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This Year's Model Updates:

The Audi A4 returns with minimal changes for 2012 that are limited to a few previously optional features becoming standard along with revisions to the options packages.

  • High-quality cabin
  • Sporty handling
  • Great fuel economy
  • Available wagon body style.
  • Wagon has limited cargo capacity.
  • Unintuitive standard control layout

User Reviews:

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  • Love my A4, great value - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    This car is a great value. I bought it certified pre owned which I don't regret at all. Wonderful warranty come with it, maintenance included for some mileage intervals. The ride on this car is the best of any car I have had, I couldn't imagine a smoother ride at this price point! I like the navigation screen and map, but the screen could be bigger. Infiniti Q50 has the perfect screen size, get the queue from them! Trunk is huge, I love the way the trunk pops open when you hit the switch or button, if you have your hands full it's wonderful. There are hooks in the trunk ceiling for shopping bags so they don't fly around (genius!), both back seats fold down. The Bang & Olufsen stereo is top notch, clear and awesome sound, better than the Bose with Infiniti. I don't like that the car doesn't connect Bluetooth for music on your phone, that is such an easy add for a car company, the connector for the phone to play music is in the glovebox, very odd, and you can't have both that and the headphone connector in the armrest for music. Audi, fix this! I do like the CVT transmission, very smooth ride but it seems to have play in it when taking off sometimes, they can't find anything wrong but it's something to get used to, if they even make this trans anymore. I LOVE the led running lights, has to be my favorite feature! Looks awesome driving, and it's the last year with the individual dot lights before they made the continuous line light, just my preference. The gas mileage is amazing, I get almost 30 mpg with almost all city driving. Freeway driving takes it over 30. With the turbo you can't tell you are driving a 4 cylinder, I can't stress how I hated a 4 cylinder before, but with this car I love it Pros: gas mileage, smooth ride, solid feel, very stylish, big trunk Cons: no Bluetooth music feature, small navigation screen

  • Excellent car - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    I've had my 2012 Avant for 2 years and 27,000 miles and I've experienced no problems so far (knock on wood). It's comfortable on long hauls and I don't get the back aches that I used to. This is odd, because I don't feel like the seats are as comfortable when you first sit in them, but yet, somehow they work well even after 4+ hour drives. It's fairly sporty and has punch when you need it. Very well planted in the rain, lending confidence in adverse conditions. Buttery smooth transmission 97% of the time, but it doesn't like slow stop and go traffic. Putting it in sport for those times stops the lurching.

  • Struck the (almost) perfect balance - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    I got this car as a stylish daily commuter that would also serve my need for winter drives to Tahoe and dinner with clients. Since I drive 90 miles round trip each day I wanted a car that was comfortable, fuel-efficient and stylish. I'm very pleased with the overall interior and exterior design which after looking at the usual suspects I think are clearly best in class. The car has also exceeded my expectations for gas mileage as I've been experiencing low to mid-thirties on the highway. I've been impressed with the important creature comforts during my drives including the seats, adjustable armrest and climate control.

  • Love this car - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    Handling, ride, comfort, and noise level are all fantastic. I average about 30 mpg and I drive pretty aggressively. Build quality is excellent. I have a manual transmission with sport pkg, heated seats, bi-xenon headlights and the upgraded sound system and paid $35K. The stereo is fantastic too. The only problem I've had was the alignment getting out of whack for some reason, but the dealer corrected it and I haven't had any other maintenance issues to report.

  • Think twice.... - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    So after 1.5 years of ownership and 24k miles later I think I can firmly give a sound review. I have an 12 A4 Premium Quattro with convience pk and heated seats. I paid 35K plus taxes. Now for 35k you would expect a basic trip computer....no...xenon headlamps...no. Memory seats...no. These are options that are standard on a TSX. The ride quality is decent, on the highway is where you will feel most comfortable. The city is ok...it just feels sloppy to me. The interior is really nice and comfortable. The MMI is a pain in the ass to use. There is no logic to it in my head. I am not sure what the heck people are talking about in having great gas mileage..I barely get 300 with mix city highway

  • Poor transmission on the front track model - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    The cvt transmission is a nightmare on the front track model. At a stop, it takes a second for the car to take off when you press the gas. This can be a safety issue. I got rid of A4 Front track after two month of frustration and got a quattro instead. This bad choice cost me quite a bit of money. Fortunately, the quattro is a great car.

  • This car burns oil - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    "My car has been burning 1 quart of oil every 2500 miles. The dealer "fixed" it, but it still burns 1 quart every 3000 miles. Both the dealer and Audi told me that 1 quart every 1200 mile is within specs."

  • A4 Disappointment - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    at approximately 1000 miles on the odometer of my 2012 Audi A4 Avant Quattro, a strange noise began from the front area of the engine. The noise happens at the first startup of the engine regardless of ambient temperature. After about 2 minutes when the engine idles down the noise stops. Different Audi technicians at two dealerships have diagnosed the noise as 1) cam tensioners, 2) a bad bearing inside the cam case, 3) secondary blower motor and, 4) lash in the VVT system. None of the technicians have put a wrench on any of the named components because, according to the dealerships' service managers, Audi USA will not authorize repairs. According to Audi USA, the strange noise is a normal fu

  • Cannot duplicate - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    Purchased Nov 8, 2011. Odometer now shows 4015 miles (as of Feb 10, 2012 when it was towed to dealer). Beginning at about 1000 miles, engine made serious noise when first started in the mornings. To an untrained ear, it sounds like a bad bearing noise emanating from something at the front of the engine. Car has been to dealer service twice for a cumulative 9 days. Techs and Service Advisor have listened to audio recordings of the noise, but report that they cannot duplicate the problem hence, they cannot fix the problem. I found several YouTube postings by A4 owners with the same problem. Dealer says, "it's normal," yet, it did not make the noise for the first 1000 miles.

  • So far, so good. - 2012 Audi A4
    By -

    I decided to take a chance on a German vehicle with reservations about reliability. I've put 4k miles on the car so far with no issues. Very happy with all aspects of the car. Handles well, gets good mileage (right at 25 overall) and is very comfortable. I have the sport package and was concerned that the ride might be punishing, however it is just firm and still very comfortable. The dealer experience has been excellent. I've had no issues with it burning excessive oil as some others have had. Hopefully the positive trend will continue.

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