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This Year's Model Updates:

The Audi A3 has been fully redesigned for 2015, with a four-door sedan body style that replaces the old hatchback. A new two-door convertible A3 also joins the lineup midway through the model year.

  • Nimble handling, ample equipment.
  • Efficient and punchy engines
  • Superior cabin quality and design
  • Cramped backseat
  • Small trunk
  • Rearview camera not easily available.

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  • A great smaller Audi - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    I traded a 2013 A4 for an A3 2.0 Premium Plus Quattro. It's about a foot shorter than the A4 and feels sportier and quicker since it has the same engine but is smaller and lighter. The interior is definitely up to Audi standards, but the CD player is placed in the glove box, making it useless when the driver is alone (unless you want to drive into a ditch changing a CD!). The handling is sporty, steering seems tighter than the A4, and the car rides just as well as its larger cousin. The engine is quiet and smooth but there seems to be more road noise than the A4, probably due to less sound insulation. Mileage has been impressive, quite a bit better than the A4. Comfort and space int the front seat seem equal to the A4 but the back is understandably tighter. The bucket seats are firm and comfortable on a long trip. Overall, I love this car--it has Audi's classy styling and quality in a smaller package that's fun to drive.

  • surprisingly missing some standard stuff - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    Let me say right off that I love the car. Having owned 4 diesel VW Jetta's previously, it was time to move up. A few small quibbles though: No heated seats??? Are you kidding? My last Jetta cost 14 grand less and had heated seats. And the big gripe: You cannot move the or extend the sun visors. In other words, if the sun is coming at you from the side and you position the the visor to your left while driving, there is a huge 7 inch gap, which cannot be blocked because the visor will not slide in or out. Again, even the cheaper Jetta could do that. Very annoying. Oh, and the GPS system is fairly useless, and will be expensive to update, and event which can only occur once per year???!!! Stick with Google maps. Other than that, the car is extremely solid, and very confidence inspiring while driving.

  • Lemonade season is almost over - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    Uncomfortable rear seats with no leg room. AC is not as powerful as it should be and will not cool off your passengers in the rear seats. There has been a tapping noise coming from the sunroof which the dealership cannot seem to locate. They stated that this is normal due to the new models all glass sunroof. Experienced a loud whistling noise coming from the ac, Talk about embarrassment. The dealer said there was tree leaves. Lol. Less than a year with this car and already went in to have the ignition switch completely replaced. ( key is removed yet still recognizing a key in the ignition, if you don't pay attention your interior and exterior lights will stay on and your battery will drain) The brakes have started to roll which makes me weary if I ever am in a jam. This has got to be the biggest headache known to man. At less than 11,000 miles my check oil light went on, I'm not sure this was a wise decision. It's time to breakup!

  • Needed more testing w/women drivers - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    I just traded in my Audi A4 for an A3 this spring and am, in general, pretty happy with it. I bought the most tricked out model with driver assist, auto braking, etc/. No one -- I repeat -- no one does driver friendly technology the way Audi does. It's one of the reasons I love the brand. Every time I drive my husband's Mercedes, I cringe at having to deal with an illogical navigation system. I love the car's handling with the exception that it can be a bit trickier than my A4 on curves - perhaps because of the more narrow wheel base. The reason I say that a little more testing with women drivers would have been helpful is because the car lacks a couple of features that a woman will notice. Unlike my A4, the A3 does not have the automatic seat settings so every time I get in the car after having it valet parked, I inevitably have to move the seat back in position. But the thing that drives me absolutely nuts is that the A3 offers ONLY the options of having a driver's door open with the keyless OR all 4 doors. Gentleman - what exactly do you think a lady does with her larger size handbag? Hint: we do not hike it over the console!!!! We put it in the back seat, which means that you should have offered the setting to open only the two doors on the driver's side or allow the doors to open independently. Now, I have no choice but to use the 4-door setting, which makes me more vulnerable to things like carjacking when I get in my car in a parking garage.

  • Audi vs BMW - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    I turned in my leased BMW for an Audi and am not sure I may the right decision. Went with Audi because of the advertised MPG and it's sportiness. I definitely DO NOT get the advertised MPG- I am getting about 28mpg for LA highway/traffic driving. The biggest headache (esp if you surf) is that the Audi does not come with any type of emergency, valet or plastic key. Instead all you get is 2 gigantic fobs. If you surf, you are SOL. I've called Audi, I've called the dealership and many locksmiths and for some unknown, illogical reason Audi USA has opted to not make an emergency key. This is a huge inconvenience. You can take the key apart but if you lease, you'll be responsible for returning 2 functioning keys. Bottom line is that I wish I stuck with BMW!

