten year old clunker. Have to vent it to stop the noise. Closing the sun shade muffles the noise. -camera's fail for parking. 360 and either front or back camera's. "camera fault" black screen. -safety systems fail and have faults, lane keeping, side monitoring stop working. -adaptive cruise has failed a few times, fault and will not work. sensor fault. Close call with the car in front of me stopping!! -display key locks up a lot. Gets stuck under sub menu's and will not go back to main menu. Have to hold the power button for 30 seconds to reset it. -Display key will not show the correct info on the car. Car is locked and it shows on the key car is unlocked. Will show moonroof or windows are open when they are closed. Had to run outside to double check. -says key battery is dead on the display in dash. Display key is above half full battery. -I played with the auto park feature and it ran the car into the curb twice. -Samsung tablet will not connect to the car for back seat passengers, have to restart a lot or reconnect the tablet to the car. Will not control anything if you can get it beyond the connecting scrolling circle. When the car was delivered to us the BMW genius had issues with the tablet, I could not leave the dealership for a while until he figured it out. -Voice control says it is not available a lot when you hit the button on the steering wheel. Example: I will try to respond to a text message through voice and it will not work, "the function is currently not available" The dealership has been horrible to deal with, can't get it in for two weeks!!

  • HAD THE CAR A TOTAL OF 2 DAYS IN 2 WEEKS - 2016 BMW 7-Series
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    I really don't know what to say about this car other than I'm very disappointed. Had it for 12 hours and it died twice. Got it back a week later and it died again. Both times it died while driving! Needless to say I had it towed out of my garage and did not want it back. I was given a 2016 7 loaner and that died too…..coincidence or is someone trying to tell me something? Don't get me wrong the car is beautiful, but should be spitting out rainbows for the price of the car. It was FULLY LOADED everything you can get I had in the car. So as the saying goes" 3 times is a charm", I am waiting for the new 7 which replaces the first one i leased. Wish me luck…..if this one dies I will NEVER go back. Such a shame.

  • Best car I've owned - so far... - 2016 BMW 7-Series
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    I bought my 7 Series X-Drive with the big V-8, here in Colorado, in early March 2016. I drove this car from Colorado to Palm Springs, CA, shortly after my purchase, and was just amazed at its performance and handling. I traded in a Porsche Panamera 4S (2012) and that was a great car, designed (I think) with my demographic in mind. I'm 75 years old. Before the Panny, I drove 3 Audi A8 L's. This is an incredibly high-tech car, and I discover new things about its innards almost daily. The BMW organization practically fawns over me as a buyer of its top-priced sedan, and I guess I like that. I also really like the full maintenance warranty, so - unlike Porsche-Audi's "turn" over the last few years with their very costly maintenance services, I pay for nothing; although I'd guess it's in the price of the vehicle. Especially at Palm Springs altitude - sometimes UNDER sea level - with all the O2 that location provides, the power of this vehicle with its twin-turbo engine, is astounding. And to my great surprise, my mileage, off the vehicle's computer, was averagiing 30.2 mpg from Boulder to Palm Springs - 1050 miles. Huh? Incredible. And the car's comfortable and ultra-luxurious interior is a pleasure to experience, and the various optional handling levels (suspension, throttle response, shift points) provide varied driving experiences which are a real kick to play with. At my home in Colorado, I live in the mountains overlooking Boulder, and at 8000 feet, the car still runs like a 'Vette - and there are many twists and turns on the roads leading from my Boulder home to Boulder-City, 2400 feet below my front door. If you want ultimate luxury and incredible power and handling, consider this car - the AWD Xdrive is a huge plus for my home area, and so far, it has operated flawlessly. My current miles put on this car add up to just over 4000 road miles, and I hope it runs and handles as well as it currently does, for another 30-40K miles, before my next car must be selected!

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