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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Acura ILX gets more standard equipment, which includes 17-inch wheels, leather upholstery, a power driver seat and heated front seats.

  • Generous number of standard features
  • Balanced approach to ride quality and handling ability.
  • Lackluster base engine
  • No automatic transmission or top-end features for sport-oriented 2.4-liter model.
  • Smallish trunk

User Reviews:

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  • Reliable and luxurious - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    My family has had a few acuras. We have always loved them. From an Mdx with 200k+ miles to brand new RL's. Great ride, sleek look, great gas, inexpensive to maintain compared to other cars in this class.

  • Love it - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    The more I drive this car, the more I love it. Like many others, I was a little worried I would miss having a turbo but loved the combination of economy, luxury,reliability and good looks that this car offered, at a price I could feel good about. Feels sporty, smooth, and responsive. I can honestly say I haven't missed the horsepower. I can't believe it doesn't get better reviews. I have the Tech package, and love the bluetooth, the navigation, and the sound. I rarely get less than 30 mpg and that with considerable city driving. When you give it gas, it has a healthy rev, and cruises very comfortably at 70-80mph. Passing is never a problem.

  • What you expect from the driver's seat isn't what this $31k Civic delivers. - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    Disappointing with time. This vehicle doesn't feel like a comprehensive 'package' - It's an economy car, that's it. Acura has taken a Civic (which is perfectly good as is) added a great dash, and some engine and suspension tuning and called it a day, and these mechanical touches don't really seem to add anything to the Civic package nor compete with the Civic Si(as if engineers just threw "good parts" at the car without testing). In many ways, the result here is an underpowered, loud, econobox with disturbing views from the drivers seat (funhouse drivers mirror, subpar plastic on the lower doors, blindspots for days) with a stereo that doesn't deliver premium sound leave you expecting more

  • Fun little car - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    When I started looking at this car, I found it to be mediocre on paper. Acceleration, handling, mpg, etc all seemed acceptable, but it didn't stand out. However, I ended up taking a test drive because manual transmission cars have become hard to find, and they were giving big discounts. After a test drive though, I realized that this car was something special, and the more I drive it the more I like it. I'm happy to say that this car has a much higher fun factor than I originally expected. The clutch and transmission are just a pure joy to use. It's definitely the nicest manual transmission I've ever had, including multiple VWs, a Saab, and multiple Subarus. The engine also loves to rev and has a wonderful sound for a 4 cyl. It's no track monster, but for real road driving, I can't think of a car that was more fun (even more than my WRX) to drive around without doing illegal speeds. Lastly, I find that the EPA gas mileage is easily exceeded without trying. If I had to knock it on anything, it's the road noise. For a 'premium' badge, I would have expected to be more quiet. However, if you are OK with the normal noise levels found in Hondas, this is a great choice for a little sporty car!

  • Great Alternative to Boring Commuter Cars! - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    I bought my 2014 ILX 2.4 a little over a month ago, and it's been a great purchase. I did a LOT of research before purchasing this car, and I am very happy that I was not scared off by some of the reviews from the automotive journalism industry. First, this car is not a rebadged Civic Si. different dimensions, different suspension setup and hardware. Also no garish wing or ugly red interior inserts like the Si. Yay! Great manual transmission, too. clutch pickup is spot-on, and shifts are super smooth. nice enough features for the price, but infotainment screen is kinda chintzy, and rear seat passengers really need HVAC vents! Reminds me a lot of my 2006 TSX with a manual only better

  • I absolutely love this car!!! Best car purchase I have made. - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    I bought the manual 2.4 version about a month ago, and I am completely in love with this car. First, I think I am probably the target consumer (young professional at a corporate job). I wouldn't want a Civic Si, but I definitely wanted a manual transmission (and the MT option is the ONE main reason I chose the ILX over a Lexus IS I don't care if the IS is faster, I wanted an MT). The sound isolation is good, road comfort is great (I'm not trying to experience all the bumps on the road), and I personally love hearing the tune of engine revving up (it's beautiful, and it's a manual, and that's part of the fun). I am committed to only owning MT cars, and am glad Acura makes a few.

  • Ignore the automotive writers and just drive one yourself - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    I own the 2014 ILX base 2.0L 5-sp auto. First off, the 150 hp engine is just fine, thanks. I can cruise at 80 mph on the interstate all day long. I've had no issues running at very high altitude climbing fairly steep grades, and getting up to speed is quick at about 8 sec 0-60 -- once the engine is broken in. It's also economical. I'm averaging 30 mpg with ~8K miles of mixed driving. The differences between the 2014 and 2013 are not minor. The 2014 now comes standard with heated leather seats (driver's is powered), rear-backup camera, 17" alloys, and additional sound deadening, including active noise reduction. I'm 6'1" and I fit in the car just fine. Go test drive one yourself.

  • There's more to life than horsepower! - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    Was apprehensive at first considering the HP ratings, BUT for the price this car can't be beat! Lots of high-tech and comfort features for <$30K. Heated power comfy seats, rear camera, voice integration, bluetooth, active noise cancellation, NAV, leather, sleek styling. This is NOT just an "upgraded Civic." Obviously, engine leaves you wanting, but its buttery smooth and loves to rev, and is plenty for highway passing. Suspension is not too taut like a sports car, but not overly soft. Steering is typical Honda light, but also responsive. Great handling for FWD. Also, super LIGHT car with consistent 30 mpg. Other than power, it has everything I could ask for in an entry luxury sedan.

  • Excellent Commuter Car - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    I recently purchased an ILX with the Tech pkg, and I am very pleased with it. I had a 2008 Acura TL prior to purchasing this car, and I thought I would miss the V6 acceleration, but I honestly don't. A lot of the reviews say the 150 hp is underpowered, but I find the car to be adequate. In fact, it picks up quite nicely on the highway and I don't have trouble passing cars. The interior is nice, well built, and feels a lot wider than what the outside appearance would make you believe. The rear leg room is also excellent considering this is a compact car. As stated above, this is an excellent commuter car.

  • Excellent Value! - 2014 Acura ILX
    By -

    Well, I have the smaller engine in the automatic and it aint a beast..but with the shifter paddles you can manipulate the gears slightly for a little bit more oooumph. From a quality to price standpoint, this is VERY hard to beat. I looked at Chevy's, Toyota's, even the Mazda 3 and 6, all similar price points. The quality inside and lines out, make this look like and feel like a much more respectable and high quality ride. What car would you rather show up in at a clients house? What car would you rather trust with a child inside? LCD screen is VERY small BUT the trunk holds 2 sets+ of golf clubs. It rides very smooth, seats adjust easily, the interface is user friendly with simple buttons

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