  • You get a leaky roof with an Audi Convertible??? - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    My A3 has been in the shop a total of 3 visits / 30 days. One visit was never recorded with Audi after 7 days of trying to trouble shoot and duplicate the leaking, which they never did get to leak....supposedly. Took it in twice to a dealer with it physically and they still said I was imagining things. REALLY DISAPPOINTING AND VERY FRUSTRATING after I had such high expectations of buying a luxury European car such as Audi AND FOR THE PRICE. The convertible button is located on the lower console but my puppy (45 pounds) steps on it, it starts rolling up. One other time he stepped on the power button and the doors locked with my key fob sitting on my seat, he stepped on the lock button on the key fob....glad the windows were down partially and I could reach my key. Lesson learned there and really pretty stupid of me to leave my puppy in the car to talk to the mailman, but thought they might make it a bit harder than that to lock yourself out. Surprised the key fob isn't deactivated if detected in the car. Pinch protection on the windows was not working, one day I went to my car after it poured rain for 3 hours and drivers window was down 1/3 of the way and the interior door, seat and floor were soaked. This happened with the passenger rear window as well. The Audi connect never stayed connected, had to go through a big process every time I tried to use it and log in again and again, with a pin and other annoying login criteria, it was only a 3 month trial. After that you pay $500/year for the service and as far as I could tell, you only received a satellite image of the navigation, which for that price I am ok with 3D. Navigation seems really outdated even with the most current version....supposedly. The one thing good about my car is the ride. I do enjoy the handling and peppy pick up, VERY SLOW acceleration which they say because it has a clutch system, which I thought would be instant. Probably should have saved myself $20k and bought a Beetle convertible - same options and details since they are made by the same company. The convertible is lumpy and creases easily. Large amount of road noise which I believe is associated with the top leaking since it is not sealing properly. The Quattro is very nice in the winter. Glitchy annoyances like after closing convertible it turns my heater on full blast and it's 90 degrees out. If you switch from radio screen to navigation it goes to radio stations in the area not the presets that it was on so you have to switch back and hit the preset button again. I could go on and on......I would pass if I were you!!

  • Great car, not perfect. - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    Pros: Low MSRP for a luxury car. Interior was extremely well built. Very quiet ride, very comfortable. Driving was great besides acceleration. Good fuel economy if you don't drive it very hard. Cons: Tight headroom for the backseat. Subpar cargo capacity, less than a BMW 3 series. Slow acceleration. I think this car is amazing! If you don't mind the cargo being slightly smaller than average, I'd say this is the best compact car EVER! Besides, the cargo space is enough unless your carrying something huge, in which case you don't want ANY compact sedan. Be aware that this is my opinion on this car, your experience will most likely be different.

  • Horrible experience with Audi A3 Cabriolet - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    I leased a new 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet from Audi Palo Alto in October. A few weeks back as the car was climbing a hill enroute to Lombard street in San Francisco in Traffic, it started slipping backwards and refused to accelerate upwards. The cars behind me naturally honked and drivers were mad at my car not only blocking traffic but slipping backwards. When I switched off the car and tried restarting it would not start for 10 min. After 10 min, it started again and went up 100 feet and again slipped backwards. Somehow after an hour long traumatic experience, I got out of the hill. Following this, I had a horrible experience with the service team at Audi Palo Alto too...

  • First Teutonic love affair - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    This is my first Audi and I have to say I'm in love. The little 1.8 pulls hard at the lower end and the grip is seemingly endless. I constantly catch myself pushing its limits in the corners and even when the limit is hit the electric steering does a good job of letting me know. When not bombing corners, the car is incredibly composed and serene, especially at highway speeds. I've never been happier and I'm actually let down when I hop in any other vehicle. The audi service department is also excellent. Whenever I go in for an oil change or otherwise they seem to throw me the keys to a rental and get everything taken care of quickly.

  • All round excellence! - 2015 Audi A3
    By -

    I have driven my 2015 Audi A3 for 1 week as of today. I have a Premium and only upgrade is to cold weather package. This car delivers an excellent value for the purchase price and is surprisingly well equipped for a base, entry level model. It has standard sun-roof, leather seats, an incredibly easy to use MMI system and with my upgrade heated seats. Working with my Audi sales rep was a very pleasant and experience and my purchase was made both easy and fun. Trading from a Jeep Commander, I was concerned about how I would feel driving a small sedan again, but the A3 feels confident and controlled. Couldn't be happier!

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