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For 2016, the Acura ILX gets freshened front and rear end treatments, including new LED headlights, for a sharper look. The base 2.0-liter engine is no longer available, so the previously optional 2.4-liter engine is now standard in every ILX, and this year it produces some additional torque and comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Lastly, there are several new safety features available, including a blind-spot warning system, rear-cross traffic alerts, lane keeping assist, forward collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control and a multiview back-up camera.

  • Strong value and a generous number of standard features
  • Roomy rear seat for its class.
  • Balanced approach to ride quality and handling ability
  • Subpar interior materials
  • Infotainment interface isn't as user-friendly as some rivals.

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  • Hard to Categorize - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    This is a great combination of luxury and economy. I paid $9,000 less than the dealer's best offer on a comparable BMW 320i. It's pretty quick at 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds ( .2 seconds faster than the BMW according to zeroto60times.com) but still gets 36 mpg (the same as the BMW epa estimate) on the highway. After driving the BMW 320i and the X1, the ILX interior materials seemed just slightly inferior. And the noise and handling were just a little off. I am very sensitive to squeaks and rattles. So far, not a single one. The 8 speed DCT is very smooth and precise. Driving in sport mode changes everything. The shift points are at much higher revs and the engine responds much more quickly. This is my second Acura. I drove the first one for nearly 200,000 miles and all I did was change the fluids and bulbs...not a single problem. I can't attest to the reliability of the ILX, but I'm betting it will be similarly phenomenal. The expert reviews are all over the map on this one. Do you compare it with a Toyota Corolla, or a BMW 2 or 3 series? Therein lies the problem. They have to put it in a category to make sense of all the vehicles and this one doesn't fit. You have to read between the lines.

  • I love it - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    I absolutely adore this car. I have no idea what some people are talking about regarding the seats being uncomfortable. These are the most comfortable seats I've ever driven in. This car is just what I was looking for...a beautiful, reliable and luxurious commuter. The white model really turns heads and by the first week I'd already gotten so many compliments. Interior road noise is perfect, road feel is excellent, steering is excellent, ever little detail in his car screams luxury. Really nothing bad I can say about this car, and no I've not been paid to say these things...this car is just that good.

  • My second Acura ILX - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    Got a great deal to trade my 2013 ILX for a 2016 ILX Premium pkg Granite Luster/Graystone interior. I never had any problems with my 2013 and really like the updates on the new one. Performance is up due to the new engine but the old one was efficient and peppy. Good ride quality and very good value in the entry level luxury class. Compare to A3, CLA feature for feature and you'll see what I mean.

  • ILX Tech pack. - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    Got the ILX like 3 weeks ago, so far no problems, fast, corners nicely, good on gas, I like better than the A3, felt cramped inside, handles as well as IS250, anyone feels differently about you are subject to your own opinion, I am not a critic just a regular guy typing my own views...

  • Bells and Whistle Galore! - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    I really love this car. It has everything I wanted for a great price! PRO: ($30,000 out the door) This is the perfect car for me since I am not searching for people's envy. This car has everything in my opinion. It has great gas mileage(I am averaging 32/gallon), galore of standard features like my favorites(resetting the gas odometer and mileage whenever I refuel, also 3 different backup camera viewing angle was very helpful when I need to back into my garage). The leather are very comfortable. Stereo with 7 speakers and sub-woofer, usb, bluetooth, HDMI, and sat radio keeps me going on my daily grind. Great value for my hard earned cash. I would recommend this car to anybody that appreciate great value and reliability. CON: If you are looking for true luxury entry-level luxury sedan, this is not it. As per the review said, the interior are nice but not as luxuries as Mercedes or Audi. It does not drive with peppiness that you get with Mercedes or Audi. I find the acceleration weak but the thing is because this car is trying to save gas, so it keep shifting below 2000rpm....(you can do manual shifting if you are into burning up your gas and driving faster). Your neighbor is not going to b like "oh my! you got a new Mercedes or Audi!). But you know what? I got good price and great value for my car so F the neighbor...haha!

  • Better than my A4 - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    Was talked into buying a 2016 ILX certified pre-owned with 2,000 miles and it was the best life decision I have made. Premium (leather pwr pass /drvr seats, etc.) Acura Watch Plus fully loaded (not A Spec) with 100,000 bumper to bumper, free roadside assistance, those expensive rubber trunk/floor mats,and 7 complimentary oil changes /tire rotations for $27,000 and 0% financing. It handles like my old 1997 A4 Quattro 6 speed and not like the over priced, poorly designed, bastard-driving Audi's-BMWs-Mercs of this generation. I used the paddle shifters to easily drive through icy conditions and felt incredibly safe. It corners as well as my old A4, looks great, and with the Acura Watch Plus, I feel safer than I did in my large SUV. Use your turn signal and the car tells you everything around you. Forget about the turn signal light on the side mirrors, you don't need it. Rear camera, lane departure, adaptive cruise, brake warning, BLIS, all standard with the Acura Watch Plus. The best part is the driver can not only manually enable and disable, but also modify the settings for almost each feature. Couldn't do that with the Volvo, Audi, BMW or Merc I test drove. Got a job in LA and drove this car I-40 from NC to CA and at one point on cruise control, I looked down and the meter registered 500 miles before empty. Normal city driving is usually closer to 350 miles per tank. Cruising at 90+ felt like 55...so watch the speedometer. The nav system takes about 20 seconds to register once you start the car, but it got me through 2500 miles and not one wrong turn. It even automatically reset the time zones for me. I knew exactly where I was all the time. The complaints about its awkwardness is probably from some professional reviewer who was paid by Volvo. The bluetooth is clean and clear and Siri sync works 99.5% of the time if only Apple would update software more often. If I had to complain, the pass through is right at the wheel house, so it narrows and you lose about 12 inches of space where the seat drops. But I was still able to load the trunk with two 40" LED TVs with oops I forget to pack this in the moving van room to spare. People are really impressed with its comfort and style. I drove 2500 miles in 3 days and the seat was incredibly comfortable. Best part is I laugh when I pull up to get gas and all the PREMIUM UNLEADED people watch their $$$ pour right into their tank. My 1997 Audi was great, but when it needed repairs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and $$. I've owned American muscle cars and European sport sedans and a crappy Nissan Maxima swearing I would NEVER buy a Japanese car again. This Acura is the best car I've EVER owned and I know I will easily and safely get over 100,000 or miles out of it. Shhhh... don't let the secret get out.

  • Electronic safety systems reduce driving effort - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    **NOTE** ILX not TLX -- I liked everything about this car except for a few items -. Hate the speech recognition system: doesn't recognize my commands, very inflexible command structure,. Cabin noise is to high with the premium tires, the navigation system is not compressive with current systems., even, no speed limit indication, messy to input destinations and 2nd waypoints. The good thing is Siri works well and does understand voice commands. Likes: snappy, 8 speed transmission is outstanding, Best reason to own are the electronic safety controls. These take about 50% of the effort out of long distance driving. Also getting 39 mpg on highway trips. Low roof for tall people

  • 31 months- 62000 miles - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    Like other Hondas I have owned in the past, this 2016 ILX has been flawless. It doesn't drive like a BMW or Audi, but it handles very well and the ride is good, except on rough pavement. I love all of the tech gadgets and the sound system is good. I live in the city, but most of my work commute is on the highway. I am a stickler for gas mileage and this car does not disappoint. It routinely gets over 40 mpg on the highway, averages 36 in mixed driving, and has never clocked less than 31 mpg (winter) on a tank of gas. I run it with regular gas and have seen no difference in performance compared to premium.

  • I LOVE this car! - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    This car has met all of my expectations and surpassed most of them, it is everything I was looking for at a very reasonable price point. I previously owned a 2014 Civic EX 4dr, which I bought, at least partially, because Civics are traditionally modders, with a lot of potential for customization. Not so much the case (mechanically) anymore, unless you get the SI, but I work in the city and bumper to bumper commuting with a manual, forget it. At any rate, the ILX offered everything I wanted my Civic to become, sporty, both in appearance and performance (big emphasis on performance), as well as more luxury and Honda/Acura's legendary reliability. I did a LOT of research before pulling the trigger on the purchase and I just don't think that anything out there can touch the ILX if price is at all an issue for you. Go to Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus websites and "Build and Price" their entry level offerings with same/similar features and you will see what I mean. In NONE of those cases are you getting anywhere near the ILX in features, performance, quality or reliability for under 40K (the model I bought, w/ premium package, stickers at $30,820 with destination charges). If you are looking to buy a status symbol, this isn't the car for you, but if you want luxury quality and performance combined with unmatched reliability, this is definitely worth a look and test drive, I consider it a class leading example of what I call "practical luxury". Also worth mention, I had a 2015 ILX base model (with the 2.0) loaner for a day and a half while the dealership installed a remote start and was NOT impressed, the 2015 would not have won me over, I would still be driving the Civic, so if you have an earlier model and weren't pleased or it didn't meet your expectations, give the 2016 a test drive. The only Cons I have to offer are getting into and out of the vehicle (at 5'11" with short legs and a long torso) can be slightly awkward and low speed crawl can be chunky at times (for the first week till you get used to shift points) however from the reviews I have read on its competitors it still excels in this area (I haven't test driven any of them). UPDATE: After 8 months driving it every day, I still love this car. My only takeaway after 8 months is that without Navi the 2 screen layout can feel pretty redundant, but that's such a first world problem I don't even feel good complaining about it. Sport mode is awesome, whether or not you use the paddle shifters, which by the way can be used in normal drive mode as well.

  • Awesome Entry Luxury - 2016 Acura ILX
    By -

    This is a great car in the sporty entry luxury space. The engine and transmission pairing are strong and energetic. The technology package adds great safety and convenience features.

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